I Think I Might Have A Problem

Ok, I know i have a problem.  Tonight I went to pick up some groceries and ended up also bringing home a beauty blender sponge, which is basically just an oblong makeup sponge, and a Freeman peel off mask and paper mask. Continue reading

A Week Without Internet

2014-07-13 07.48.36


Here’s a picture of Chester enjoying the view of his new “mega window” as I call it.

It feels so wrong to me not posting of so long!  I promise, I’ve been here all along, just without internet.  I have been in the process of moving and it has been hectic, to say the least.  I just hate going from one place to the other carrying stuff here and there and it seems never ending.  I’m finally at a place where I feel basically settled and ok, but it’s still taking some getting used to. Continue reading

12,000 Followers and Wen

2014-07-06 13.22.10


I know the picture is rather cheesy and I hate the guy in the background, but I just wanted to say thank you to all of my followers and the wonderful people who read, like, and comment on my blog.  It means so much to me! Continue reading

2014-07-06 13.21.52

A Beautiful Day At The Mill

Today was very eventful for K and me. We decided to visit a nearby state park called Spring Mill. He has never visited the park before and I have fond memories from visiting there several times as a kid. I was so hoping that it was still going to be what I remembered and it ended up being pretty great. Continue reading


Independence Day Freckles

I think I had a pretty productive day today. I cleaned my house, went out to lunch with K, did a bit of shopping, and went swimming. Now, here I am sitting at my computer, writing to all my great blog friends. Continue reading

2014-07-03 16.16.50

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

I want you all to meet someone. This is Chippy, the chipmunk that lives under my air conditioner. He’s there just about every morning when I leave for work, his little head poking out from under the air conditioner, or he’s sometimes perched on the cord like it’s a swing.
Continue reading

A Turtle Made Me Happy



I was so excited when I left for work this morning because in the yard next to my bedroom window was a lovely little turtle!  It was strange to see because I have no idea where it could’ve come from, but it was just there today. Continue reading

Love Getting Mail

2014-07-01 20.32.19

Did I ever tell you that I just love getting mail?  Actually, I know I have!  I have 4 lovely pen pals right now, who sent me letters and who have yet to hear my recent reply because of the hectic environment in my household right now.  No worries friends, I’ll mail them soon! Continue reading

Changing Things Up


There’s nothing I love more than finding Chester sleeping like a goober and then putting my face on his warm belly.  He doesn’t mind when I do this, or at least he doesn’t let on that he does. He’s too precious. Continue reading

My Beauty Recommendations



20140629_202640I don’t pretend at all to be someone who is an expert in beauty, but there have been times in my life where I’ve obsessed over it and have scoured the internet on the topic.  I do know quite a bit about it, from my personal experience and certainly not anything I’ve been trained to know.   Continue reading