My Little Totoro


The weather this weekend has been incredible.  I can’t believe how pretty and perfect it has been.  This is a long awaited change since the terribly cold winter we just got over.  I thought it would never end and it can be quite ugly here in the winter.  Now that everything is blooming, it’s beautiful and bright and the birds are singing again.   Continue reading

Chester Even Rules My Sleep

2014-04-16 08.00.46You all know that Chester is my baby and he’s pretty darn funny most of the time.  He does some very eccentric things that I’m not sure I could ever begin to explain, but are highly entertaining nevertheless.   Continue reading

Lovely Blooms


Finally, it was such a beautiful weekend!  I had so much fun just going outside and taking pictures of the trees in bloom and pretty much every flower I could find.  These are a few of my best shots that I just had to share with everyone.   Continue reading

Meggie Works Out And Eats Apples

2014-04-06 20.14.39

No, this is not some blob monster ;)  It looks much better in reality, I swear.  It’s actually a whole baked apple, my new favorite dessert and it’s really easy to make and yummy.   Continue reading

Emetephobia: My OCD Fuel



Chester is looking at me like I’ve lost it.  I’m laughing uncontrollably at nothing in particular.  He’s so precious.

I apologize in advanced. I’m writing this buzzed.  K bought Maple Jim Beam and it is awesome.  Lately in the evening, we’ve been mixing a bit of it with Diet Coke and it’s pretty great.  Sometimes when you come home from work you just need a drink, you know?  Anyway, Zoloft + alcohol= wicked buzz. Continue reading

A Sudden Burst of Motivation


Here he is from another angle: DSC_0631

Yes, this is Chester being his normal, bad self, chewing on the elastic band that I use for exercising.  He always has to test things out by biting them first, which can get rather annoying and destructive, but let’s be honest, I could never really be mad at him ;)  I mean, I took a picture of him biting it rather than shooing him away… Continue reading

A Collection of Me



Here is my cat collection in all its whiskery glory.  It’s not huge, but I’ve just started out and I think it’s quite big enough for my small apartment :D  I wanted to dust the shelves so I took them all down, the big one came later, and took a picture of them altogether.  I just love them all and each piece is unique.

Continue reading

A Bit of OCD Relief

Tulips by the Sample Gates

Tulips by the Sample Gates, taken last spring

I can’t believe spring is finally here.  After the winter we’ve had here in Indiana, I’m all too happy to see a bit of pollen covering the black paint of my car. I know in a few weeks I’ll hate it because pollen here gets so thick that you can see a layer of yellow dust on everything (probably while we all sound nasally here).  For now, I appreciate it.   Continue reading

I Have A Cold Questionnaire

sweetie Chester in a box!

sweetie Chester in a box!

This cold has been kicking my butt for the past couple of days, but I think I’m finally getting over it.  I’ve been on decongestants and my skin is so dry.  I can’t think much and I’m tired, but I hate when I don’t blog.  It is relaxing and I like to hear from all of you, so I’m going to write something. Continue reading

Very Cute Things And Awkward Nudity


So, get ready for a lot of things cat.  ;)  As some of you might remember me saying, K and I were leaving for Chicago this weekend for a short vacation.  Chicago is only a few hours away from us, which makes it one of the closest big cities around, so we go there often for mini-vacations.   Continue reading