Stressful Situations, Stressful People


I have come to the realization that certain people and situations stress me out.  Stress sucks, plain and simple. Part of having an anxiety disorder means I worry a lot and stress out all the time. I am terrible at handling my stress. If I’m not in a stressful situation, then I’m totally fine. At home, I am relaxed and with my boys and am exactly who I want to be.   Continue reading

The Benefits of Owning a Cat


I haven’t talked about him for awhile, so those of you who are new may not realize that I have a cat named Chester that I absolutely adore.  He’s incredibly sweet, to me mostly, very clever, and VERY mischievous.  I love all of that about him. He looks just like an ordinary brown tabby, but he has the eternal face of a kitten.  He can do no wrong and if he does, I forgive him as soon as his shows me those giant eyes and tiny mouth of his. I was going through my pics and realized just how many hilarious shots I have of Chester.  They are certainly worth sharing. Continue reading

Chirp Cosmetics: My New Favorite Makeup Company


I had the wonderful opportunity to try out and review the initial product line by Chirp Cosmetics Company in the form of free samples of the entire brand line.  Chirp Cosmetics Co. is an artisan makeup company located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.  All of the products are handmade and a number of the products are vegan and natural. Continue reading

I Have a Temper


Before I get into this post, I wanted to let you all know that I was very honored to be interviewed by Out of the Darkness. This article is so well-written and I’m humbled to have been asked to participate.  Check out my feature here.

I was still feeling a lot of pain from when I had my wisdom teeth extracted, but that was almost a month ago, so I thought it was a bit strange. I called the oral surgeon and they fit me in yesterday afternoon. Continue reading

Confession of the Day: I Like Stuffed Animals


I may have slightly mentioned this in the past, but not recently I don’t think.  I have a confession to make: I’m 25 years old and I like stuffed animals.  Let me clarify, though. I don’t like ALL stuffed animals. I hate the cheap, ugly ones from carnivals or amusement parks.  I kind of collect Japanese plushies (AKA stuffed animals). Continue reading

A Lovely Local Find

  This past Sumday was Mother’s Day I the U.S. and I had the chance to spend Saturday with my mom. The weather was decent and we went out for Lunch together as well. I don’t live that far from my hometown, but I never seem to get down there very often. One thing my mom and I like to do when we get together is go shopping. Whether she comes here or I go there, we always seem to end up going shopping. Continue reading

Northwestern University’s #BreakTheStigma Campaign

BreakTheStigma Logo

I was very honored to be asked to post about this today.  Megan (not me another Megan) with Northwestern University are promoting a campaign called #BreakTheStigma Campaign for May’s Mental Health Month. Continue reading

Reviews for this Week

I have a few fun reviews for you! I’ve been pretty pleased with these products so far. Hope you find what I have to say about them useful in your search for similar products.

Chromo MFI Apple iPhone 6 Battery Case


I have been wanting to try out a battery case for some time, but was hesitant because they are usually so large and heavy and are very expensive! Continue reading