Winter Struggles Are Back


It seems right now that the only two things keeping me sane are my cat and crochet. I hate to be a whiner, but sometimes I just can’t help it. Continue reading

It Snowed Today


The weather is changing rapidly in Indiana. I woke up to this snowy, winter wonderland this morning, which was truly surprising. I know the local news told me several times that it was going to snow, but I guess I just didn’t want to believe it. I am tired of snow. It’s such a hassle and it messes up my morning routines. In other words, I don’t like change! Continue reading

Why I Love Halloween


My mom came to visit this weekend. We went to a nearby town, which is also known as an artisan colony, and did some shopping. They have an incredible amount of artisan, local stores and it was just packed with people. I bought a wine stopper. Continue reading

International OCD Awareness Week 2014

2014-10-15 17.46.27

Did you know that it’s OCD Awareness Week?  The week of October 13th through the 19th is International OCD Awareness Week, which is promoted through the International OCD Foundation.  To learn more about this week, how you can spread awareness, and facts about OCD in general, visit the International OCD Foundation website at Continue reading

I Forgot About The Fridge


I am a very mean person when under stress. It’s like I take an elixir and my clothes burst off my body, only to reveal a hairy, inhuman monster that destroys everything and everyone in its path…. Continue reading

A Lot More Than Basic





These are pictures of my latest creation. It’s what is called an Amineko cat. :) Continue reading

Love This Face

I haven’t written poetry in awhile. I haven’t felt the inspiration or want to write much of anything, but the changing of the seasons always has an impact on my mood.  I felt a need to write things down out came this bit of poetry.

dsc_0483 Continue reading

Calling All Artists!


Awhile back, Lucy, a fellow blogger and friend, painted this portrait of Chester. It’s a prized possession in my household and I love to share it with friends and family when they visit. (Please visit her site, Visual Fling, to see some of her other works of art). Continue reading

Summer, Please Don’t Go!

Oh no! I can’t believe today is the last day of summer, and it’s not even a full summer day!  This prompted me to go out and take some final summer pictures around my house.

DSC_0205 Continue reading

I’m Still Afraid Sometimes

Here are some pictures that remind me to be thankful for my life now and that I’ve actually grown up into a somewhat pretty woman.

I’m thankful for:

Me in hanbok

Having reasons to smile. (Me in hanbok)

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