A Beautiful Yukata by Les 3 Lunes on Etsy


As you all know by now, I have a lovely Pullip doll by the name of Clara that I received from Denver Doll Emporium. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate and work with a lovely Etsy shop owner named Lorelei. Continue reading

Capes and Jackets from Cute Harajuku, Women’s Fashion, & Sanrense


This week is supposed to be one of the few hot weather weeks remaining this year.  At 90 degrees F today, I agree, it was pretty hot, but I love the heat.  I will be sad when it’s gone and it’s hard for me to believe that fall and winter are just around the corner.   Continue reading



This month is “Happiness Happens” month and I was asked by Shari’s Berries to write a post inspired by what makes me happen day in and day out. Continue reading

Cute Love Letters Printed Dress from Women’s Fashion on Storenvy


I had the wonderful opportunity to finally get my hands on one of my favorite dresses from Women’s Fashion!  I’ve written about the shop a number of times in the past, but in case you don’t know, Women’s Fashion is a Storenvy shop.  I love the styles in Women’s Fashion and its sister stores Cute Harajuku and Sanrense.  With fall just around the corner, I am really excited about some of the cool weather options that these shops have available. If yo shop at these shops, you can receive 10% off your order by using the coupon code “meganhasocd”.  Continue reading

Funky Tights for Winter at Women’s Fashion, Cute Harajuku, and Sanrense


Winter and fall are coming, but that doesn’t mean I am ready to stop wearing skirts and dresses!  You probably don’t know this about me, but I am a huge fan of wearing dresses. I have a few skirts, but I love dresses, mostly because they are just so easy to put on and can be dressed-up or dressed-down for any occasion.   Continue reading

Don’t Wish Your Life Away


Each year that the fall semester of college begins, I feel older and older.  I still live in the city where I went to college because K is still studying and I just love this city. It’s absolutely wonderful and is just full of life and culture. Continue reading

Reminder: International Blippo Giveaway!!


Hello everyone!  This is just a friendly reminder that you have just 12 days to enter the Blippo.com International Giveaway! The giveaway is sponsored by Blippo.com and hosted by me exclusively. To learn more about blipp.com and the things I received myself, click here. Continue reading

Clara wears Kimono: Beautiful Handmade Doll Fashion by Setsie Silhouette Boutique


As you all probably know by now, I am fond of East Asian culture, namely Korean and Japanese culture.  I adore traditional East Asian clothing and really wanted to get a kimono for my doll.  I want hanbok as well, but those are a bit more difficult to find.  Continue reading

Fun Wigs from Cute Harajuku, Women’s Fashion, and Sanrense!


Cute HarajukuWomen’s Fashion, and Sanrense all sell adorable fashion items inspired by Japanese and Korean fashion.  There are so many neat and unique clothes and accessories that I could look on these sites all day, but I’ve come up with some of my favorite and fun wigs from each of these sites.  Take a look and let me know what you think! You can receive 10% off your order by using the coupon code “meganhasocd”. Continue reading

Beautiful Dollie Clothes by Bellemagni Dolls


I have recently had the opportunity to work with wonderfully kind and generous Etsy sellers.  The owner of BelleMagniDolls on Etsy is one such seller.  BelleMagniDolls, located in Poland, sells unique and handmade doll clothing for Pullip dolls, Blythe dolls, and Dal dolls.  The clothes are so realistic and detailed, as well as trendy and beautiful.   Continue reading