Chester Was Such A Good Boy Today


Chester smelling the base of the exam table.


This is Chester at the vet’s office.  His appointment was today at 5 pm, so I left work at 4:30 to pick him up and bring him to the vet’s office.  I prepared all week for this.  Weird, I know, but I’m one to prepare.  I gave him a bath on Monday and then brushed his teeth and trimmed his claws yesterday.  I got home and brushed him and put him in his carrier, which is pink :)  Everyone calls him a “she” when he’s in his pink bag.  I just laugh and don’t say anything.  Their ignorance.

Chester was such a good boy in the office.  Some dogs were making tons of noise, but he just looked at my eyes, like, “momma, is it ok?”  He was so precious.

He was a very good boy in the exam room.IMG-1387491333-VHe was walking around sniffing basically everything there was to sniff. I guess his senses were going haywire.

He got so many compliments from the vet and staff, “Oh his fur is so silky,” “look at his pretty eyes,” “he’s such a sweetheart.”  I’m happy to report he’s a perfectly healthy kitty :)

It takes a lot for me to put my pet in situations in which people who I don’t know will touch him. I take a lot of care to make him clean, happy, and healthy.  I cuddle him and my face and hands touch him.  It kind of freaks me out when people touch him, their germs getting on him, and then on me.
I’m very protective of him.  I feel like some of my privacy and comfort is violated.

I’m just glad he did so well and got his shots renewed.  I love him so much and it would break my heart if something were to happen to him that I could prevent, which is why I deem regular check-ups so important.

Anyway, that was my major highlight of the day :)


49 thoughts on “Chester Was Such A Good Boy Today

  1. What a good cat! I can’t believe he lets you trim his claws and brush his teeth. I wish my cat would let me do that. Whenever I have to take my cat to the vet, she freaks out and the vets don’t really like her because she is nasty to them. They make me hold her in a towel because otherwise she will scratch them. I’m glad Chester has a clean bill of health. :)

  2. He’s healthy, which means his immune system is fine. We can’t pass anything on to cats, so maybe that will help you worry a bit less. However, we CAN get certain things from cats, which I am suffering from at the moment with my newest addition. You know something’s not right when I’m calling the shelter and the foster parent because something is wrong with ME. She’s fine, happy, healthy, and troublesome. I’m a mess!!

    I am glad his appointment went well. :smile:

  3. CATS ARE INDEED INTERESTING CREATURES….! Chester is very well-behaved indeed! I’d invite your looking at my recent “THE CAT LOVERS”, but I wouldn’t want to spoil your holiday…maybe afterward???? Have a happy and blessed time, you, K, Chester and whomever else you share this time with! :)

  4. Awww i love Chester posts! Addycat hates it when I trim her claws. I have to hold her like a football so she can’t move and I get it done as quick as possible. Not fun for either one of us, but it has to be done. Maybe Chester could tell her it’s not so bad… haha. =^..^=

  5. One of my cats always gets called “handsome” by the vet. When they both had their exams together I felt a little bad for the other one (she’s cute, and good at being a cat, but not as crazy good looking).

  6. You are lucky girl my Sassy Pooh would of freaked out. I think my boo was abused before I got her I’m really share she was. I love her so much. I wanted to send my HUGS to both you and your Chester. Oh and Marry Christmas to both of you.

  7. I totally get not wanting other people to touch Chester. I had a similar experience soon after I got out of the hospital after my breakdown and I still have it a bit when it comes to my things. Not sure if it’s little OCD stuff, but I definitely get antsy about it.

    On a positive note, Chester is wonderful ( I love his name) and adorable. Glad to hear he’s doing well!

    It’s s funny that they think he’s a girl in his carrier. We used to dress my little guy in footies when he was a baby, and he got mistaken for a girl a lot. The reason: his lashes. He has beautiful long lashes. :P Go figure!

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