“The Flehmen Reaction”

Recently, it has been discovered that upon smelling something foul, Chester drops his jaw and looks around with his mouth hanging open.  Of course, like all kitty parents, we thought this was unique and absolutely HILARIOUS, so we made several attempts to elicit this same response (e.g. my shoe, a sock from the hamper, & daddy’s underwear).  As cruel as this may sound, he didn’t really seem to mind it and what’s even more important, he made the face EVERY time.

After a quick bit of research, I found that this is not actually all that unique.  Apparently, cats open their mouths to smell better, which is called a “flehmen reaction”.  Although our bubbles are quite burst now, it is nonetheless very entertaining every single time.

www.cat-olholics.com/flehmening.html  <— Check it!


What are your experiences?

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