A New Year, A New Me…I Hope!

newyear'sI am hoping that 2013 will bring some change into my life.  It’s not that my life in the past has been bad because it has been anything but.  I am so thankful for the life I have, the opportunities I have been given, and the amazing people I share it with. I wouldn’t be here without my supportive mother, who has always been there for me, and my loving life partner, who although has to leave to Korea sometimes, is never far in my thoughts and in my heart.

This year, I hope to do a number of things differently.  Here is a list of things I want to change and goals I want to reach:

1. Write more, everyday if I can!

2. Love unconditionally and stop being so sarcastic (I know this irks Won)

3. GET IN SHAPE!  I have really gone off the healthy living track.  I used to be so aware of what I was eating and my habits, but recently it has been like I don’t care at all.  I attribute much of this to the introduction of medication into my life, which is helping with the obsessive thoughts about weight and health, and it probably does help a lot with depression and anxiety, so I’m more willing to eat.  It also makes me so tired and lazy!  This is one of my biggest goals this year.

4. Make friends 🙂  I grew up as a shy, fearful child and have really come a long way (with a lot of effort!).  I have yet to master the art of really making friends or at least more acquaintances.

5. Finish my novel once and for all!  I hope to do this in the next couple of months.

6. Work on my sketching and painting skills.  I’m not terrible at this, but I could use a lot of work.  Plus, I love doing both when I feel up to it.

7. Have a greater interest in my appearance.  This too has gone to the wayside as a result of my laziness.

8. Sing a solo.  I have never in my life sung a solo, although I have been told that I am a very good singer.  I think I have really come into my voice since I have matured and I want to share this gift with others.  I just need to find the courage.

9. Paying off at least one of my student loans.  This may or may not happen.  Ugh, growing up and managing money is a pain.

10.  I know this is random and others probably won’t understand this, but I will try not to get angry when Won wants to watch something on the Korean channel, listen to Korean music, and just anything Korean.  Sometimes it is incredibly hard for me to seem happy when I have to endure something that I just can’t understand (culturally and linguistically).  I am really going to try to accept him more for who he is and brush off some of our differences.  It takes a lot to be in an international relationship and I need to realize this everyday.

Cross your fingers everybody!  We will see how 2013 goes.  I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead.


92 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Me…I Hope!

  1. In this festive evening sleigh let you bring the best wishes of happiness :joy, love and happiness.May happiness and blessings to you and forever stop by and follow .HAPPY NEW YEAR

    1. I really wish you well for the new year You have a lot of goals. Make sure you don’t tackle everything at once and make realistic goals maybe 2 or three at a time as you venture into newness :). I love your goal of unconditional love. That is process and takes time, I know for me it does. Take care

  2. My fingers are very crossed for you in 2013. I do however note the length of your list, wow! Also not so sure you should be SO commuted to pledge #2. Myself; i love irony and sarcasm in others…

    1. Thank you for the comment. I wish more people were like that and appreciated my sarcasm! I do have a rather long list, but that way, I have many things to choose from (because I’m sure I will probably fail at some of them). Lol.


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you like you can check out Finding Balance(my other blog) its kind of a spin off of youmakeyourown. Remember to take things one step at a time and don’t get upset or angry with yourself if you aren’t able to stick with it every minute of everyday. Good Luck!

  4. Good luck with all your New Year’s resolutions, I think they are all great. Great to hear you’ve made a lot of ground up with your shyness. I don’t know if you’ve ever signed up for a Toastmaster’s Club. I have been a member in the past and will be joining again this year. It is great for anyone, whether your shy, social, outgoing, introverted – really amazing for everyone. Once you are able to speak confidently in front of a group, you become extremely confident in many areas of your life. It will also allow you to write more, as you will have to put together projects to present to the group. Lastly, just be careful you don’t give yourself too many goals, slow and steady – one at at time. I will be writing a post on Willpower in the next week or so, in case you’re interested. Again, good luck with your goals!

    Fellow OCD’er..

    1. Wow I would love to do something like that. I am going to look for something like this in my community. I think group interaction is probably a good way to find the right kind of support. Thank you for the suggestion. I will look out for your post on willpower.
      Megan 🙂

  5. Weird, your goals and my goals are exactly the same. Voice, book, body etc. I will watch with interest as you work to complete them. Best of luck and motivation in your endeavors! PS: singing in your blog is helpful. I do this sometimes–last one was my Snow poem with Let it Snow. It takes less guts singing without an audience, and is great practice! Plus, sometimes I get good feedback on improvement strategies!

    1. Thank you for the idea. That is a great way to knock that solo off the list haha. I just have to muster up the courage first. 😀 It is weird that we have the same goals! We must be true kindred spirits. I will keep you posted on my successes (or failures for that matter)!

  6. Thanks much for stopping by and throwing a “like” my way. My favorite line from your 1/1 post is “Sometimes it is incredibly hard for me to seem happy when I have to endure something that I just can’t understand.” I hear that…Unfortunately, in my case the two main things I don’t understand are: the world and my life. Praying you realize all your objectives and dreams for 2013 Megan.

    1. Thank you for the words of encouragement 🙂 This means a lot to me. I was attracted to your site because you are an accomplished author. I hope to be one someday as well, so I hope to learn a lot from your experiences in the business! I hope to accomplish my goals, but it’s going to take a lot of determination and support to get all those down. Best of luck to you as well 🙂 Please come back.

  7. You are A Great Talented Girl .. Very True to Yourself and Others !! Follow your Heart and ask guidance from the Universe !!! You will never be lost !!! Thank You for Visiting My Blog !!! Curiosity it is one of the ” Wise ” Privilege ! Many Blessings and Don’t Worry !! All it is Already Done , in the best Way For You !

    1. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. You are a wonderful person and I enjoy reading your blog. I find comfort in your message 🙂

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! I can see that we are both the type of women to want to conquer everything at once. It all starts with one step, and I promise those small steps all gather together and become a force of their own. Such as in times when you don’t feel like doing anything.. just try… just do a little… it is enough. =) My teachers would describe me as painfully shy when I was young. I made myself be more open and now it is second nature. You can do it! Good luck! And I am here for encouragement if you ever need it.

    1. Thank you for the words of encouragement and wisdom. I was the same as a child, but am coming to know myself as an adult every day. It is all about those small steps, taking things little-by-little, and not biting off more than I can chew! Thank you 🙂

  9. Trouble with outwitting oneself is, our opponent knows our every move… But if I set up a few, concrete things to do, I can force myself to do most of them, usually. If there aren’t too many and if they aren’t too difficult.
    The Red Queen advised Alice: “Begin at the beginning,” if I recall…

    Seems odd, but there are a fair lot of successful actors who are shy. Speakers and figure skaters, too. They say that when really concentrating on what they are doing, any audience becomes just a vague presence “out there, somewhere.”

    This priceless advice is worth every penney!

    1. Jack,
      Thank you for the inspiring advice. I think having a concrete list of things to do and also one that is manageable is one of the best ways to conceptualize and tackle all those daunting tasks in our lives.

      I appreciate your advice and hope to receive more. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Hi Megan,
    Exciting goals for this year! Youmakeyourown has great advice. One step at time….You can do it!

    Thanks also for liking my blog! Appreciate your support.

  11. It made me laugh when you talked about having a tolerance for Korean music. I’m American and I love Japanese music. It’s something that I grew up listening to, so I think that for those who did not grow up with it, it does take getting used it. Just try to relax and let the words wash over you.

    1. I definitely did not grow up with it and it’s not the music itself, just the fact that I have to listen to it and don’t understand it. My boyfriend forgets that I can’t speak Korean! I can handle it sometimes, but hours and hours of MBC is overwhelming.

    1. It is an honor that anyone gets something from my writings. I do it for myself, but that is always an added and humbling bonus 😀 Thank you for your sincere, kind words,
      Peace my friend,

  12. I really enjoyed your post! I understand all too well of what you struggle with. However, your motivation and persistence will get you through. The goals you have set for yourself are amazing and I hope you accomplish each and every one of them. I look forward to reading updates on how everything goes. Remember to stay strong and be happy with who you are! You will prevail! Best wishes to you…

    1. Thank you for your inspiring words! I hope to accomplish at least one of my goals, but all of them would be an amazing feat 🙂 You have inspired me to really work toward them. Thank you again

  13. Hi Megan

    Thanks for visiting and liking soulsnet and now I have followed you here.

    I so hope that 2013 is good for you and you achieve your hopes and dreams. Just putting them down in writing is an excellent start. It sort of formalises it and encourages a commitment. If you haven’t revisited this post for a while then I hope this comment motivates you to do so and I hope that you can give yourself a pat on the back for progress made.

    Some of us are way too hard on ourselves aren’t we? Ever ready to give others the words of encouragement that we fail to give to ourselves. So I will start you off. Well done, Megan. You have laudable aims. Good luck

    With love

    1. Corinne,

      Your words of encouragement warm my heart. I am too hard on myself and probably always have been. I’m ever-ready to give compliments and precious time to others, which in itself is not a bad thing at all, but I do forget to take care of myself. I hope that through my writing and can provide an outlet for others to find themselves and to find a bit of support myself as well.


  14. Megan,
    First, thanks for liking my post, “Writing Space”! It sounds like you and I have a lot of the dame NY’s resolutions! In regards to singing a solo….I’m a singer also, and I’ve also had to work to get to the point where 1) I could sing a solo in public and 2) I could forgive myself if it wasn’t perfect and do another. For me, and I think for many, we just expect our performance to be perfect (according to our own perfectionistic standards), and we so fear failing that we suffer terribly before, during and after the performance. My husband helped me by saying, “90% of the people listening aren’t musicians and won’t be able to tell when you make a mistake!” I think of this, and think of how not everyone even has the courage to try. Then I remind myself I’ve lived through less-than stellar performances before. I’ll never be Beyonce, but many people think I have a beautiful, emotional voice, and I love to sing, so dang it! I’m gonna! Hope you do too!

    1. Definitely I’m a perfectionist. You nailed that on the head. One of my biggest issues is that I hate hearing my recorded voice. I think a lot of people don’t like to hear themselves on recordings, but I especially don’t like my nasally, Southern Indiana voice. Regardless, if I’m going to accomplish my goals this year, I have to get up the courage and just go for it. I’m hoping to “perform” my first solo on here by posting a recording of myself. Do you have any song suggestions? 🙂

  15. Megan, Thanks for stopping by and ‘liking’ “Change of Heart.” It seems my challenges are different than yours in some ways, in others the same: putting one foot in front of the other to live the life I’ve been given. I feel thankful that God provides power to both change and persevere, and I hope you will find both of those in abundance, whether in giant leaps or baby steps, as you pursue your goals. I’m glad you have so many people pulling for you! Godspeed.

    1. It is quite the blessing to have so many people who care about what I write and support me through this journey. Sort of like what Dr. Leo Marvin said about taking “baby steps” 😉 and exactly as you said, one foot in front of the other!

      1. Looks like you are making some new friends already. Goal # 4 in active pursuit ; )
        Thinking about you, too, regarding the international relationship – it’s a big deal to try to relate to someone out of a different frame of reference. Kudos for being willing to listen for his…prayed about this one for you. jlf

  16. Thank you so much for reading my post. I really appreciate your making the time. Boy, I can totally identify with #3; thanks for your honesty!

  17. Wow, you sound like an awesome person. I totally resonate with your goals. They Rock! How’s it going so far? What are you going to do tomorrow that would be so cool, so rich, so good, that you’d stop and just give yourself a big smile in the mirror? You go girl!

    1. You are too kind! So far, the goals seem to be going pretty well 🙂 I have been exercising at least a few times a week, which is better than nothing! I’ve really got to step that up. I am actually going out with new friends tonight. Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day of grocery shopping and house cleaning and perhaps a bit of blogging. As the Koreans say, Fighting!

    1. Very good advice 🙂 I hope I can at least knock some of those off my life. Any ideas for a song that I might sing as a solo? I’m hoping to record myself and post it on here. 🙂

  18. I hope 2013 is going well for you so far! I, too, am trying to get into shape. I don’t fancy the gym so I’ve myself a DVD and equipment I can use at home – seems to be working so far 🙂 Our brains are complicated things but if we can help in any way at all, I say let’s do it! xxx

    1. I too have a DVD 🙂 A couple in fact. I actually find less motivation to actually work out when I’m at home, but I detest the gym. I have to choose one or the other!
      Best of luck with your fitness goals this year as well 🙂 Keep me updated!

  19. I like your goals and it’s a great way to start of the year! What I’ve done to overcome the shyness, making friends, and such is to take classes on things I love. I learn something new that I enjoy and make new friends. It’s a great way to stretch yourself.
    Another thing I’ve started doing is saying “yes” to life. Instead of worrying how this will work out or what will happen, I say sure and enjoy the experience. I’ve enjoyed some fun experiences and had a few “I’ll never do that again”, but at least I know.
    Good luck!!

    1. Oh, those “I’ll never do that again” moments. I had one of those the other night when I gorged myself on guacamole and chips. I should take more classes about the things I love. It would be fun to take some sort of community writing class, nothing too serious, just for fun. Great ideas.

  20. Thanks for visiting my post. I think most of us have a war in our brains, one way or the other. It just plain, old isn’t an easy ride, but if it was, we wouldn’t have so many opportunities to get to know ourselves and connect with others. I hope you visit my brain again..

  21. Spent a year in Korea in 1970…nice country. Toughest part about writing is getting started. Set aside the same time and place each day. Reward yourself every time you hit a plateau of 10 blogs, 20 blogs, and so forth…

  22. Unconditional love is a great aspiration, perhaps the ultimate aspiration as it means giving up the ego which requires some condition for love. To love anyone unconditionally means to love everyone unconditionally .. to say I love you because you are beautiful, or because you are kind or because you are my child is not to love unconditionally because these are conditions that might have been or might become otherwise. Perhaps it is best to love another conditionally and unconditionally … as in I love you because of the qualities I see in you and I love you because of the unmanifest essence that is your unconditioned being. Namaste.

    1. I am not wise enough to have understood that by myself, but this makes sense to me. Taking out both words, I promise to love all people 🙂 I don’t have to like everyone, but I can certainly love him. I believe someone very special said this once 😉

  23. I didn’t know you are/were a Toastmaster! I am an ATMS, I was to busy to get to gold, and definitely not going for DTM. I have my little adventures to speak of in regards to that. My sister’s the writer, she has the brains to keep[ a journal, I on the other hand don’t have the discipline. (I can show you my awards, but I don’t know yet how to include it here. (We should have coffee sometime, I love listening; as well you know our motto.) “(*¯︶¯*)”

  24. Hi Megan, loved this goal: 5. Finish my novel once and for all! I hope to do this in the next couple of months… Hope you do finish it, even if it is rough around the edges, just so you can say, “Told you I could!”

  25. I’m also working on a novel so we are in that one together. I like to start reading blogs at the beginning so here I am.

    1. 😀 I love to meet a fellow novelist 😉 If you don’t mind, could you briefly share what your novel’s about? I understand if you don’t. I usually don’t feel comfortable sharing such personal info 🙂

      1. This one is tough and taking me forever as I am going from diary notes and not sure if I want to make it a Novel or keep it a diary type book. It is about the time I experienced a mentally abusive relationship and how I journyed through it . I am writing it to get over and work out the feelings that I have held onto for years despite much therapy. I am happily married now but will alway’s have a bit of fear and anxiety from the memories of the man in question. I think not only could this book help with that but may help others in the same situation.

      2. That must have been traumatizing for you and I’m so sorry that this happened to such a beautiful person. Sometimes people come into our lives and they are just terrible. I’ve had my fair share too. I think this is an excellent subject to write about. I’m sure it will inspire others who might be going through abusive relationships to hopefully get out and pursue a happier life. You’re such an inspiration to me.

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