The First Day Went Pretty Well

Killed knee
Killed knee

Well, today was my first official day of working out.  Last Christmas, or perhaps the Christmas before (I can’t quite remember!), my stepdad gave me a kettle bell, which came with a kettle bell workout DVD.  I have done it before and remembered it to be difficult.  As I remembered, it was difficult and I about died, but that’s what working out should be like.  It felt good to workout again, even though I was wheezing by the end of it.  I only managed to whack myself in the knee once with the 7 lb kettle bell of steel!  To the right, you will see a picture of my injury.  I tried my best to capture it, but the darn camera didn’t want to focus on it no matter how hard I tried.  It is actually much bluer in person.

Before the kettle bell workout, I got the courage to use my weighted hula hoop.  If you’ve never seen or used one of these, you’ll be in for a surprise.  This is definitely not your normal hula hoop and it takes some time to get used to.  The first time it can be incredibly ticklish and the second, third, and at least fourth times, your abs are going to feel like you were hit by a semi.  You can’t actually see any bruises, but it feels like your entire abdomen is one huge bruise.  Even with all this said, it is the most amazing piece of “equipment” I have in my possession because within a week, I’m not kidding you it’s that fast, I can see my abs!  It’s definitely worth the pain for the first few days and I only do it for 15 minutes a day.  The funny thing about this particular brand of hula hoop is that it is made and sold in Korea.  (I think we don’t have them here because they are actually so painful! haha).  Mine is a gift brought back by my boyfriend on one of his many trips back home.  It’s funny, on the box it says that it has real jade powder in it to help with relaxation and energy.

Jinpoli Hula Hoop
Jinpoli Hula Hoop

I’m really proud of myself for finally getting off that ever-sinking couch and moving a bit!  I want this to be the year that I stop being super lazy.  Dang you sertraline!  (No, I really love the stuff).  I’m especially proud of myself because I had a particularly rough day at work.  One person was out with the “stomach flu.”  I literally start sweating bullets and my heart races just hearing those two words, and then I go into routine-panic mode.  Because of my OCD, I’m always aware of where my hands are at all times and they are rarely near my face.  After I use the restroom, I wash my hands AT LEAST two to three times, which actually becomes a chore.  I have to tell myself that they are clean.  If before I finish cleaning my hands I touch anything before I touch the awaiting paper towel, then I have to start the routine over.  After washing my hands, I use the paper towel to shut off the water and open the door and shut off the lights.  I throw the towel away and touch the very top corner of the door to open it (because no one thinks to touch there, right?).  When I get to my desk, I have to use hand sanitizer, once or twice.  This all gets very tiresome, but for some reason my brain likes to make me think that I need to do these routines.  They were especially bad today because of the sick co-worker.

On a normal day, I would have just went home and taken a shower immediately, which I still did, and flop on the couch only to watch something random on Netflix for the next four to five hours.  Today was different, though.  I fought through the laziness and put that DVD in the blu-ray player.

It turned out to be a good day after all.


6 thoughts on “The First Day Went Pretty Well

    1. It wasn’t easy to get started, but I’m off to a good start. Last year I was too lazy and my health was wasting away. I reached my all time highest weight and that’s what got me go get moving. Hope you can find what motivates you.


  1. Great post, the kettle bell is a wicked invention. I need to get up and exercise more, I do that after while, maybe. I really enjoy your blog and always find it entertaining and fun. Some of the fun on WordPress is awards and I would like to nominate you for the Reality Blog Award. It is a very easy award and no real strict rules. In a little bit I will be posting everything you need to know about it, so just keep an eye out for that post and enjoy your award.

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