Let Your Light so Shine (and Don’t Steal My Wallet!)

Flower at Oliver Winery
Flower at Oliver Winery

I was thinking today about a random event in my adolescence.  I’m not really sure why I thought about this time.  Sometimes I think of something and that reminds me of another thing and then that reminds me of something else.  It soon becomes so random that I can hardly connect back to the origin of my thoughts.

If I remember correctly, I was around thirteen or fourteen years old when my sister and I headed south on a shopping trip.  Somehow, I must have either collected enough money to go shopping or begged my dad to give me some for the trip.  If we asked, he usually gave in.  My sister had gotten her license not too long before, so it was kind of like one of our first big trips without the parents.

The city is about 45 minutes from my hometown.  I think it has about 100,000 people, give or take, but I’m not really that certain.  Needless to say, it felt like a metropolis compared to our home of only 5,000 people.  I am proud to say, since then I have been to MUCH larger cities.

We got there and I remember it being a sunny day, which made it great for shopping.  We went to the mall for awhile first and I have no idea what I bought there.  Then we went to a shoe store across from the mall. I wanted to buy these really ridiculous looking Sketchers, which everyone thought were totally cool at the time.  I found them there for a great bargain and bought them.  My sister wanted to look more, so I sat in a chair while she tried on shoes.  It wasn’t long before she got tired and decided that we should start heading home.  I grabbed my shoes and we headed out to the car.  It seriously wasn’t even a minute before I went into panic mode, realizing that I had left my purse inside the store.  I ran back to go inside, but first running into a man in a black shirt with a blue dragon on the front.  He was in quite the hurry.

I was amazed to find my purse sitting where I had left it.  I was not amazed to see that the wallet was missing, though.  Luckily, I didn’t have any credit or debit cards at the time and only about $7 in cash.  It was the fact that he took something that was mine.  I really loved that wallet.  I specifically asked for it for Christmas and was so happy to actually get it.  I felt like my privacy was violated.  Not to mention, he took my Alien driver’s license along with it 😉  Looking back, I’m pretty certain the guy I ran into at the front door was the man who stole my wallet.  It ruined what could have been a great day.

The point of this random tale is that our actions directly affect those around us.  I kind of wonder what would have changed if that man hadn’t stolen my wallet.  Maybe nothing, but maybe something.  It sure made me more aware of where I leave my personal belongings.  Maybe it left him feeling guilty.  Despite the outcome, we were both affected.

This is why I have decided that what we say and what we do should be positive and should be directed not toward ourselves and our own interests, but those around us too.  I am taking it upon myself to be a better person, not throw my problems onto everyone else (although sometimes I find some people to be the problems).

Buy your coworker lunch, help that elderly woman in the grocery store lug that bag of dog food from her cart, sincerely compliment someone, a loved one, a stranger, it doesn’t matter!  Just take the time to forget yourself and your “needs” and venture out of your comfort zone and help someone.  Trust me, paying for someone’s lunch unexpectedly or taking on more duties at work to help someone else out will impact your relationships for the better.

Be like that flower (which is seriously the coolest picture I’ve ever taken) and let your beauty shine.

Be an amazing person 🙂




48 thoughts on “Let Your Light so Shine (and Don’t Steal My Wallet!)

  1. I love how you used an experience that could have made some people bitter and angry and turned it into a calling to be a better person! Way to go! I agree, we never know how our actions and words can affect the people around us, so why not let it be in a positive way.
    Thanks for stopping at my blog! 🙂

    1. My points exactly 🙂 It could have made me bitter, and I have to admit that at the time I probably was a little, but now looking back on it, I feel sorry for that man. He so desperately needed money that he risked stealing my wallet in the middle of the day, in the middle of a store, and not to mention from a child. I think he too learned from this. Thank you for your inspiration 🙂


  2. Fabulous post and lovely photo. I suffer with a mild case of ocd. It isn’t bad enough to change my life, more of a mild annoyance, but I can see how hard it must be to live with if you have it bad. Keep blogging, you are good at it.

    1. OCD is an annoyance at all levels of severity! I definitely know what you are going through in that department 😉 I appreciate your kind words and they inspire me to write more! I am glad that someone else is enjoying my random thoughts 🙂

      Blessings, Peace, and Love,

  3. Very nice Megan. I am so with you there. I often try and do a “good deed for the day” And at the very least, I try and leave my personal stuff in my own head, so that I can brighten someone else’s day. Genuinely wishing people a good day, and when asking how someone is, wanting a real answer, and hoping that it’s a positive day for them. It is nice to see someone else out in the world that share that view. 🙂 As for the wallet being stolen, while it sucked, it likely helped you be more aware, and perhaps protected you from learning that lesson, when the stakes were higher. Always trying to look on the bright side.

    Lord Arlack Maximus Strongwolf
    May the light shine on your path, and let nature help you walk it.

    1. Lord Arlack,

      I am grateful to have a kindred spirit like you writing to me. I too try to keep my problems to myself. I hate the office gossip and feel sorry when I overhear it. You can’t imagine how much taking a genuine interest in someone’s life can be. A coworker of mine recently told me that he was so happy that I talked with him and was genuinely interested in HIM. Others seem to always gripe and complain about the mistakes he makes. I felt deeply touched by this. Keep up the uplifting work you are doing and continue to be a great example of a human being 🙂


  4. Great reminder! I just heard a story on the radio today about a girl and guy who went on a belated honeymoon and could only afford a weekend in a nearby town. On their way, the car broke down and it was towed to the nearest dealership who diagnosed the car with a $400 problem. Immediately the girl started crying because she knew they couldn’t go on their honeymoon. A complete stranger (another lady) saw this and came over and offered to pay the $40 service bill (to have the car checked out) and offered the couple the use of her spare vehicle for the weekend so they could go on their honeymoon. The girl hugged this woman for a long time and couldn’t think her enough. This really did happen! We just don’t hear of this kind of generosity very often. Good deeds really DO matter:-)

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. What a touching example of the potential of mankind. That woman did that from her heart and I believe forever changed that couple for the better. Sometimes the cruelty in this world can be too much. I don’t want to be any part of it. I know that when I turn on the news, there is rarely a heartfelt story. They seem to always report on murder and other crimes. I wish stories like this were told more. It touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

      Love and peace my friend,

  5. Hi Megan, That’s a great way to be about that story. A brilliant fact I heard once is that 99% of the mean things people say or do have nothing to do with you personally – it’s just what is going on with them that minute/day/month/year. Any time I feel hurt by what someone else does, I remind myself of that fact and let the hurt wash away. Thanks for stopping by my blog & liking my most recent post. Vohn x

    1. I agree with that statistic. I know when I’m mean it is more likely than not to be because of my own personal issues. I hate that about myself, but I suppose it’s human nature. I will keep in mind that this is true for others as well.

  6. That picture is gorgeous Megan! I really think the fact that you are spreading positive thoughts is amazing. We should all be doing that, sort of like paying it forward 🙂 On a side note, I love your blog colors, very easy on the eye.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m quite proud of that shot. It is exactly like paying it forward. I hope everyone can appreciate that message as you have. I do appreciate the comment on my blog design. It took me so long to compile something that I thought looked fun. (I think I went through every theme before I chose this one. I attribute that to OCD).

  7. Great turnaround on your story Megan! I know what you are saying – you just don’t know truly how much one thing you do can affect someone, and sometimes a smile (or an insightful blog post) is all someone really needs to have their day made so much brighter 🙂

    1. Very true. It’s important to remember to smile always. Funny though, my face is in a natural pout, so if I am making a “neutral” expression, it actually appears that I am unhappy. I can’t recall how many times in my life I have been asked if I’m angry because of it. In my case especially, I need to remember to smile at all times! 🙂 Keep up your heartwarming smile, my friend.

  8. Amazing post!!! I am a strong believer that if every decided to forget themselves and focus on others the world would undoubtedly become a better place!! We owe our elders the joy of seeing that we learned from their wisdom and we owe our children a better place to play, live, grow, and love!!! I love this post and definitely identify to the random string of thoughts that began this post… Now what was I talking about again, lol!!! Happy writing ♥ 🙂

    1. I feel too many of us today forget those principles you describe here. I know I always wanted to my make my grandparents proud of me and I can think of no better way to honor them than by simply being a good, caring person. Keep on loving 🙂

  9. Terrific post and great lesson. Anything can be a learning experience, if we allow it to. I wouldn’t doubt it at all if that man saw the look on your face and knew in his heart that it was your wallet he had taken. You never know, that moment could have likely been a turning point for him or something he has looked back on and regretted ever since. On a different note – you’re right that we should place our attention on others rather than ourselves. So, with that said – Megan I think your blog is great and it’s awesome to be able to find someone on here with such similar interests and quirks as me. 🙂

    1. I take comfort in your words and hope that the man did change for the better. We never really know the intentions of others. I definitely feel a connection to you. We have so many of the same interesting attributes that are just not common in this world, at least to my knowledge. I’m glad I could share some of them with you! You are a great person.
      Peace, love, and blessings always,

  10. Megan, I absolutely love the photo. It focuses on the beauty of a single creation. I too have spent most of my life trying to focus on the positive. When I am having a really bad day and my dragons are raging I try to make at least one person laugh. The sound of their laughter always makes my day better. Let’s keep up the possitive. Maybe we can drown out the negative. 🙂

  11. Thumbs up to you Megan, I not only love the beautiful flower but I also see you are blooming as well. Many happy days ahead for you, as we cope through our life living spinning changing as thoughts flow through going from negative to positive and more flowers bloom. Love Billie

    1. Your words are too sweet and humbling. I only share what’s in my heart and it’s an extra bonus that others appreciate it too. You are a kind person and a beautiful spirit. I admire you.

      Peace, Love, and Blessings my friend,

  12. Vivid story of a silly girl.
    The definition of good and bad can be quite different from one culture to another. Showing great kindness, respect, friendship to a stranger may be considered wired, sign of danger, lure and trap by the mean of Chinese culture. There are unwritten standards for people to judge others around themselves, by feeling, sense. A very small move of facial muscle can say all the truth against the lie of the mouth.
    We people observer each others and learn from each other. Sometimes, our judgement do get wrong, but in most cases, our sense tall us what to do, what not to do.

    My blog moved.

  13. Good story. You know I love to compliment random strangers, if the checkout person male or female has on a pair of earrings i like, I say so, that kinda buzz works both ways and usually for a whole day. Keep Playing it forward Megan

  14. I’m grateful for the good and bad things that have happened in my own life. It’s all led up to this point, and I’m happy where I’m at. I’d not change a thing. That said, I truly make an effort to be good to people. Sometimes we all need just a little nudge. My coworker gave me half of her lunch today – we’ve both been working long hours. Amidst the chaos, that brightened my day. I’m trying to think of something kind I can do for her. Maybe the next time we get snow or freezing rain I’ll sneak out a few minutes early and scrape her windows off or something. Great post. 🙂

    1. 😀 Very wonderful idea, indeed! That would be a thoughtful way to repay her. I only have one co-worker that I can really say I would ever share my lunch with, or even just my Hall’s defense drops with. It’s wonderful to have someone kind, and non-backstabbing who you work with every day. Sometimes we need that just to make it through! ❤ Megan

  15. Thank you for this post! It was so lovely to read. You are such a beautiful person, and i totally agree with what your saying, I try and help people whenever the opportunity arises and I hope it affects their day for the better!

    1. I feel humbled by what you say 🙂 I only try to do my best every day, even though most days I probably fail at that! It’s good to know that someone shares these same goals.

      Peace, love, and blessings,

  16. A though leading to another like a chain of events is something like ‘stream of consciousness’. It happens when you are quiet and able to devout time for thinking and being alone. This shows you are quite creative and fertile in thinking.

  17. This is what I make a point of doing each day. You know, to make the world a better place:

    1. Give someone a compliment. Mean it.
    2. Smile at a stranger. Not the awkward stalker type smile but a genuine have a nice day smile.
    3. Send an old friend a text. Not those chain type ones. Just a nice text.

    They are silly little things and most people probably don’t even notice. But I do. And if I don’t do them, my day feels incomplete and darker.

  18. Hahahahahaha! I do that all the time- say something random that was triggered by something I thought of ten thoughts ago lol. I forgot he took your alien drivers license. You can have mine lol!! Love you bud!

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