Poem for You, Sir!

Me Holding Oscar
Me Holding Oscar

Some of you might recall a previous post about a particularly terrible journal 🙂  Well, it’s turned out to not be as bad as I imagined.  I don’t love it, but it works.  I have been writing some poetry.  I will be honest, I’m not much of a poet and I have rarely done much of this type of writing in the past, but I thought I would give it a try.  I hope it’s not too terrible 🙂


We can’t go back,

a truth even fools know.

The only way is ahead,

life waits before us,

sometimes easy,

sometimes a burden.

Dark days steer me back.

I can’t move forward.

It would be better to hide in the dark,

knees to my chest,

head down,

like my child self.

Life doesn’t wait,

people don’t either,

always pushing me on,

words of love,

& sometimes annoyance.

I uncurl my knees,

stand up,

taller than I imagined.

The light hurts, but I adjust.

Bright days are easy.

I live like a human should.

The creature on my back is barely hanging on,

his last claw scraping at the fabric on my shoulder.

He’s there.

I can still feel him,

breath on my neck,

but barely.

My feet can move,

my hands can work,

I can breathe,

mouth open, nostrils flaring.

I can see,

my eyes aren’t strained.

The light is beautiful.

It’s the dark days that frighten me.

The creature is clinging,

all fours wrapped tightly around my tired body.

He’s strong.

He’s been here all along,

has grown with me.

Some days I look in the mirror and I think he’s dying,

so faded and wrinkled,

a husk of himself.

It’s deceiving.

He always comes back,

alive as ever,

wanting more of my life.

But it’s mine.

He’s strong.

I must be stronger.

He can’t be tamed by anyone but me.

Only I know him.

Only I can calm him.

One day,

I will defeat him.

The picture above is of my sister’s cat, Oscar, who was actually once the family cat, but she took him  with her when she moved out.  I hadn’t seen him for a long time and I went to her house for a Scentsy party  a few months ago.  I couldn’t believe how monstrous he is now.  He is a huge cat.  I mean, look at him compared to my torso!  Anyway, I thought it was a funny way to portray me carrying a creature, while not necessarily on my back, a burden nonetheless 🙂

I love you all.




255 thoughts on “Poem for You, Sir!

  1. like everything else in life, we have to start somewhere… poetry writing can be difficult if you will just stick to rules, we can worry about that later.. for me, i started with free verse poetry and write mostly from experience cos its easier that way.. thanks for liking my poem! keep writing. 😀

  2. Your poetry sounds like the monster that is sometimes in all of us; and Oscar the cat is, as you say: he is a huge cat. Actually he reminds me of my favorite family cat we we named: Matt-the-cat. Maybe one day I’ll write that story about him and perhaps illustrate it myself.

      1. You’re welcome! : ) P.S. I left a comment on your “about” page, but as it says its awaiting moderation I suspect it got caught in your spam filter. Trust me – it’s not spam. *grin*


    1. 🙂 Thank you Chris! I’m always so glad to hear from you and yes, the women you posted about is inspirational. I should start volunteering somewhere, but I haven’t got to that yet 😉 Lame excuse I know.

      I’m doing well, just working and staying busy with that. Nothing new otherwise. How are you doing lately? I hope all is well for you in DE 🙂


      1. You’re welcome, Megan! If you want to change something, I can recommend you the book “Switch! How to change things when change is hard” by Chip and Dan Heath 🙂
        I am doing well, enjoying my last days of holidays and preparing to go to Russia for four days. And waiting for the German election results (election will take place this Sunday) 😉

      2. You’re welcome 🙂 Guess I will let you know once I’m arrived over there 😉 But for the US, it will still take some time, no big trips planned for the next year as we need to pay our movement 😉 but maybe I’ll win another paper contest 😀

      1. Hey Megan

        I really love the way you use your wonderful sense of humour in your blogs! I therefore really enjoyed your blog My latest obsession. I’m not very good on computers. If you are able to and up to it can you please tell me how I find that post on your blog? No worries if you can’t as I’m sure my 5 year old nephew would be able to work it out!! Thanks

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