My Beautiful New Phone


I have had the same phone for five years, so it was definitely time to upgrade. It’s my first smart phone and its amazing. WordPress all the time! I can get to everyone’s comments much faster now. I just wanted to share with you all (because I am really excited about it)! Sorry this post is so short and kind of lame, but I wanted to try the WordPress app out 🙂

I took the picture on the phone and typed all of this out on it too.  Yay technology!

Best, Megan


54 thoughts on “My Beautiful New Phone

  1. What a coincidence I just got on here and your post is the first to pop up. I like it, I’m sure you will enjoy it, learn alot about it so when it’s time for me to get one you can teach me.

    1. I definitely recommend it! The screen size is amazing. My boyfriend has an iPhone and while it’s great, it doesn’t compare to how hi-tech this phone is. Almost every phone I’ve had has been a Samsung and I doubt I will ever get another brand because I just love them that much 🙂

  2. it’s a galaxy note? oh wow! that is such a beautiful amazing phone! i have the galaxy s3 (pretty much the same, just a little smaller)
    trust me, you are going to love it! and oh i love samsung too!

  3. I can’t believe you made it 5 years with the same phone! I think I break one at least once a year!

    1. The app is so convenient really, except I’m still struggling with typing quickly on it. I was so used to my old phone. Do you ever have issues with the WordPress app closing unexpectedly?

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