The Versatile Blogger Award

VersatileBloggerNominationsI just want to apologize for taking FOREVER on addressing this award.  Life goes by so quickly that I can hardly keep track of things sometimes.  Anyway, enough excuses!  I’ve actually been nominated for this quite a few time, so here are all the wonderful individuals who’ve nominated me:

Ladyfixityerennyca18, A New Path, Quiller, Joel, & Michael.  Click on their names to view their blogs!  Because I’ve so many nominations, I’m not going to link the image back to any one blog.

For this award, I’m supposed to share 7 interesting things about myself.  I will try to come up with interesting things, but I make no promises:

  1. I love to sing.  I sang soprano for 6 years.
  2. I’ve made a film series called, “The Crackape Chronicles.”
  3.  I have lived in Indiana my entire life (this is more lame than interesting).
  4.  I sang with elderly folks at a nursing home in England.
  5.  I’m a natural blonde or whatever this hair color is 😉
  6. I have never been to a concert (not including choral concerts).
  7.  The first novel I ever read was “Sideways Stories from Wayside School.”  That was in third grade.

Secondly, I have to nominate 15 others for this award.  This is not going to be so easy:

  1. Grndma Chris:  I nominate this fine lady for every award because for one, she’s my mommy, and two, she’s a fantastic writer and photographer 🙂  She has two great blogs.  Check them out!
  2. Lucas:  This handsome young man is such an inspiration to me and to anyone out there who has had difficulty in life, which is everyone I’d imagine!
  3. Jonathen Caswell: This man is a fun, dedicated poet and always inspiring me to write more 🙂
  4. Queen Lorene: I’ve connected with this woman for quite some time.  We have a lot in common and she’s a great singer!
  5. thelittleschremlin: This gal has brought enlightenment into my life 🙂  I always appreciate being educated.
  6. Desiray: What can I say?  She’s a sweet, wonderful woman who is always encouraging.
  7. Leanneepearl: This pretty lady is new to blogging, but has a lot to offer. She working to be a better person, just like me 🙂
  8. Anthony Moore: To all you grads, this guy is funny!  I relate to just about everything he writes.
  9. Mancakes: The title of this blog says it all, but just in case you’re curious, this lady talks about men and it’s funny!
  10. Abigler42: This woman is a beautiful poet.  I aspire to be half as good as she.
  11. Ned: I feel like I really connect with this man.  He is the loving father of a son with Asperger’s and I’m the sister of a brother with Asperger’s 🙂
  12. Rhoda Lea: This woman is a lovely story teller because she tells it like it is!  I think I learn a lesson from all per posts.
  13. Marlon 312: Although I’m not that great at applying beauty products, I find this young guy’s blog to be inspiring in that department 🙂
  14. Lizardpak: This young lady’s blog is very interesting and always leaves an impression on me.  Like her mother, she’s quite inspiring and strong.
  15. Rahburt: This handsome young man has had a difficult life, but is inspiring nonetheless.  If you need a heavy dose of inspiration through that particularly difficult time in life, visit Robert’s page.

Well, I’m glad you all read it, now get out there and nominate!   If you want, no pressure thought!  ‘)


100 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Another wonderful award….CONGRATS, you are so deserving of all of them and more. Thanks for nominating me, I feel even extra special. You have a fantastic blog and I always enjoy reading all of your adventures.

    1. I guess I will always be a soprano because I feel most comfortable singing in the higher registers, but no, sadly I haven’t been in a choir for nearly five years now. That makes me sad. I could always join a community choir, but I’m used to quite a bit of discipline and I just don’t think they’d have it. I think my constant search for perfectionism would keep me from enjoying it 😉 I hope that makes some sense…

  2. Wow! Thank you SO much for nominating me!! It brings me big smiles this morning and so does your blog and the fact that you share yourself with such beautiful honesty! ❤

  3. Thank you Megan so much for even considering me for it. You know we just recently meet online a few days ago and I thank God for your spirit. Just the other day I was speaking to my husband how you are blogging to men and women about OCD and he said as well it takes heart to want to encourage others on something that most people are afraid of and would not even talk about. I pray God’s blessing upon you as He works through you and give you the words to minister to so many people who needs this. AMEN

    1. Desiray,

      This is such an inspiring, lovely thing to say. It seems that you have a lot of belief in me and that I’m doing the right thing by sharing my experiences, even though it is difficult to do sometime. Your husband is absolutely right. Not everyone talks about their struggles, but I’m just lucky enough to have such wonderful, supportive family and friends who don’t make me feel ashamed of who I am. Thank you for that. You’re a beautiful person 🙂

      1. Megan you are more than welcome, I know you are going to do good in what you are doing. I know you will have people who will support and contact you.

      1. Yes! I do read Korean actually, but I only understand a portion of what I can read 🙂 The characters behind my name is my name as it might be spelled in Korean.

      2. 😀 Yes, that’s right I guess. My blog name is Megan Megan 😉 Maybe I should change it to Megan Lynn, but the Korean version draws a lot of interesting people 🙂 I started learning Korean because my bf is Korean actually. I took it for a year at my university and then studied it by myself for awhile before and after that 🙂

      3. Good on you 😀 Learning a language by yourself is hard, but rewarding, because you learn only what you want to learn 😀 I’m actually learning languages on the side now too! What level of Korean do you have now :D?

      4. It is fun to learn 🙂 I couldn’t possibly tell you at what level I’m at. Beginner or intermediate would be my best bet. I took Korean 101 and 102, but unfortunately had to graduate and couldn’t fit the 2nd year into my schedule. I know German much better because I studied it for five years. What languages interest you/are you learning? 😀 Good to hear from you again. I hope all is well with you and I’m glad to see you’re swimming again.

      5. I know English, Madarin, Cantonese and started studying German was I was in the hospital. Wie gehst? Das ist sehr cool, das Wir können in Deustch zusammen reden. Kann Ich jetzt “du” sagen, oder noch “sie” mit dir :P? Üben du Deutsch oft?

      6. Absolut kannst du zu mir “du” sagen 🙂 Ich habe seit einem Jahr kein Deutsch gesprochen. Wie lange haben Sie Deutsch studiert?

    1. I believe the rules are to thank the person who nominated you on their about page, share 11 interesting things about yourself, nominate 15 others, and then inform the nominees.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Hello, soprano. I’m a mezzo! And there are times where I wish I could say I’d lived in Illinois my whole entire life, so the fact that you’ve lived in Indiana all your life is, to me, more interesting than lame. Congratulations on the award!

    1. It’s not so much about winning as it is the nomination and recognizing someone that you think has an interesting blog 🙂 To put it bluntly, it’s basically a chain letter for blogging.

  5. I read the first two sentences and this Lyric came to mind. “Its astounding, Time is fleeting”. That’s a lesson I relearn everyday when I look at my kids. When they are babies we say “I cant wait til they are out of diapers” and the next day they are off to college. Hang in there and thanks for the visit.

  6. thank you, thank you, thank you so much for nominating me for this award! and so sorry to be last to the party here – it’s been such a crazy week. i read your latest post – hope you’re having a relaxing break (:

  7. Hi there! Megan I don’t know how or from whom you stumbled onto my blog, “The Contemplative Thinker” but I’m sure glad you did. Therefore, I want to thank you for visiting; moreover, I would entertain coming over to see your writing and how things are going with O.C. D. Btw, I am J. Paul Schilling and I look forward to our communiques.


  8. Have you ever considered creating an ebook or
    guest authoring on other blogs? I have a blog based on the same subjects you discuss and would love to have you
    share some stories/information. I know my subscribers would value your work.
    If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

  9. Megan, congratulations on your blogging award nomination!! What an honor. This may be trivial, but I read the book “Sideways Stories from Wayside School” when I was in 5th grade, I believe. Loved the book. I believe the author wrote a sequel, but I don’t remember reading it. Anyway, I’ve never ran across anyone mentioning that book before in my whole life. Exciting to hear you read it!

    1. Not at all trivial! It’s funny how we remember those things. I can’t remember much about it, but I do remember the cover. I also remember that one of the floors in the school was missing. That’s about all I can recall 🙂 Funny that you read it too!

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