A Break from Me

The Gym
The Gym

I have taken a small break from blogging.  I took off for the past few days from work for vacation. We have the use it or lose it policy when it comes to vacation and my first year is almost up, so I have to use them!  I decided to take these few days off because it was my birthday yesterday and my boyfriend is on Spring Break.  We’ve had a great time just being with one another like we used to when I was still in school.  I forgot how relaxing just being home, not having to do anything feels.    It hasn’t been that way for so long.  

Today was great.  We went to the gym, which is usually something I dread.  I cannot stand being in a gym.  All I can see are the germs and sweat covering everything and the lack of fresh air that I’m forced to breath in.  I hate the fluorescent lights of the gym we usually go to, but for a lovely change of pace we had to go to another gym because our usual one is closed for break.  This gym is older, but in a charming, historical way.  I think it’s actually the place where the first collegiate basketball game was televised.  Anyway, there was still that smell of sweat and the air is still pumped through vents, but at least the light was natural.  I actually took a picture of it, which you can see above.  The sun was shining so nicely through the windows.  Although I didn’t much want to exercise today, it wasn’t as stressful as it usually is.  I still had to sanitize my hands every chance I got.  Luckily this gym has automatic sanitizer dispensers 😉

We came home and both showered and then headed over to a Korean restaurant nearby and we both ordered bebimbop 🙂  If you’ve never had this AWESOME Korean dish, then you are missing out.  Everything in it is fresh and delicious and healthy.  We usually don’t go to Korean restaurants because they are so expensive for dinner, but because I didn’t have to go to work today we could get the lunch special!  I love the Korean side dishes (banchan) that you get when you go to Korean restaurants.  My favorite is the pickled radish!  It tastes like a lighter version of vinegar coleslaw.

We just got home from Petco.  We took Chester there to buy him a leash and harness.  I know it seems a little weird to put a cat on a leash and walk it outside, but we feel so sorry for the little guy because he is always in our cave of a house.  Our house is facing away from the sun and although we have a pretty little woods and creek right in front of our door, it gets really dark inside.  It’s fine for us, but I feel sorry for Chester for not getting to see the sun more, except for when he jumps in the window of course.  Therefore, we decided that he needed more fresh air, so we packed him in his carrying bag and drove to Petco.  It was his first time there and probably his last.  I think the chirping birds freaked him out.  We took him out of his bag only to try on the harness, which took forever to adjust because he was wiggling and he has quite the belly, which we are hoping some outdoor exercise will help out with.  We bought it, went home, put the leash on the harness, and put him on the ground.  All I can say is, I now know why you don’t often see people walking their cats.  CATS JUST SIT!  There really is no walking involved.  It was a struggle to get him to move.  Eventually, we made it the ten feet to the door and that’s when he got excited.  Won opened the door to our apartment and Chester practically ran in.  Apparently he’s not much of an outdoor boy 😉

Chester on a "walk"
Chester on a “walk”

I’m doing well taking a few days off and just turning that anxiety down a few notches.  The beautiful weather only adds to my happiness 😀

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139 thoughts on “A Break from Me

  1. As much as my cats long to be outside, I think they would freak out if they took one step outside! They are content to just run out into the hallway outside my apartment (it is enclosed) when I throw the trash.

  2. Ok, I tried this in the past on many occasions, determined to get my chunky cats to walk with me, but all they would do is try and strangle themselves on every tree and post. I didn’t have issues with them walking, but there was no rhyme or reason to our path. I felt like I was in a schitzophrenic dream. I finally gave it up as a lost cause. Cat nature is predatory and cannot be tamed.

    1. I know exactly what you mean 😉 They do a lot more wandering than walking, but that’s cat independence for you. If he’s not wandering, he’s flopping on the ground, protesting the walk. He somehow always manages to flop right in the dirt. 🙂

  3. Chester looks very lithe and trim compared to our Mungo. He goes outside and occasionally puts on a brief spurt of speed, but most of the time he spends occupying beds, chairs etc. When he visited the vet we discovered he weighs the same as my husband’s road bike! He has come to us age 10 so a bit late to change his ways now:)

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