My Cat Just Sleeps

Baby Chester

This post won’t be long.  I am attempting to use the WordPress app more with my new phone.  I first wanted to introduce Chester as a baby.  That’s him in the dishwasher!  He was a very cute kitten and still has a kitten face.  I mean seriously, have you ever seen anything THAT cute before?  He was such a tiny, tiny kitten because: 1) he unfortunately had a tapeworm, which he no longer has, but it malnourished him as a baby and 2) he got a feline upper respiratory infection just days after we took him home from the shelter. We had to take him to the vet several times for these reasons and the vet thought he was adorable and said so every time, until the time when he bit her on the nose and she started to bleed.  Gosh that was embarrassing, but he was nervous I guess.  He’s still kind of small for an adult cat.

Since having my first cat Chester,  who I’m madly in love with,  I realize just how much time he spends asleep!  I read that cats sleep somewhere around 16 hours a day. I definitely believe that statistic 🙂  I’d say he gets at least that or more.

Anyway,  here is a picture of him flopped on our desk while I was using the computer.  He’s too precious not to share.  I especially love how his legs are haphazardly strewn atop the lamp base.  I don’t know how many times we’ve said, “he acts like a human!”  He definitely has some funny tendencies 🙂  I love that his eyes have what looks like white eyeliner around them.  He’s so darn cute!


I hope you enjoyed today’s bit about my cat obsession 🙂

Addendum:  OK everyone.  I really tried to post this without checking out how it looks on a computer.  I couldn’t help it though.  I had to and I didn’t like it, so I edited it 🙂  There were so many typos!  I apologize for anyone who read it before I fixed everything. I wanted to write more and it’s just so difficult with my phone!  Ugh, OCD, why!  😀  Also, yuck!  You can see his litter box in the background.  We’ve no other place to put it 😦


199 thoughts on “My Cat Just Sleeps

      1. I am cat lover too so while wandering about your site – I couldn’t resist! Your honesty and candor about your experiences are commendable and I know help a lot of people with OCD and not. Plus, who doesn’t love a cat-lover?!

  1. Such a lovely kitty your Chester.
    We used to have a cat, too. It was my brother’s actually, a yellow and white young cat. She was beautiful but a bit aggressive, showing her love to people by scratching and biting (my brother was the one she loved most, poor him). My brother said that she was that aggressive because she was just all alone since we had brought her in our house where was closed during daytime. Even in the evening, when we are not at work, the house is still closed and she didn’t have any chance to see any other cat. I remember the first time she heard a cat meowing from our neighbor, she looked so piteously confusing. She had stayed with us for like one year before i decided to give her away so that she could have a more open environment and see others of her own kind. Unfortunately, she was stolen one week after moving to the new place. We was so sad, especially my younger brother. He loves cats. We haven’t had any other cat after her. I don’t think we would.

    1. Chester is quite handsome, isn’t he 🙂 I think cats need a lot of time with their human companions to avoid being aggressive. My little guy gets TONS of companionship. I’m pretty much obsessed with him though. I can’t believe someone stole your brother’s cat! That’s horrible 😦 I would be heartbroken if some terrible person did that.

    1. I love that the cat is twice as big 😉 My sister has a gigantic cat that would tower over Chester. You can see a picture of him on a previous post, “Poem for you Sir!”

    1. I do too. They have a unique personality. I’ve heard they are the dogs of the cat world because they are so sociable. Have you ever noticed the “M” on their foreheads? That’s my favorite part.

  2. Love this. The litter box and Tidy Cat litter container are just fine where they are. You learn to live “around” the pets. They weave themselves into our lives, thank God. Congratulations to you and Chester.

  3. If only I could stretch out anywhere and be comfortable enough to sleep.

    Only 16 hours? I agree, most cats seem to break that average – unless there are cats out there that just need 4-5 hours sleep!

    There’s no ‘ideal’ spot for a litter box 😉

  4. We had Alaska the cat for over twenty years…I still miss her each day. And working a WordPress post by phone…I wouldn’t even attempt it. Howdy to the felines. Howdy to the boyfriend. You stay well.

  5. Kittens are wonderful, then they become cats.

    Having had a pet cat I can say there is definitely a Miltonic fall here. We have Lucifer falling to become Satan. The kitten becoming a monster.

    I hate cats. I love kittens.

    1. I love kittens too, but Chester is an awesome cat 🙂 He’s so good natured. I think that we are just obsessed with him so we are CONSTANTLY paying attention to him 😉

  6. I recently adopted a stray kitten. He’s also so lovely and absolutely friendly! I hope that he also grows up as big as your cat, Chester. I’d love to have Charlie (that’s what I named my kitten) around in the years to come. It has been such a long time since I became “attached” with any pet. I have a strong feeling that Charlie’s going to change that. I hope that you and Chester keep the bond strong. 🙂


    1. Aw! Is that your baby Charlie in your picture? He’s ADORABLE! They are the best companions. As I’m writing this, Chester is flying around the house playing with a tiny cat nip mouse-toy. 🙂

  7. Love the cat pictures! Found and posted an article about places for people who love cats on my blog you might like to read. Hope you and the cats are doing well 🙂

      1. Sorry it took so long to reply! Here is the article I posted:

        Places For People Who Love Cats!
        Craziest places for cat lovers
        8:30 AM ET, Wed, March 20, 2013
        By Emma Sloley

        Stephanie Harwin, who writes the cat-obsessed blog Catsparella, will go to great lengths to get her feline fix. On her quest to fulfill a lifelong dream—visiting Japan’s Hello Kitty theme park—Harwin endured a bout of severe food poisoning, a language barrier, and a long journey to reach her happy place.

        “You ride a boat through a world of all of the Sanrio characters, and I rode that at least three times,” she enthuses. There’s also a life-size replica of Hello Kitty’s house and a parade each afternoon. “Hello Kitty descends from the ceiling wearing a dress covered in LED lights,” Harwin says. “Going to the park really lifted my spirits.”

        Japan is the ultimate travel destination for cat enthusiasts and Hello Kitty just the beginning. After all, this is the country that gave us YouTube star Maru, whose antics have racked up more than 200 million views. Tokyo has become famous for its cat cafés, where you can hang out with the furry creatures, and each February brings the celebration of “Nyan Nyan Nyan Day” (a name inspired by the sound cats make).

        See more of the world’s craziest places for cat lovers

        While the Japanese have the highest per capita cat ownership in the world, there are people crazy for cats everywhere—London’s Zoological Society even created a global Cat Map that allows you to plot the location of your own pet and upload its photo. All this cat love has resulted in some strangely charming places where travelers can stop to pay tribute.

        Since the Middle Ages, the Belgian town of Ypres has put on a Festival of the Cats, during which townsfolk gather in costumes for a colorful parade complete with giant cat figures. Amsterdam supports a floating cat sanctuary and a dedicated museum, while Ernest Hemingway’s Key West, FL, estate is overrun with the descendants of his beloved Snowball, a six-toed Maine coon. Follow up a visit to the estate with a performance by Dominique and His Flying House Cats.

        Attempting to explain the hold these creatures exert on our collective consciousness, Harwin muses: “What’s not to love? Cats are cute and cuddly and each has its own unique personality. I’ve even heard people who don’t like cats joke that they enjoy watching cat videos. They’re always doing something funny or cute or interesting or ridiculous, and it’s so easy to assign human characteristics to them.”

        March 20, 2013

  8. Did I tell you that a guy friend and I feed the stray cats downtown here? We put mostly cat food in a bowl in this crack between a Cashland and an apt. building. We also take meat scraps out there to add to it. I love cats but there is a cat deposit in my apt. building and often I am out and about. I would feel bad for the lonely animal! I love the picture of Chester!

    1. No you didn’t tell me that, but it’s so commendable of you. Stray cats need love too 🙂 We had a cat deposit too and it was outrageous, but I’m glad I did it. He’s a great companion 🙂

  9. I love this post. I am a cat lover as well and have two-Lokey and Lucky. They both have such strong personalities and we say they are our kids.

    Thanks for stopping by blog and liking one of my posts. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Have a great weekend.

  10. You got my attention! ….saw that adorable tabby face and said, “I’ve got to follow her.” Okay, so it wasn’t all about you…but, I liked you instantly…cuz I like brown tabbies! That Chester is a cutie!

  11. He could be the identical twin to my cat Moki. I love grey striped cats. They seem to be the friendliest, in my cat experience. At least he doesn’t try and lay on your keyboard while you are working. My cat Sophie is obsessed with the computer. As a kitten she would bat at the curser and I would move it all over while her eyes went all wibblety. I think she associates the computer with play. Not helpful to my work though! 🙂

    1. Haha, he does try to lay on the keyboard 😉 and he lays on papers or books that I’m reading. I’m convinced he just wants to be the center of attention. Right now, he’s actually in his usual spot when I’m on the computer, right next to me passed out on the desk.

  12. My cat Sharky used to get in the dishwasher too when he was a kitten. That is too funny!

    Silver, on the other hand, prefers to sleep in the bathroom sink. I went to wash my face one night and turned the tap on before I turned on the light, only to be greeted by a meow of surprise and a wet cat scrambling frantically to get out of the sink. He then spent the next half hour wandering up and down the hallway yowling loudly about how mean I was.

    Both cats are gray tabbies, BTW 🙂

  13. Oh my god! I think I am in love with your cat. =) He is adorable! This kitty in the dishwasher shot and the “smile for the camera” shot in your most recent post are my faves but Ack!! He is just too cute. =)

    1. He is such a cute 🙂 My bf and I think it’s because he has such big eyes and a small mouth and nose, but his personality is pretty adorable too. 😀 I think we say at least 100 times a day, “look at him, he’s so dang cute!”

  14. Now that I read this story, for many reasons I am honored that you liked my post. I have a great voice in your writing. I have a feeling that your in my head is similar to yours in life. What I am trying to say is; you are good, you are very good! keep it up.

      1. Re rereading my comment I realized that it was pretty jumbled. It is embarrassing. but you had the grace to see the intention. You see I am HDHD adult and I love writing as well, but I have to rely on my Mac and TextEdit and copy/paste. Some times the desire to “get it out there now” helps me to look like an idiot.

  15. I swear our cats are identical!
    And reading your posts about the OCD, I wonder if I have it because you mentioned in this post about it looking wrong on the computer and I am SUCH a perfectionist that all photos and lines have to a-line right in my posts, I’m editing regularly.

  16. Cats have litter boxes. Not a big deal in a picture. Cutest cat ever? That’s debatable next to mine. No offense. 🙂 Very cute though. Love the stories about him.

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