Fancy a T-Shirt?

Graphic Pen & Tablet
Graphic Pen & Tablet

Hello again everyone!

I recently bought a graphic pen and tablet.  If you’ve never used one of these, they’re really cool.  It’s basically digital pen and paper.  I got this particular one on Amazon and it is awesome for the price!  At first, it wasn’t that easy to use, but it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it.  I’ve always been good with technology probably because I’ve grown up around it.  I’m one of the first generations to grow up almost entirely with a PC (or even a mac)!   I’m not trying to brag in the least, but I’ve never been uncomfortable using a computer.  

Anyway, I took my love for drawing digital.  I wasn’t even sure why I wanted to do this, but it turns out that it’s actually difficult to draw with this thing.  What I have found it useful for is fine, detailed work on Photoshop, which in the last year has become my favorite program.  It’s pretty amazing 🙂

I found this great website, per my sister, called Redbubble and I submitted a few of my T-shirt “designs,” which are now up for sale!  You can actually buy them 🙂

I’d love for everyone to check them out and give me some feedback.  I’d also LOVE some suggestions for new designs 🙂

Here is the link to my site: My Redbubble Profile!

I always appreciate everyone’s input.  You’re always supporting and encouraging me and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Megan ❤


83 thoughts on “Fancy a T-Shirt?

    1. I love the Mulder & Scully one too! This is probably because I love the X-Files, but who wouldn’t? 😉 It means a lot that you say this. Yay, one more smile today!

  1. Splendid. In my comment on your previous post I mentioned that I was excited about using the video function on my camera. I tried to download my video and managed to delete it! So I think I will leave you to the graphic pen until I have sorted out this step in my computer life. Must be fun though.

    1. Oh no! I hate when that happens. Sometimes technology can be a pain 🙂 I’ve inexplicable lost photos that held some pretty fun memories. I feel for you, but try, try again 🙂

  2. Hey Megan, I teach math lessons online and saw that you got a digi pen and tablet, how much did that cost, and I’m assuming it connects wirelessly via usb yea?

    1. It does connect wirelessly with USB. I got this from Amazon and the brand is Huion. It was only $40, so I think it’s the best quality tablet & pen on the market for the price. I highly recommend it 🙂

  3. You’re quite good at this. Not many people know where to drop off shadows to light areas or negative space. Have you tried adobe illustrator? The line/path controls allow for precise detail regardless if you are zoomed in or out. The pen tool takes a little getting used to, but my bet would be that you would like it. You can try the path tool in photoshop. That can give you the basic idea as it is the same in illustrator. Illustrator just has many more tools at your disposal. Anyway, for what it’s worth, I hope you keep working your talent and skill. You are far ahead of many design majors. I see a lot of work that isn’t as good as this being used for commercial print and sometimes for advertising for small companies.

    1. I have tried adobe illustrator and it’s really a great program. I have Adobe CS6, which I got for free from my university. I like the vector aspect the most on illustrator, but it took awhile to get used to. Adobe isn’t easy for beginners, so I sat through hours of youtube videos 😉 Thank you for the awesome compliment! I just do this as a hobby and never took a digital art lesson or anything, so what you said really means a lot to me. You’re always such an encouragement to me 🙂


      1. Megan – Even as a hobby, I think you should stick with it. Just my two cents. The same with the photography as well. Creativity can be a great outlet when needed and a lot of fun as well. Photography has taken me to some wonderful places off from the beaten path that are so serene and beautiful at times of the morning or evening that often are free of people. Sometimes in just taking it all in and enjoying it the photo becomes a secondary reason for being there. Anyway.. I hope you have a good week. 🙂

      2. You are always too kind! I do quite enjoy it and I’ve already made a few sales, so that’s a bit more motivation to keep on with it. I too enjoy a bit of photography, but my work is nothing like yours. I saw your work, by the way. I totally forgot to tell you. VERY AWESOME! You have incredible talent in this arena. I hope you have a good week too 😀 I always look forward to what you have to say 😉

  4. Those designs were awesome. I have a wacom tablet. It’s pretty fun to use. i’m not good at drawing stuff from my head but I’m good at drawing what I see and have been since i was 5. I probably should get back into the habit of using my tablet. I draw in photoshop.

      1. Yeah it’s great. There is a little learning curve, b/c it’s not like drawing on paper as in you can’t look down at it you have to look at the monitor. They do have tablets with screens so you can use them just like paper but they are like 1,000 bucks.

  5. Sounds really cool Megan. I took a drawing class in college, but the prof took me aside and told me I had no talent for drawing whatsoever and suggested I drop the class. Mean huh? LOL But he was right, I can’t even draw stick figures. I am off to check out your designs!

    1. That is pretty mean 😦 I think if someone is going to pay for a college course that the professor should just keep his/her mouth shut! 😀 How’d you find the designs? I actually added a few more today!

      1. Being a CatMan, I loved the CAT designs, my preference being the first one, just the black cat on a white background … I’m kinda a plain white T kind of person … good band too LOL

      2. 😉 Definitely a good band. I like to add a few variations of the same design just for this purpose 🙂 I knew not everyone would like the colors!

  6. Hey! Great t-shirts :). Te only suggestion I would make is to focus on either the image or the lettering. So, if you have a large image, use fewer words on your shirts (otherwise the design looks too cluttered), and vise versa. I like the red t-shirt though with the two.. actors? Yeah, that’s cute! Also, when you do use a font, try to go with a bolder/thicker font (perhaps something sans serif?) Your font looks too much like Papyrus.

    Oi. I hope I didn’t just get you down. You sound super excited about design and you could really be amazing! Keep pushing keep going and have fun! 😀

    — Lauren

    1. I bought a Huion. I got it off of Amazon and I think it’s the best for the price on the market. The quality is pretty good and it’s easy to install. I recommend it 🙂

  7. I’m glad you got the hang of it… I have such problems with my tablet and pen (as in me being the problem ha ha). I can’t seem to get the grasp of looking at the screen while drawing on the tablet. Any hints?

  8. I love the fact that someone can take pride in what they really know. I appreciates that. I was not fortunate, in- fact I had a lot of problems when I got here from a different country. I was lost , I did not understand computer or how to operate it. But I know literature and I ran with it. I love all that you can do with computers. I hope to learn from you .

    1. Computers are quite amazing and the software out there now is just phenomenal. I’ve learned to do so much with technology in my short life and I think it’s all totally awesome and fascinating 🙂

  9. Just reminds me I made a print advertising for this product when I was in college attending a advertising competition. Didn’t win but love this product. hope to see more of your designs 😉


  10. A number of years ago I bought a digitizer tablet as an impulse purchase, a rare thing for me to do. One of the best decisions I ever made. I’ve put up a few posts comparing different natural media programs. I’ve been using Artweaver. Some else who blogs around here, Maugryph, uses Artrage. You might want to look into them.

  11. Tablets are great… undo, redo. First this line, then that one, repeat forever. “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” –Leonardo da Vinci/Picasso/Paul Valery. Do you keep 2 windows open to look at the whole image in one and the pixels in the other? Thanks for the like. Might I ask why?

  12. Nice designs. I am interesting in getting one of the graphic pen & tablets for awhile now. Maybe I can jump in and do it when the tax return comes! 🙂 Thanks for liking my post about cleaning house and messy offices. I am about to go nuts because I share a studio room with my husband & he scatters things everywhere and leaves it that way. I like orderly stacks and supplies so I can find what I am looking for when I need it. I am vacating now so he can be messy without me sniping at him. Artistic temperments are not always the same and it is sometimes hard to share space.

    1. I definitely recommend it. The one I got is really inexpensive. If you look on Amazon, it is the Huion brand. It’s great and for the price you can’t go wrong 😀

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