My New Designs!

Chester's Original Shot
Chester’s Original Shot

Hey everyone!  I have been working on a few more designs today, inspired by the famous Chester 😀

Chester After
Chester After

Check out some of my newest designs 🙂  I love these.  I actually used a picture of Chester to help me with the outline!  Let me know what you think.  I feel cat lovers will especially love these 😉  Here is the link =>

I think this one in particular makes a great T-Shirt.  I should also make it into an iPhone or an iPad cover if anyone likes that idea.  I’d love your feedback!



105 thoughts on “My New Designs!

      1. Wow! Thanks for getting one. I’d actually love to see what it looks like on a real shirt. Do you think you could share a pic of it when it arrives? That’s awesome! 😀

  1. Wow, Megan, I love the Chester cat design! What’s even stranger is that your cat looks just like my Holly cat! With inspiration like we have, there is never a dull moment 🙂

  2. Well done you. I am totally deficient in the creative department and am always amazed by what others are capable of. I think it looks fab, and has lots of potential!

  3. At first when I saw your thumbnail on people who had liked my post, I got super exited because I thought you were Laura Carmichael, from Downton Abbey (great series-you should watch it!) it’s okay though 🙂 . Keep posting! Love the blog! –Golden Star Poetry

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but sadly I’m not her. Even though she is a lovely woman and a great actress. I have seen Downton and LOVE IT! I actually posted about it in the past. Great show!

  4. nice cat image! I don’t see you as an average girl with OCD…. you are an amazing girl blessed with an equally amazing talent.

  5. This is amazing, you are so talented! Are you starting a business? What a story, buying a pad for fun and discovering a whole new direction. It underlines the importance of seizing the moments to open up whole new worlds of opportunities.

    1. I wish I were starting a business 😉 It’s just something I do for fun and happen to make a bit of money off of. I really do want to start an online business, but I’ve no ideas. Got any? 😉

    1. Aw thank you! Other’s have told me it’s spelled wrong, but no one has given me the correct spelling yet. Do you think you could give me the correct work for cat in Hindi? That would be awesome! Thanks

  6. Purr….remember cats are boss over dogs! Chester looks like my Hannah. ….she’s a writer and has her own band called the CatNappers.

    You are doing GREAT! Love the designs.

    1. Thank you! I use Photoshop in conjunction with Illustrator, so basically Creative Suite 6, to make my “creations.” I base most of my designs off of photos I’ve taken or drawn and then use the CS6 to edit! It’s quite fun.

    1. I’ve actually no idea! I wonder that myself. I just design them and another company makes them and ships them out. I’d love to see one. I guess I should support my own hobby and just get one 😉

  7. Hey, Megan! Google Translate plays mean sometimes, I know, so here’s what the Hindi script should look like – बिल्ली
    Great design. I bet you’d be just as good if you gave typography a try – using only the words/fonts, without the silhouette.
    Thanks for the like on my poem, although I have to admit it isn’t my best work.

    1. I have two Romanian friends, so I definitely felt it should be included 🙂 Hungarian was admittedly random. Chester’s a good boy most of the time, but he can be a stinker at other times 🙂

  8. Hi I am not a cat lover. But loved your design. Just one correction. It’बिल्ली not the one u have used. Loved it though. Keep up the good work.

  9. I love the cat design Chester makes a good model. I started a page on redbubble years ago but haven`t used it for a long time as people are free to use any of my pictures.

  10. adorable little bubsh! cats are such characters. we have 2 cats and 1 golden retriever. both cats have pure opposite personalities which is just so funny to witness! love your design!
    xo- sincerely, whitney

  11. This is the beginning of a great career, Megan! Now since this is “published” on WordPress it should be not able to be stolen. You are going to need an agent! I am excited! The multiple languages is a plus, too! Good luck!

    1. I sure hope so 🙂 It would be a dream for me to be able to make a career out of my art, but for now I suppose it will have to just remain a slightly lucrative hobby 😀 You’re right, I best find myself an agent!

  12. I am a airbrush artist and do t-shirts too. I saw a news segment this morning about cat video views on YouTube. Seems the feline furries enjoy almost 16% of the total views on YouTube. I know your designs are probably mostly digital, but you should look into airbrushing. You can get a pro grade one for around $40.00. Believe it or not, although I am an artist, you really don’t have to have any hands on skill. Your design skills are basically all you need and airbrushing is mainly technique. Not to mention it’s fun. I looked at your link and was just thinking you would be good at it. Love your blog, BTW

  13. Nice design!!! I am SO in love with cats! I’m definitely the creepy cat lady type! 🙂 In fact, I used to have a cat named Chester, he looked a lot like yours, only with long hair! Great post! Oh, and I can see the Greek word for cat there! 🙂

  14. I love the one with all the different languages! I really want to buy one but I’m worried about custom charges. Last time I ordered clothes from America I had to pay about £40 just to get them to give it to me in the post office 😦 I might have to risk it though because it does look cool! Have you got one? x

    1. Yeah, that might be terrible if that were to happen 😦 I haven’t got one yet, but I’d love to see what they look like in real life. I bet they’re actually pretty good quality.

      1. I bought one for a good friend who has 4 cats, for her upcoming birthday present! It’s going to be the perfect gift!

      2. I’m so glad you know about doTerra. I thought it could help with your OCD. A good site to find out what oils to use for different issues is:
        You just go to the Select area, go to the Os and look it up. It’ll list oils that can help. The ones in red are the best ones. HTH, if you’re interested. I talk on my blogs about how the oils have helped me. 🙂

      3. Awesome, I’m going to check out this site. I’ve been using oils for little over a year now and find that there is something for every human ailment. I use peppermint like it’s going out of style. I have a lot of digestive issues and it helps with the indigestion and nausea I frequently get.

      4. I’m glad you’re going to take a look at that website. I just checked and they do list OCD. 2 of the oils I thought might help are listed there, along with a few others. Good luck with that. I hope you find more relief! BTW, have you heard of the book ” Just Checking” written by a woman regarding her OCD? Funny parts, sad parts,

    1. Wow that does look really awesome 🙂 Very cute. The colors are much brighter than I expected and Chester is flattered that you’re wearing him 😉 Thank you so much for sharing! I am glad to see what my work looks like in real life. Very cool.

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