Lysol Wipes are a Girl’s Best Friend!

Lysol Wipes
Lysol Wipes

Perhaps one of the greatest inventions for someone like me is the Lysol wipe.  I know that with these I get to carry out my routines, or compulsions if you will.  Without them, I’m not really sure what I would do.  Honestly, I would probably just use the spray Lysol on everything 😉  I love these wipes because they don’t leave yucky spots on everything like the spray 🙂  

Everyday when I get to work my routine looks something like this:

  1. Clock in
  2. Set my bag down on the far corner of my desk
  3. Clear my desk of paper, pens, etc.
  4. Open the second drawer of my desk and pull out the Lysol wipes
  5. Take out one, perhaps two wipes if needed, and wipe down EVERYTHING (e.g. keyboard, mouse, desktop, chair arms, pens, edge of desk)
  6. Go to the restroom and wash my hands once if I’m lucky, twice if I’m stressed, and three times if I’m REALLY anxious (i.e. someone is “sick”)
  7. Get back to my desk, use some hand sanitizer
  8. Finally, turn on my computer and start working

As you can imagine, this all gets VERY tiresome and it takes me awhile to get going in the morning simply because of this disinfectant routine.  I feel that I can’t start the day without doing this.  The thought of potential contamination is just too overwhelming and I can’t feel comfortable working without wiping everything down thoroughly.  I’ve tried to not do it, but the thought eventually creeps in and I do it anyway, so I figured I might as well do it right away in the morning before any patients call.

Last week Friday I went through this routine and finally started my computer.  Thanks to one of Windows’ lovely updates, my computer was stuck on the login screen for fifteen minutes.  I was panicking because it wasn’t working and my job relies about 95% on using a computer.  After about 20 minutes of waiting, I turned on the computer at a desk of a woman who works only part time.  She’s a clean person and I didn’t really mind the idea of using her computer on a day that she wouldn’t be in.  Besides, I desperately needed to start work.  Anyway, I turn her computer on and that stupid thought crosses my mind, “what if she was sick and didn’t know it the last time she worked?”  I hurried over to my desk, pulled out another wipe, and “disinfected” everything on her desk, particularly the keyboard.  Thanks to a show I once watched, I heard that this is dirtier than a public toilet.  FYI, I say “thanks” sarcastically.  In cases like this, I’d rather live in ignorance.  Luckily, my computer finally came back on after about an hour of using my coworker’s computer.  It was a relief, to say the least.

I use these wonderful things at home too.  I wipe down all door handles, the remote controls, knobs, handles, keyboards, my cell phone, switches, and basically any horizontal surface.  In addition to having my house arranged, I feel that disinfecting helps me to be able to relax in the evening.

I’m sure others with OCD know what I’m talking about when I say I don’t feel that I can relax until this is finished.  😉

Well, enough about Lysol wipes!

As always, thanks for reading 🙂




144 thoughts on “Lysol Wipes are a Girl’s Best Friend!

  1. I think I’m too lazy to be a compulsive disinfector ocd person. I have had the contamination fear after watching a show about how germy restaurants were and it was really tiresome. It’s really crazy how surfaces like light switches and bathroom knobs can make you nuts. I took an ativan and it went away forever. I only had the fear for a day but I do get this unclean sensation on my hands from time to time and I must wash my hands. It’s not the type of OCD i have but I guess everyone with OCD shares some things a little bit with everyone else that has OCD.

    1. Oh, I know that feeling. Sometimes I feel like there is an invisible film on my hands and I need to wash them. It’s not a real film or anything that’s really there, just something that keeps running through my mind if I touched something that I might consider “contaminated.” Ergo, I wash my hands like 100 times a day.

      1. Doesn’t seem like medication has helped at all. There is a 50% chance another medication will offer relief if one doesn’t work. There is also a chance none will offer any relief. Luvox, prozac, anafranil, and zoloft are antidepressants approved for OCD. Also benzodiazepines can be used though I personally wouldn’t recommend it, due to the fact that they are extremely physically addicting to the body and the tolerance to them increases rapidly. After one week they probably won’t even work anymore and you’ll never get em’ to work as good as the first time. What they end up doing is making your brain chemically imbalanced and you end up paradoxically having more anxiety. I don’t get panic attacks but I got one because of a benzodiazepine. It was constant terror and it was a helluva time weening off of em’. You get scared about every little thing when you get a problem with gaba receptors. I think benzos and related drugs shouldn’t be used. I can see how they are appealing though… They work in minutes.

  2. Personally I carry around a small bottle of hand sanitiser and often have to use a small dab to clean my hands after opening doors, especially the toilet door. It can be a pain when I use my debit card to pay for something online and I have to keep picking it up!

    1. Oh, good hint about the toilet doors. If you’re in a stall, use some toilet paper and then throw it back in the toilet when you leave. Use your foot to pry open the door. If it’s the actual bathroom door, use a paper towel + some foot action 😉 Yeah, I think about this all too much!

      1. To be honest I already do that and there is usually a bit of paper stuck in the cubicle lock that I can’t bring myself to remove. Thanks for the info though and I do tink about these things far too much… letting somebody hold my mobile phone really winds me up and I hate when they start swiping around the screen I almost want to grab it off them! (errmmm lol)

      2. Haha! I do this too 😉 This is kind of sick, but I think there’s a dead bug stuck beneath the cubicle wall. I’ve been working here almost a year and haven’t brought myself to remove it, let alone get near it.

  3. That seriously sounds like me. Although, I prefer lavender scented Clorox wipes. We moves desks pretty frequently at work & I hate it because not only do I feel the need to use my clorox wipes, but I also continuously track down the clorox spray. & my coworkers like to hide it from me, on occasion. Keyboards really are the worst, though.

    1. Lavender is great for relaxation and sometimes I put a drop or two of lavender essential oil on a kleenex and just let it permeate the office 😉 I doubt what’s in the lysol wipes is real lavender, but I tried. Anyway, I love the smell of actual lavender, but I can’t stand lavender scented things. Once, when I was little, there was a GIANT stink bug in our basement and my brother poked it and it started to smell terrible. Literally the worst smell I’ve ever smelled and I grew up on a farm, so that’s saying something. Well, I sprayed the basement with lavender scented glade and the two combined was the freakiest smell ever! Hence the reason I don’t like lavender scented things. 🙂

  4. Hi Megan,
    Nice one there,
    But I am not a fan of abbreviations. So, can you please tell me what OCD is?
    Back here at home, if an average Nigerian reads such article, he/she will probably end up with a smile and the phrase, ‘Americans like wahala’. Wahala means STRESS. Honestly, we have so much to think and worry about than to be engaged in disinfecting our computers, seats and everything around us. That does not mean we are dirty people. LOL. However, I enjoyed the piece.

  5. I don’t have the hand washing compulsions anymore, because my OCD has shifted focused over the years to other things of dread. But i do remember going through something like this when I was about ten. I didn’t have the Lysol wipes back then. I just had to wash my hands over and over again until the skin was red and cracked. So i know what you’re going through. It sucks, but I’m glad you have found some relief in those little wet tissues.

  6. I’ve been diagnosed as dysthymic (look it up), and probably have been all my life. I’m not quite OCD, but I and others think I have OCD tendencies (pre-OCD?) would could be triggered. I remember one instance very clearly. I was maybe 3 or 4 (ca. 1954-55; an age of contagious polio and no vaccine). I was outside sharing with some friends a plastic horn I’d given by my mom. We passed it around and tooted it. 🙂

    I remember my mom running out the door of the house sounding positively apoplectic; a real panic! She grabbed the little toy trumpet asnd dragged me into the house, into the bathroom. I feared a soapy mouthwash, but no … That was reserved for the toy horn; a most throrough wash, I can assure you. The whole time my mother was ranting ,,,well, trying to teach and caution me while in an agitated and concerned state …NOT to EVER share anything by mouth again! Not soda or water or anything from a glass or can which may have been drunk by someone else. Otherwise, I might contract the dreaded polio or some other dreaded disease.

    She was right, of course, but this lesson was impressed upon me for life and today, at 62, rightly or wrongly, I remember and act upom that lesson every day, as circumstances permit. (Which pretty much always.)

    Such moments has unforseen livelong consequences, for good or ill.

    I empathize.

  7. I’ll pass on the Lysol wipes, but getting the computer system running is one of my annoyances. I had an amusing situation recently. My compulsive behavior is to get things done well ahead of schedule, only to find out that the powers that be change their mind, thus my overly prompt action become wasted time, vs. my co-workers who procrastinate. We are in the process of merging our e-mail system into a larger system. Mid-April is the turn around date. We began receiving notices of this back in October of last year. Being overly prompt, I set up my new account passwords in October. With the deadline approaching, we are getting daily e-mails requesting that we set up our accounts. Of course, having addressed this 6 months ago, I had forgotten that I had taken care of it. Thus, when I went to set up my account I would get error messages. I finally tracked down the Post-It Note on which I wrote that password. But, alas, this did not work. After 10 minutes on the phone with IT, we figured out that the password that I set in October expired… last month. So much for staying ahead of the work demands! Hope your computer came on better today. Reboot is my solution to most computer issues.

  8. Unless you wipe a glass surface… it leaves residue then. 😦 I work in customer service and use these all the time! Absolute life saver for me!

  9. I was reading this and thought wow, I could have written this because i agree 120%, nothing compares to Lysol wipes 🙂 I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for stopping by my page earlier. It’s always nice to see new faces! 🙂

  10. thanks so much for sharing your experiences. i’m a nursing student so i’ve read up a little on OCD, but it is so much more personal when it is a first-hand account. i agree with you about lysol wipes- they are amazing!! i really like the “Green Works” brand because they smell a little more natural 🙂

  11. Thanks, Megan, for stopping by my blog, but even more for the inspiring courage you are showing in your posts.

  12. I have to admit that I’m something of a germaphobe; I make the girls on my basketball team sanitize their hands before and after practice, as much for my safety as theirs. I don’t think I’m quite where you’re at, but I can understand why you do some of the things you do. I will say that I would be more comfortable in your home or office than most!

  13. I was ALWAYS wiping down my keyboard and mouse before work started…especially when I knew someone had been using my computer the day before if I wasn’t there. I always carry the portable wipes around in my purse.

  14. As a woman who is going to be a mother I agree with you 100% about them being a girl’s best friend. They are convenient, easy to use and not that expensive. You have a lot of courage for sharing your experiences with such honesty and candour.

  15. Ahhh finally I found someone who “gets me” I’m the same!! I cannot and will not relax until I’ve finished my little cleaning routine. It is exhausting though. Thanks for sharing

  16. I also have OCD >.< Mine is kind of in the beginning stages still…I noticed it the beginning of this year and it just seems to be getting worse! It came out of nowhere,It was like I woke up one day and boom I had OCD.

    I can't stand dust or the thought of germs being anywhere around my stuff so these wipes I use religiously as well.

    I have to organize everything! Otherwise I feel like I am dieing and that I am going to explode. I especially have to take care of my book collection for some reason….and the books that I buy can not have any sort of blemish or else I just don't buy it, (makes ordering books online almost impossible) which sucks because they are so much cheaper online then they are in the stores.

    Thanks for sharing your struggle with this as well,even though mine has just begun I am honestly terrified of what's to come.

    Can't wait to read more of your posts tomorrow when I can hold my eyes open. HaHa.

    Btw I love Chester, I have been wanting a cat for so long,Hopefully one day I will find an apartment that will actually allow pets.

  17. I know this may be hard to believe, but I was the one who wrote to Lysol in 1996 suggesting they make these. The response was “they’ll never sell.” Losers. I will only buy Clorox wipes now.

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