Chester Fan Art!


As most of you already know, I’m pretty much obsessed with my cat.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not always the perfect, sweet little boy that he appears to be in pictures.  In fact, he just bit my boyfriend’s nose.  Yeah, he does stuff like that.

Anyway, I asked an artist friend of mine to make a line drawing of him a few months ago, but since then the friend is preparing to move out of state and won’t be able to do it.  Needless to say, I’m pretty sad.

I would love it if someone would make a simple line drawing, not an elaborate canvas portrait of the little guy.  I would try this myself, but I’m really terrible at drawing cats.  Actually, I’m terrible at drawing anything with a face 😉

I would love it if someone would draw something for me, even digitally.  Let’s look at this as Chester fan art!  I probably won’t get as wide of a selection of art as his tabby counterpart Lil Bub, but even one rendition would be AWESOME!

Thanks everyone 😀




124 thoughts on “Chester Fan Art!

  1. Megan, Chester reminds me of my gray tabby name, Tiger. It’s amazing the cute things they do. You would swear that they are posing for the camera. Good luck with your quest to find someone to sketch him. 😇

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! The photo on this post would be ideal for a line drawing, but alas, I am not the one to do it. Good luck, it should be easy to do for someone with an artistic bent. Great to have a blog about coping with OCD, very important. I will follow your blog!

  3. Hey Megan!

    Thanks for dropping by and liking a post 🙂

    I have a cat too, and he has the exact same color palette as Chester, though with a little different design (low on the stripes). He’s still a kitten and very generous on the biting/nipping, ha!

  4. Chester is just about the cutest thing around. there are a series of videos on YouTube about a Japanese man who is also obsessed with his cat, Muro. You and Chester may want to check them out so Chester can see how wonderful he would be on YouTube and probably get more views!!! I love my Sam Cat as well. he isn’t spoiled 🙂 I do thank you for visiting my site and hope you will visit often. The door is always unlocked and the welcome mat – and please do bring Chester!

  5. Hi Megan, thanks for liking my post and i can tell you just love Chester! He actually looks alot like my cat although younger, Mystery is around 17 now,and has slowed down alot. Her nickname is “killer”.

  6. My cat will bite my nose too, especially to get me up in the morning. He will slowly lean in with his mouth open. I might have to do a picture of this handsome fellow!

  7. I had to leave my cats in Belgium when i moved to the Philippines. Too bad i couldn’t bring them, but my mom loves them and takes very good care of them. My oldest, Jasmine, is almost 17 years. That’s the longest we ever had a cat. She was a present for my 10th birthday.

    Btw, you have a very photogenic cat over there 🙂

  8. So THIS is why this blogging thing is good! you found me (only 2 days doing this) and then I came to you and saw adorable Chester. I jumped around looking at this and that and saw that you were looking for a sketch of Chester. Did you ever get replies? Since that is the subject of my blog–doing pet portraits–I could do a little something. let me know if you still want to do it. I hope to go further into your blog and see more of your cutie kitty.

    1. hello mari 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! i love your interpretations of pet portraits. I am always looking for unique art and anything of my kitty is special to me. I got a lot of responses actually and one special lady named Lucy Jartz sent me the painting she did of him. Very kind of her to do that for me. I’d love to hear more of course! Just send me an email or you can comment here. either way is fine with me 🙂
      hope all is well

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