Stand Back

Yeah, this is a golf course, but the colors are stunning and really depict what I was thinking for this poem.

I came home today, as I’m sure many of you did, to the news of the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  Things like this, terrible acts of ignorance and hate, make me question myself as a person.  What am I doing to improve my world?  Even more so, I wonder how anyone could deliberately hurt another human being (or anything for that matter).  Thoughts were floating in my head this evening and somehow landed in my journal, in which I drafted this poem about my thoughts on today’s events.  Thank you for reading.


“Stand Back”


The limestone jagged  beneath my thighs.

Spring pollen fills my nostrils,

Eyes getting a little puffy,


It doesn’t matter.

Looking around,

I know,

I see perhaps what some are blind to,

Or maybe just ignore.

Tree branches swaying,

Waving hello with the excitement of the wind.

The grass alive with insects,

Crickets leaping about as my feet approach the blades,

Stunning green,



The sky a marble,

Streaked blue and white,

Painted brush strokes overhead.

A chipmunk chirps.

I am here in this world.

It is beautiful and I envy it for that,

But I cannot claim it for myself.

It does not belong to me alone.

It is our home.

Too much beauty and purity for any one man,



The desire of some ends in tragedy.

Simple truths fill my mind,

An unwise,

Young mind.

My heart telling me what it is that we all should now know.

Stand back,









80 thoughts on “Stand Back

  1. It may sound cheesy, but just keep being you. You are leaving a mark on this world by being a kind and caring person. If there’s a legacy to leave behind to be proud of, it is sharing your light with others.

    1. Not cheesy at all. It’s very sweet in fact. I’d like to think that’s what I’m doing with my life, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Thanks for always supporting me.

  2. You’re such a beautiful person. I like your poems about nature. I like nature poems. You’re good with words. It’s a fucked up world we live in where people succumb to lesser things. Aggressives operating on instinct and that’s it. Better education should help. Teach people to be moral. Teach them common sense. Teach them how to think for themselves and not be followers that do these kinds of things. The great thinkers of the world are always the most moral. We need to create more great thinkers to help reduce the needless bloodshed in a culture without anymore hope. It’s not safe at all. If there weren’t assholes like that there wouldn’t be any body with mental problems. Think how great it’d be to live in a peaceful world without hate or violence….. Without ignorance. It’d be so peaceful. It’s wise to want that. It’s stupid to continue the violent ways of the dip shits and turn this world to shit. Unwise choice. Why are people so blind and deluded? Stupidity. All malice of any kind is a mistake.

    1. I like your point about being a follower. “Terrorist groups” or whatever they are, are just cowardly followers and don’t seem to have the capacity or drive to be individuals. There’s so much hate going on right now in the world that it makes me disheartened for mankind, but I actually think there is a greater number of people who are kind and caring and compassionate, but just don’t get recognized by the news as often.

      I don’t know if anything of what I just wrote made sense 🙂

      Thank you for appreciating my poems and always encouraging me Matt. You too are a beautiful person and deserve to be happy.

      1. Thank you :). You don’t know how much i appreciate your kind words :)…. Religions and cults of all sorts promote bad behaviors when the believers are extremists. Yeah i wonder why they only show the bad stuff on the news. they shouldn’t talk about murderers all the time. they should talk about positive stuff for a chance. What you said makes sense. It takes courage to stand alone when the habitat you live in is saying you are wrong and not a believer and will go to hell. I’d say the majority of people have equal bad in them as good. There are rare good people and the rare truly evil person. I believe you are that rare good person… Most definitely 🙂

      2. 🙂 I agree with you there. I think too many people maintain one-sided thinking and think only their opinions and beliefs matter. I wish others could see it this way. I’m always here to lend kind words and hopefully help someone along the way.

      3. You are such a nice person, but you have devil lurking inside you. haha….. You scare me 🙂

      4. 😉 I told you so Matt. I’d like to think I’m nice sometimes, but I’m not always that way and I definitely don’t think that way (especially when patients are aggressive on the phone)! Do I really scare you? 🙂

      5. I remember reading a post yesterday that reminded me that so many more people ran into the chaos to help. So many more people in this world are good. The terrorists, whoever they are, are way outnumbered. Be strong and remember that.

  3. A great lesson for everyone to remember. While they were technically all innocent, it seems especially upsetting to see bystanders critically injured just because they were standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Assuming this was not an accident (and there seems to be no evidence that it was), there was no need for this to have occured. Let us remember that kindness is one of the most important things we can give each other.

  4. I loved this! So true, we need to all take stock at what we are doing to make the world a more loving place. I know it sounds cliché, but if we could just all say three kind things to someone tomorrow and help someone if we get the chance. Hell, say more than three things, but just go out of your way to show someone kindness. It really does make a difference in my day when someone is kind to me. And it’s infectious; you never know what changes you can make in someone’s day.

    1. I like that idea 🙂 I am going to say at least three nice things to the people at work every day. I even appreciate a smile every now and then. That does always brighten my day.

      1. I try to do this and it helps my mood soooo much. I work in a high stress area but I have found that developing relationships with our patients and being kind helps so much. But just a random smile may help the other person so much more than we know. It can be hard for me to deal with several mean people during the day. It seems like some days that even the person you are walking past in a parking lot is giving you crap. They needed a smile or for someone to be nice to them even when they aren’t.

  5. Another beautiful poem. Nice job! On a side note, I always know it’s your post that I’m about to scroll to, just by looking at the picture. Your pictures are always “you”.

    1. Thank you so much 😉 I can see what you mean. Perhaps it’s my camera or maybe it’s my photographer’s eye 😀
      It’s good to hear from you again!

  6. the whole event is just so awful, and why do our children always have to pay for the evilness of adults? I’m so sad for everyone, but esp. that poor child who died. As innocent as those babies at the elementary school who were shot. Beautiful poem.

  7. I love the way your poem seems to centre/or balance me and the photo adds to that feeling. I also can not fathom the anger and cruelty in the bombing in Boston, or any bombing anywhere. I struggle to kill a fly. But I also believe that for every hater in the world there are thousands engaged daily in multiple acts of kindnesses. We just don’t make the headlines.

    1. 🙂 I do agree. The photo is calming and has a sense of balance. I like how the people down the hill look dwarfed by the trees. It’s just the angle, but it still looks really neat 🙂 I am anxious to hear if anything has been found out in regards to the bombing. I wonder what was going on in that person’s life that he or she would do something so terrible.

  8. Lovely poem. As for the bombing, I’m from the UK and still trying to get some sense into my head over this appalling and senseless act. My heart and thoughts go out to those affected by it

  9. Beautiful, thank you. I think as writers, sometimes all we can do is spread love through writing. We can be human and encourage others to be human. ❤

  10. Stand back,




    Yes, and well written…What did you mean with the word “accept”? To accept the beauty and splendor of the moment? I agree absolutely…Accepting the murder of innocents by an insane person or an Islamic terrorist…Never…The Nation of Islam hates all of us and murdering those who are not believers of that faith , according to them, gives a free pass to heaven…If it was an insane person bent on mass murder of innocents; again never…We must all stand, shoulder to shoulder and defend those who can not defend themselves…How? if terrorist it requires vigilance…If insane (those capable of violence) we must lobby for change in the mental health arena and be vigilant…
    Handing a flower with honest warmth to either is like teaching algebra to a cat and that is what must be accepted…
    You have talent and strength of character and I thank you for the likes of “Rita….And a little help….”
    Visit my blog and read “Elmer Shoe” a character who carves out his own way of healing…
    God bless……………David

    1. I’m so sorry for the delay David 🙂

      By the word accept, I mean accept everyone for who they are and hold judgement and hate.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


    2. I would just like to clarify that if you understand the actual history and politics behind The Nation of Islam then you would know that they are not representatives of Islam and actually the group’s goal was not to spread religion. Islam was used as a means to mobilize blacks to unite against the oppression they faced but obviously with extreme ideologies about the purity of race which was not at all rooted in religion. This is no different from Christian fundamentalists or extremists in any group that use religion to unite a group to push forth their own agendas. It wouldn’t even make sense since “black supremacy” can hardly apply to the large populations of Muslims who are not black. I’ve never heard of the Nation of Islam being brought up out of the context of Muhammad Ali’s bio or the civil rights movement which is why I felt the need to clarify because this association with Islam as a religion and the Nation of Islam is rare.

      I’m rereading what you just wrote and I’m beginning to think you weren’t referring to the movement but rather all “nations” of Islam (though none actually exist). In any case, “terrorism” is not actually an “Islamic” phenomenon, number one though I can’t blame you since the media has taken it upon themselves to create that image. Number two, “murdering those who are not believers of that faith, according to them, gives a free pass to heaven”. Once again, I can only blame the media and Orientalist tropes for you having this impression but I suggest you take a moment and consider that perhaps what you hear is not always the truth. We’ve seen throughout history how much people of different races, cultures and religions have been persecuted with negative and false stereotypes that are far from the truth. We’ve also seen the way the media has been used to indoctrinate the public in having various mindsets or attitudes towards people (i.e. the way blacks, and different ethnic groups are portrayed in movies). Do not think that the world is free from being propagators of racism and discrimination. I know in America we like to believe that this is the case but it’s more covert and thus more damaging since it’s more difficult to call people out on it.

      I think I’m moving away from my point but I’d like to ask you to be more open minded and not judge an entire religion based on outliers. The media has created this image as though these people are not outliers but rather the vast majority and the problem is rooted in the beliefs but this is absolutely not the case. I can’t force you to believe what I say but I can only ask and suggest that you think about the sources that you get your information from and challenge the stereotypes of any group of people, regardless of race, culture and religion. This is the true meaning and way to carve a path towards peace and kindness.

      I also saw a hint of your suggestion that such people should always be dealt with violently. Putting aside the current events in the past few weeks, I wonder about this view that we Americans hold that we alone can commit violent acts in the name of justice and not be considered terrorists.

      Again, I am merely suggesting to keep an open mind and to learn a bit more from proper sources rather than mass media and history that has been tainted with the views of Orientalists.

      Well, whatever the case, there’s nothing in Islam that says any of that. I guess I could have just left it with just that but I do not think that would have been fruitful in any way.

      My apologies Megan if you are uncomfortable with me responding to one of the comments on your blog. I’m new to wordpress so I’m not entirely sure what’s okay and what’s not.

      1. I myself was in no way referring to Islam in the slightest. feel no hatred or disdain people or persons o for any nly sorrow for poor choices and a contempt for hatred itself.

        I found the comment you are referring to and in no way do I agree with this individual. I was actually angered by this person’s comment and felt it very ignorant.

        I’m sorry that the comment is so offensive. You’re not out of line at all. I appreciate that you are providing the education to those who need it.

  11. Beautiful poem…it is an extraordinary way to soothe the soul’s obsessions and compulsions , isn’t it?

    keep your chin up…there is more to be said and had in this beautiful, chipmunk chirping world 🙂 have faith in yourself…i have faith in you Megan.

  12. Can you be OCD about me? Yes i know.. how shallow of me, right? But as you know we only live once, and from the moment I saw your photo, I thought you were attractive. I then read your poem.. nicely written. And I just wanted to reach out to you and re-emphasize that which you already know: you’re beautiful.

    If I may ask, or I should say dream of, what state are you in?

  13. Thank you Megan for dropping by my post. This post of yours is awesome and we do have some things in common. I am also OCD and a TBI survivor, staying away from the evilness of alcohol. Staying “Sane” and getting right with God. Maybe this world need to choose a new behavior pattern and true communication.

  14. I rarely if ever read poems but this one is truly inspiring and beautiful. The world is indeed “our” home. Such a pity that some people seem to take a narrow view of “our” and want to impose their view of “our” on all of us. I pity those narrow-minded people for they miss so much of the beauty and goodness of our world.

  15. Answering not so much the poem as the words introducing it. I think the Practicing of Art is the only thing we can really do to help. So keep practicing, even though you are young and unwise, you have the ability to transcend.

  16. Your poem is very well written. I enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog site. I’m glad you are enjoying what you are reading there. Have a great day!

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