Things I Dislike

A beautiful, yet unrelated photo.  I took this today near my front door :D
A beautiful, yet unrelated photo. I took this today near my front door 😀

Hate, as the cliche goes, is a strong word.  There really isn’t anything in this world that I hate.  No matter how terrible something is in this world, I don’t seem to feel strongly enough to say that I actually hate something.  However, I do feel strong dislikes for quite a number of things.  Some of these are OCD-related perhaps, but others are just part of the human condition I suppose.  I sat down today during one of my breaks and wrote out a list of things that really bother me and I thought about why these things bothered me.  I thought this might be a good way to really get to the bottom of some of my “issues” with the world.  Bear with me, some of these are very, very odd I know, which is part of the reason why I’m addressing them.  Here is this wonderful list of dislikes I created today, some of which are words and others are objects, and none of which are in any particular order:

Words I Strongly Dislike:

  1. Crazy: I do not like the connotation of this word.  It is an archaic, misunderstood word.
  2. Germ-a-phobe: This is not an actual diagnosis, but a label to make people with OCD and true phobias feel terrible about themselves.  😡
  3. Neat-freak: Yet another word that irks me because it is a poor label for some of my cleanliness habits.
  4. Hypochondriac: This falls right in life with germ-a-phobe.  I can’t count how many times I have been called this in my life.  Just stop using these words people!
  5. Insane: Same reason  I do not like the word “crazy.”
  6. Race: By this I mean the origin of one’s ancestry.   There is too much of a focus on this word everywhere in the world.  No one should be treated differently because of this idea.  To me, race is arbitrary. Actually, all words are arbitrary and random, right?  😉
  7. Any derogatory word for a “homosexual”.  Need I say more?
  8. Chowder: This word just irritates me.
  9. Meal: I don’t like the sound of this word.
  10. “Bite to eat”: I also don’t like the sound of this phrase.
  11. Chewing sounds:  I think this, as well as 8,9, & 10 are all linked.  Some have told me that it’s probably due to misophonia and I think this is true since no one on my father’s side of the family can stand the sound of chewing.  It’s more than a mild irritation, it’s like a physical, ear throbbing pain that makes me angry and want to hit the person making the chewing sound.  Gosh, I sound terrible 😦
  12. Newspapers: One of many, many texture issues.
  13. Touching paper when my hands are soft from being recently washed:  Never could stand this, even when I was a kid I distinctly remember having issues with this.
  14. Writing with my hand resting on the paper:  I can’t stand the way my hand sometimes seems to squeak when it moves on the paper when I’m writing.  When I was a kid I had a Micky Mouse sweatshirt that I wore everyday to school because I wrapped the sleeves around my hand so that my hands wouldn’t touch the paper or desk when I was writing.  I was devastated when my mom threw it away 😦
  15. GERMS: Nope, there’s no need to say more.
  16. Unfinished, wooden handles: This is probably one of the worst textures for me.  Again, this is something that I’ve had ever since I was a kid.
    I'm talking about these terrible things!
    I’m talking about these terrible things! Also, notice the orb to the left of my hand 😉



  17. Loud, unexpected noises, particularly motorcycles: Again, probably the misophonia thing.
  18. Dirty feeling hands: This is probably why I wash my hands so often throughout the day.  I’ve gotten smart and began applying lotion after each washing, so that my hands don’t turn into parchment by the end of the day.
  19. The toilet seat up: Totally gross.  I especially hate it at home because Chester will definitely try to go in and I just can’t bear that thought.
  20. Water on or around the sink: I just can’t stand the feeling of having water setting around.  It makes me think germs are thriving and mold is reproducing.
  21. Water spots on chrome faucets and the kitchen sink:  I can’t stand the sight of dried water spots on or around sinks.  It looks unsightly to me.  I have to Windex my faucets all the time so that they are constantly shiny.

Wow, that is the list that I came up with and I am winded from typing it.  I have issues, I know, but this really makes me consider some of them a bit closer.

I’d love to hear some of your dislikes, so please do share!

As always, thank you for reading.





203 thoughts on “Things I Dislike

  1. I hate when someone puts a spoonful of food on my plate where it touches another spoonful of food. I don’t like for certain foods to touch. I will sit there with a fork and spoon (two foods on the same utensil! Ooh!) and tease the mounds of food apart before being able to eat.

  2. Wow, you sound so much like my son. He would shower at least 4 times a day and washed his hands until they were raw. His biggest dislikes were dirt (dirt like the earth, ground etc.) and any trash.

  3. Hi Megan, Thanks for ‘liking’ my cat TV bed. I hope we never meet, my clunky jaw would drive you nuts if we ever shared a meal 🙂 Number 8, I thought I was the only person who found certain words annoying, it is something you just don’t tell people because no-one wants to be labeled with number 1…

  4. Thanks for liking my essay re’ “Entertaining Euthanasia.” I liked what I read in your post today–clarity, promotes understanding, and invites “common ground”–e.g., I share some of your dislikes–especially the loud, sudden noises like motorcycles, chainsaws, and various construction equipment near my house.

  5. I don’t like polystyrene – not just because it’s environmentally unsound but it feels horrible and sets my teeth on edge when i have to touch it – it’s all squeaky and weird! 🙂 Thanks for the follow on my blog. All the best with yours! 🙂

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