Megan in Two Parts

Rain, puddles, and trees
Rain, puddles, and trees

This past week has been gorgeous.  We’ve had astonishingly warm weather and a lovely sun all week long.  Then on the weekend, when I actually have time to do things, it rains and rains and rains…

I’ve said before how much I dislike the rain, ugly days, and cold weather in general.  With the rain has come cold air and with the change in pressure comes headaches, body aches, and general grouchiness.  

I’ve hit a reflective stage in life, meaning that I’ve taken the time to really “see” who I am as an individual.  I’ve realized something in myself that I do not like at all.  I am a person who goes through what I like to call “mood cycles.”  Now, this is just something I’ve noticed in myself and it may very well be a “normal” human characteristic, but it’s got me to see an area in my life that needs change.

These “mood cycles” come and go, as cycles do.  Let me explain this to you.  I like to look at this as a two-part cycle, so to speak.  For days on end I am very happy, fun to be around, loving and smiley.  I LOVE these days and of course, it just so happens that this happy part of the cycle occurs on those beautiful, sunny, perfect-weather kind of days.

On Friday after work, my boyfriend and I went shopping and I bought new clothes for the summer.  This was a happy Megan time.  I don’t buy clothes often, but when I do I buy clothes that are good quality, which means that I spend quite a bit on them.  Remarkably, I was happy up until the point that it began to rain that evening.  Here are the clothes I bought.  Needless to say, I’m very happy with my purchases.  This was definitely a happy time 🙂  I mostly just wanted to share my new clothes 😉

Yay, clothes!
Yay, clothes!

The other half of this cycle is made up of mean, grouchy, jerk Megan.  During this phase of the cycle, I lash out, nag, say hurtful things to those I love and just have a general “bratty” attitude.  I DESPISE these days, which almost always occur on rainy, damp, ugly days, like today.  I would say this is PMS (sorry to gross anyone out), but I really don’t think that’s what it is, or maybe it is.  I guess I don’t honestly know.  Unfortunately, the Megan writing this is the grumpy Megan.  Today is an ugly day.  It has been raining nonstop since Friday night.

I realize that this is good for the crops, something my dad relies on for a living.  Even with crop insurance, dry weather, like we had last year, is hurtful to everyone.  Now it’s getting to the point that there’s too much rain and the seeds that are being planted now are washing away.

I am sharing this because for me, writing is a way to conceptualize myself better.  Obviously I can recognize the things I want to change in myself, so I’m making this a time that I can reflect on me and do away with the grouchy Megan, at least some of the time.

I’ve made a list of why I dislike days like this, just to really get at the core of my overall bad mood:

  1. Rain ruins my shoes
  2. Rain gets my car mats dirty
  3. I track dirt in the house when my shoes are wet
  4. The rain makes my hair frizzy
  5. Washing my car on Thursday was so pointless
  6. The barometric pressure gives me a headache
  7. I can’t go for a walk/run
  8. The darkness/cloudiness makes me sad in general
  9. My house is damp
  10. The air is colder and it is much more humid

I struggled actually coming up with 10 things, but the OCD in me wanted to make a nice, even list.  Now, here’s a list of things that I appreciate about rainy days:

  1. I have an excuse to not exercise 😉  (kind of a joke, but not really…)
  2. The pollen is being washed away!
  3. Plants are being watered
  4. Our reservoir is being replenished
  5. I can blog and paint my toe nails (As seen in the pic below)
Kind of didn't do that well in retrospect...
Kind of didn’t do that well in retrospect…

I was clearly struggling for this list, but I did try to look at the positive, something I’ve been trying to do more of this year.

Now, staying inside isn’t always terrible.  I get to see much more of Chester 😉  Here is a picture of Chester throwing his toy mouse in mid-air.  It’s pretty cute 🙂  I just wanted to share it because it’s so funny.

Chester and his mouse
Chester and his mouse

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon and I will try to do the same 😀

Thanks for reading.



86 thoughts on “Megan in Two Parts

  1. First of all – my cat’s name is Chester too! He’s a Maine Coon so he’s really fluffy but otherwise he looks just like your Chester!
    I love your blog, by the way, and I’m glad I’m getting a chance to comment on it.
    My mom gets pretty grouchy every time the weather’s bad as well: did you know it’s an actual condition? It’s called SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and while normally it’s a seasonal thing (like grumpy in the winter and happy in the summer) I’m pretty sure it applies to rainy vs sunny days as well! You’re not alone!
    I love how reflective this post is – I get the same way sometimes and it actually makes me feel very refreshed. Keep up the good work!

    1. Aw, he must be a cutie! Maine Coons are gorgeous 🙂 I’ve heard of SAD and I believe my grandmother has it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did. I believe it’s very common among ppl living in this part of the world 🙂

  2. I know what you mean, the rain is relentless and chilly and the “movie” that is on tv is very boring…lol. Sunny days are ahead Megan, look for those.

  3. I’d be mad at rain if I had just bought all those cute summer clothes too! Mind you I live in the Pacific Northwest so we get a lot of rain. Love it, hate it, it’s part of the culture here. People don’t even notice it, it seems. I was just mentioning to my Mom on Friday, when it was raining, that no one in downtown Seattle even seemed to carry umbrellas much. Here’s another good reason to like rain…it helps you appreciate the sun!

    1. I know! I haven’t worn any of them yet, but hope to soon. Next weekend perhaps on Mother’s day I might. I’d love to visit Seattle, but I have heard that it rains quite a bit! 🙂

    1. Aw, that means to much to me 🙂 I’m glad you are getting something from my posts. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing 🙂

  4. It’s okay to get grumpy. It’s natural. Plus feisty women are very attractive and yummy ;).

  5. What I like about rainy days is the excuse to stay in and watch tv. I love being a couch potato on days like that! Chocolate and homemade popcorn! Mmmm. Anyway, hope the rest of your weekend works out better for you.

  6. I can relate so much. It has been like that here, beautiful weather and boom! rain all weekend. I just bathed the dog too! Hopefully sunnier days will be here soon ♥

    1. It’s been a funny spring that’s for sure 🙂 I know I’ll be complaining by how nuclear it is in the summer though. I guess I’m never satisfied 🙂

  7. I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger award today. I also wrote a brief review and recommendation for your blog. Congratulations on your good work. Ittymac

  8. Ahh, bloody rain! Sometimes I really love it, but for the most part it just cheeses me off!

    But look at Chester! He’s so adorable! 😀

  9. Your toes look awesome. Chester is so cute! Does he really throw his own toy in the air? We had a dog who used to do that. It was pretty funny. I get what you mean about rainy days. I don’t usually get down until about 3 days in a row of cloudy skies. But I know a lot of people feel pretty blue when it’s not sunny. At least you have nice, new clothes to look at while it rains! I hope you feel better.

    1. 😉 Thank you. I can’t stand to wear sandals without painting them, so I had to do it now that the weather is getting warmer. Chester does throw his toys in the air and then runs off like chirping at 100 mph. 😉 He’s so funny.

      1. I just wrote a reply and then one of my dogs head-butted me and my arm went flying (but I didn’t drop my phone) I either sent it before it was finished, or I deleted it. Let me know!

  10. What I dont get. Why oh why are we not supposed to be different one minute than we were the previous?
    Your writing makes me smile, feel sad, mad, glad. Thanks

  11. I can totally relate!!!! I know I’m more productive and usually more smiley on sunny days. Seems like life is just easier. I like your idea of making a grumpy list and also making a happy list. A trusted counselor told me to think of five things each night that are positive about my day or me. That’s helpful for me to stay positive during this year in my life that doesn’t seem to be going so well.

    1. Thank you 😉 I’ve heard the NW US is rainy quite often. I would love to visit though. From what I’ve heard, Seattle sounds like a bigger and better Bloomington 🙂

      1. 🙂 I do hope to visit sometime soon. I’m hoping to move out west perhaps within the next couple of years. Since I know you like bicycling, you would like Bloomington. It’s probably the most bicycle-friendly city in the Midwest and home to the Little 500 🙂

      2. 🙂 It’s an annual bicycle race at Indiana University. Have you ever seen the movie Breaking Away? That’s what it’s about.

    1. I would love to live somewhere without seasons 🙂 I don’t think I’m meant for this kind of climate. Glad to have you on board 😀

      1. I was planning to do a grump post today in support but I got too tired to do it. Took the photos though! I have wet washing, too much for my drier, strung all over the laundry…arrrgh.

  12. I’m glad that you write to conceptualize your thoughts and actions. It is a very good form of coping and a good way to see yourself at a latter date and reflect on what has changed and if it’s for the better or worse. Keep writing and I just wanted to say that I love your cat! Oh and that your toenails looked awesome 🙂

    PS – I have a grey tabby too, her name’s Pablo! 😛

    1. Aw, I bet Pablo is just as precious as Chester 😉 Tabbies have a unique personality, I think. I do love to paint my toenails for the summer 😉 I can’t wear sandals confidently without doing so. I appreciate you coming by and look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  13. I believe there is a name for this ‘condition’. It’s called the SADS. Seasonal Affective Disorder/Syndrome. I’m not kidding you! Google it and see what you find.

  14. Yes, rainy and cooler. I am glad you can see that you have two sides and that some of the blame may well be external. I have a cycle, too. I seriously don’t think quite as straight (well) about 4 days out of every 6 weeks. I have now learned to notice this early on and just quit making decisions that will mess with my life. It can be difficult, but I am managing.
    Good luck to you, too,

    1. Hello Scott 🙂 Those cycles are no fun, I know how you feel. I think it might perhaps be seasonal affective disorder? I think it’s pretty common around this part of the world. I hope your days get brighter 🙂

      1. I have mood cycles as well. I go from being happy and content to being depressed. The two of you are lucky though that you’ve been able to pin down when they happen. I haven’t been able to tell if there’s a definite pattern to the cycles yet, but my awareness of these two moods at least helps me get through the bad ones – it sounds like this has helped both of you as well. Knowing that the horrible mood is fleeting is a good defense against being dragged down.

  15. Great idea to make the lists! Soon you’ll be able to skip the negative list and just make the positive list. I think that helps. I make mental lists about things like that too.

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my most recent post. Much appreciated, and it brought me here to your blog. Glad it did, you have an inspiring style and an excellent read. And love the flower photo 🙂

  17. Hey! I noticed you liked my very first post (:
    I love your blog, it’s really nice, and the OCD is a very interesting disease, but of course painful. I wish you the best!

  18. I definitely go through mood cycles as well. I don’t know that mine exactly correspond with the weather, but I do go through them. I tend to blog more when it rains, however.
    And Chester is adorable, by the way!

  19. Thanks for hitting “like” on my post-Friends! I really appreciate it:)
    Your blog is really nice and I can relate to it, I also hate it when it’s raining, it makes our house gloomy.
    Thanks again!

  20. Thanks for sharing your day so honestly and candidly. Safe to say, through all your struggles, God loves you and is doing good things through you with your blog and I’m sure in many other ways that you don’t even realize. That’s just the way it works. I’m sure it’s also good therapy for you when you write it. God bless you!

  21. Hi Megan,
    As you might have recently read in my blog, I’m a big fan of drugs (like anti-depressants). A great one you and anyone else can get OTC is vitamin D. It’s a great one that can help you get through the winter and as far as I know there are no harmful side effects. The gummy kind seem to work best for me, but now that the sun’s out more often than not I’m taking it straight from that source.


  22. I also have those up and down cycles. It’s sometimes like I’m a different person – horrible! I agree with all the good and bad things about rain – except sometimes I run in the rain anyway, and I also like to sleep during a thunderstorm. Also – Chester is a cutie!

  23. I got all of the paintings back from the exhibition, so Chester’s portrait will be in the mail Monday! I am sorry you had to wait so long. And I agree with everybody, the new pic of Chester with the mouse is pretty cute.

      1. Chester was a big hit at the exhibition, and I gave out lots of my brandy new (ink barely dry) business cards and talked to people about painting every day. It was fun.

      2. That is so great 🙂 I’d tell him he was a big hit, but his kitty ego might get even bigger than it already is 😉 looking forward to seeing it! Thanks again
        Megan =^.^=

      3. It’s his enormous lack of humility that made him so fun to paint. Go ahead and tell him that Lucy says he’s awesome, he can take it.
        You are very welcome. It has been a rewarding painting project for me. Thanks for the memories.

  24. I can relate to this post only so well. I too tend to be cranky when the weather is cloudy and rainy. My body hurts from the weather changes and my mood tends to be sour. I will not lie and say I am always happy and cheery when the weather is nice and sunny. My moods are generally determined by much more than weather. I don’t know what it is about a string of cloudy days in a row, but they tend to make me miserable. The only time I don’t mind a cloudy rainy day is if I don’t have to work and can stay home all day.

    1. 🙂 sounds like me! I think I’m prone to seasonal affective disorder, something I think my grandmother has and is common in this part of the world. Perhaps that’s why I’m a tad more prone to bad moods when the weather is terrible 😉

  25. I don’t like rainy days either and I too become grouchy. I lived most of my life in the desert of So Calif. That place really knows how to be a desert. Now I live in a fake desert in central Australia. There are too many trees and grass and no cactus. And it has a rainy season which should not happen in a real desert. It makes me angry when people start getting happy about the rain and making statements like, “we need the rain,” “oh I just love the rain.” Then when I state my opinion, this is a desert and it should not have a monsoon season and I really don’t like the rain and it makes me hurt I am suddenly the bad guy. They just tell me I’m wrong, we need the rain. Why can’t people just let you have your opinion? So don’t feel bad about the grumps, it is your opinion. Cheers

    1. I’d love to live in So Cal and any part of CA for that matter! A change of scenery would be nice 🙂 I’ve lived in IN my entire life, not sure why, but I have and am still here. Australia would be quite lovely. I would love to live in a place with no seasons 🙂

  26. Hi Megan, thanks for stopping by on my blog. I understand the “two parts” concept and yes, PMS makes everything worse (I wrote a post about it as well). Combined with rainy day it can be a catastrophe! Good that it goes away and nice sunny days are following always! Oh and I love your cat, I have 2 cats and one looks just like yours 🙂 Cats are great!

  27. I decided this year that I wouldn’t let the weather keep me from exercising. I walked in blizzards, rain and the heat. I skipped a few days when it was in the 90’s with high humidity, but most days I make myself go regardless of the weather. Chester is a cutie.

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