der Doppelgänger

Only Chester ;)
Only Chester 😉

Yesterday, I was so excited because I got something very special in the mail!  A wonderful artist that I met her on WP painted a portrait of Chester.  Artist Lucy J. Lowry created the lovely likeness of Chester pictured above and below. Needless to say, my bf and I had a great laugh about the picture above.   You can visit her WordPress blog by clicking here.  She did an excellent job of capturing that mischievousness spirit lurking in those seemingly innocent eyes.  As soon as it came in the mail, I went out and bought a frame, which only emphasizes the beautify of her work.  She’s an amazing artist and if ever you need anything painted, such as your pet, or if you are looking to support a budding artist, send her a message!

Here’s a clearer picture of just the portrait:

Visit Lucy’s blog at

One thing that I’ve always wanted to have in my home is a collection of unique artwork.  Since this is my first original piece, I’m very excited indeed 🙂

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82 thoughts on “der Doppelgänger

    1. Awesome! Definitely do it. It’s such a fun and unique treasure and something as a reminder of how lucky we are to have pets 🙂 The portrait lights up my room 🙂

  1. What a gorgeous picture! And a wonderful way to start your original art collection. The picture of Chester next to his portrait cracked me up. So wonderful. 🙂

  2. Ok, Chester looks less then thrilled….that or he just chucked up a hairball. BTW, since you hate vomit, has he presented you with all the colors of the rainbow yet? Mine do on an all-too-frequent basis….blech!

    1. He does that’s why I love that picture. Right after that he charged at me and bit my arm. I love the unpredictability of cats 😉 He has never been sick or remarkably coughed up a hairball. I give him bathes, so I’m thinking that might be why? 🙂 He’s too funny.

      1. That’s right, comb them bald, wash them often, and put a small amount of molasses on his paw to lick every day and you shouldn’t see the nasty hairball issue. Just the thought makes me queasy…..

      2. I’ve never heard of the molasses thing, but it makes sense. He would love it. He loves human food although we never give it to him. Weird!

      3. Mine adore cantelopes. Will lick a piece until it is a sliver, their little whiskets at half ecstacy, eyes closed, drool running freely. Better than catnip.

      4. The fun is in watching them lick it to death and feeling their little raspy tongue on your fingers. Probably any melon would do, or anything that slowly shreds. They love getting little bits of food with each lick. The little terds.

  3. Oh, he is so wonderfully imperious! He seems to be saying..”now who has dared to copy me!” A Beautiful gift and great way to start your collection! 😉

  4. He appears to be quite proud of having his own picture 🙂 And so he should be; it´s a great resemblance of him. My two cats, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, also totally agree.

  5. gr8 !!!
    …but why a “german headline”, right pronounced – maybe doppelgänger is a legal word in english, word-for-word ? it beats me…plzzz gimme a hint…

    1. Hallo Werner!

      We use the world Doppelgänger often in English as a way to indicate someone has an exact look alike. I felt it appropriate for this instance. Also, meine Familie ist Deutsch und ich habe Deutsch fur 5 Jahre studiert 🙂

  6. I am so happy you got such a beautiful picture of “your best friend”. I love the fact that members of the blogging community are so thoughtful and friendly. I wish I could get a good picture of my dog even a nice one taken with a camera would be fine. She always seems to have her tongue out or look goofy in her pictures. Enjoy your artwork!

  7. That’s a great picture of Chester, Megan! Thinking of the cat I once had when I was 4-5, I love seeing this resemblance in Chester. It brings all sorts of memories back at that time. Nice that someone paints really well without the subject being right there. That was cool!

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