Yet Another Hobby

DSC_0833For the past year, I’ve been obsessed with looking at things on Etsy, where almost all goods are either handmade or vintage.  I am amazed by how many talented people are in the world.  I’ve yet to purchase anything from the site, but it’s tempting because of how neat everything is.  I learned about a technique called felting on Etsy because, of course, I was looking at pet supplies.  I came upon the coolest things!  People actually make cat caves out of wool through this felting technique.  Some of the caves on the site are absolutely amazing pieces of art.  I would have purchased one by now, but I’m cheap and they are expensive.  I also stumbled upon the little felted animals and thought those too were amazing, but yet, expensive.  These past few days during breaks at work, I’ve been Googling and Youtubing how to felt a cat cave.  I then went online and found that Hobby Lobby sells the materials to do this!  I even found a coupon for 40% off one item, so immediately after work today I headed there and picked up a bag of wool and netting. I went to Target to get the bubble wrap 😉

Of course Chester leaped into the picture and attempted to make off with the wool.
Of course Chester leaped into the picture and attempted to make off with the wool.

Anyway, the point of all this is that although I seem confident and excited right now, is this going to last?  Two sewing machines I borrowed from my mother continue to collect dust in my closet as the days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, and still little progress has been made on the quilt I was working on.  I buy art supplies and use them once.  I can’t remember a hobby, other than reading and writing, that I’ve given up on and become easily bored with!  This is so frustrating to me because I don’t finish things I’m working on.  My novel is still running around without an ending.  My quilt lay in squares.  Why can’t I finish anything?

This is a question I’ve often asked myself, but have yet to find an answer beyond simple boredom.

One thing that I have yet to drop the ball on is writing poetry.  I recently wrote this after I spent an afternoon taking pictures in my backyard.


Standing there,



I envy your strength,

your beauty,

which changes with the dancing of the sun.

Your flowing tresses flutter with the movement of the wind,

some strands carried away in the breeze.

Looking at you,

all your different hues of emerald and olive,

home to beating hearts of all sizes,



envious of you.

If only I could be so selfless.

The liveliness of Spring passes,

moves on and the dead of winter takes her place,

and your beauty changes,

no longer luscious,

but graceful,


elegant as a dancer’s legs.

It’s not long before I miss the old you.

Spring comes,

as expected,


You come back,

even lovelier than before!

No longer green alone,

now a marvelous compilation of pinks & reds.

Thank you for sharing your beauty.

I guess sharing this poem is sort of my way of making myself feel a little more accomplished and less of a failure 🙂

I do hope that I succeed with this cat cave though!  If you don’t hear anything in a few days or weeks, assume that it was a no go.

Thanks for reading 🙂



84 thoughts on “Yet Another Hobby

  1. Your not a failure, we’ll just get that out of the way to start. Good luck with the cat cave, it sounds like a blast to try to make. Loved the poem, loved the pics. Hope all is well with your panic monster….mine is hibernating at the moment so I’m gonna roll with it!

    1. Aw thank you for saying that 🙂 The cat cave is a no go. Chester decided he was going to tear apart my first attempt. Spring is here, so my anxiety is subsided quite a bit as well. Such a relief for once!

  2. For me, sometimes I think I don’t finish or follow through with something because I don’t like knowing that little euphoric sense will wear off. I do something, see it through, everyone loves it, and then that feeling wears off.

  3. I love your poem! Good luck on the cat cave! Sounds like a fun adventure for you and your feline friend. I can relate to all the unfinished projects. Quilts, afgans, and other projects started, that does not touch the list of the how to’s that I have thought, OH I want to, but was to afraid to try! :). Good Luck again, and keeping my fingers crossed for you! –Hope

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve come to enjoy needle felting, but the wet felting is a no go. My first attempt, which wasn’t terrible, was thwarted by Chester. He decided he was going to rip it to shreds. 😉 Gotta love cats.

  4. Lol, you are funny you know, i’ll just advise you to ty it out, who knows you might just do wonders instead of borrowing it and keeping it only for it to be covered with dust but your writing is ok.

  5. I really like the poem, and I enjoyed the reminder of felting. My mom used to do some of that, and I still have a little bag she made for me.

    Here’s something really strange – I read on a British gal’s blog some time ago that she felted things with the fur she collected while brushing her cats. There were instructions and everything. I’m sure not going to do that, but I remember that she sold some things on Etsy, too. You’re right – you can find anything there!

  6. That’s such a wonderful poem! I feel your frustration on not finishing things, don’t worry though, keep your chin up 🙂

  7. Hey, writing a book and making a quilt take tiiiiiime! Be patient with yourself! Do you make deadlines for your projects? Maybe look into making something smaller first, like a baby quilt, before diving into a big one? I do the same thing with a lot of my crafts, I buy stuff, but then never find/give myself enough time to use them!

  8. OK, this isnt for you. It’s for Chester. And as Chester’s momma, are you going to let him down? Hell no you arent! So, to keep going, use the blog to keep you honest. Blog a little about it every day with a picture until it is done. Even if you do nothing, you still have to post that you were a lazy slob and a bad cat momma. And then we will rush in and give you some word tazering and off you will go to do a little more. Focus Squirrel, focus!

    1. I made my first felt bowl and it was ok, definitely not perfect, but I was so happy to let it dry and finish up. I left it on my desk, went out for a few minutes to my car, and then came back in. From outside, I saw Chester sitting on the desk, cute and innocent as can be, but there was bits of wool scattered all about him, and on his face. Needless to say, Chester will definitely not be enjoying the luxuries of a cat cave…

      1. Hilarious! At least you know it is a hit. May need ninja-though meaterials. Bet he was stalking you to see when he would get some free exploration! And SO funny when you found him, not in the act, but with the evidence all over him. Little sneaker…

      2. He is hilarious and has such a personality. I made a felt pop tart filled with wool catnip and a plastic bag for the crinkle. He is absolutely wild right now 😉

      3. Oh, I wish 😉 I got the idea from something I saw on Etsy and admittedly, mine’s the lamer version. Perhaps if I had an embroidery machine it would be way cooler, but alas, I do not 😉 I made a video of him playing with it. It’s only a few seconds long, but pretty cute 🙂 I should post it.

  9. Etsy is amazing. I would be in there all day if I had time; just looking, I mean. I guess it is frustrating that you don’t finish things but at least you make a start. I never seem to get to starting point! Hope the cat cave makes some progress. It does sound very interesting.

  10. Try and start it Today, before it wears off or you find something else that you need to do first.
    Actually, I need to take my own advice.
    I have a box full of resin supplies, a box full of material and embroidery things, a box of paper cutting tools, and most expensively – a box of PMC and tools, including a kiln I haven’t even opened yet. I definitely know how you feel!

  11. You write so beautifully and I love your poems. You’re like me, I always start things and never finish them. I hope you finish this though, just think how thankful Chester will be 🙂

  12. Megan, I think you handle your struggles quite well, and try to contain them as much as possible. I do enjoy that which you share, and the view it offers. Please continue to hold your own. And I will continue to watch from afar. Take care, Bill

  13. O like your poem. Maybe you can find smaller things to finish then you have more success finished then started.

  14. I give up on stuff like that all the time…I’m on some desperate quest for a hobby that fits well, I think. I’ll find it someday – and hopefully you will too! All you can do is keep trying new things!

  15. I can’t tell you how many “projects” i have started and not completed. It is a high at first when you get started. Then is so quickly ends and i am left with a pile of disappointment. But hey, your poetry is amazing, and that will never leave you. What a comforting and reassuring though of success. Kudos to you! 🙂

  16. Wonderful poem! As long as you attempt to do your best when do try something you will never be a failure.

    I never thought I could master my fav craft crocheting but I did! I am sure you can make a wonderful cat cave, some crafts just take time and patience. I learned that the hard way. Here’s wishing you the best of luck! 🙂 (if all else fails at least maybe Chester can have fun with the yarn!)

      1. I would highly recommend asking your local yarn or craft store if they know where you can get lessons. That is how I got started! 🙂

      2. Oh, and the most helpful book I found was “Crochet for Dummies” (terrible title but it is helpful for explaining crochet abbreviated instructions) I found I could get most of the materials (yarn and crochet hooks) out of Walmart

  17. Don’t be too hard on yourself, there are a lot of us who don’t finish projects. I have never felted wool before…..but I have a bag of shrunken wool sweaters from Goodwill so when I am ready I have a good start. Maybe your cat cave will give me some inspiration….but no pressure 🙂

  18. It is a beautiful poem. You caught the essence of trees. An average US girl doesn’t write poetry (or define “average”). The “War in your brain” is the conflict between your inner world and the outer world. When you write your poetry you probably find peace, it calms you.

  19. I am in love with felting. It is very strong and durable material that has a fantastic versatility. I will be waiting to see what kind of caves you make for Chester. Just remember : HOT water and soap worked with your hands, rubbing wool between your hands and you will be a felter.

  20. Beautiful poem. The cycle of change, beauty continues throughout the seasons.
    I find my unfinished projects are a result of over perfectionism. Being ok with trying/failing or average results is my key.

      1. I accept that I will always be a perfectionist. To work with that and around that, I find giving myself permission to do/try things imperfectly and to experience the fun of sucking at things is beneficial. (-:

  21. No worries, I’m awful at keeping new hobbies as well. But I think it runs in my family. We get easily excited about new projects but get burned out quickly. I’m guessing for us it is either too much excitement or a need for perfectionism. But, beautiful poem! Trees always so majestic and selfless as you say. Lovely post! 🙂

  22. Lovely poem! I bet you’ll finish your cat cave project, because it looks like Chester will encourage you. I think he’s already imagining himself camping out in your wonderful creation. 🙂

    1. As my first attempt at a cave was drying, I left the house for only a moment and came back to find it in shreds all over the house 😉 I think he will just eat his cave if I make it.

  23. really informative about Etsy and your lovely tomcat…
    have a nice pentecost monday, pardon I remember, maybe it’s not in every country official holiday…
    from the banks of river eider…

  24. I love the opener of your entry! I have been addicted to Etsy, too but have’t made any purchases. They’re just so pretty to look at! lol! Good luck with your project (:

  25. As a writer of Poetry I enjoyed your poem it was very inspirational,
    Poetry is on prospect you might want take a journey down, find a seat by the the river downtown,
    get your pen and paper, let your fingers began their job as the tracer,
    trace those words that come to mind, of the beauty that you find,
    all you have to do is open your imagination, let your mind wonder it can change any situation

    1. That sounds quite lovely. I need to find a place, like the bank of a river, somewhere in the woods, where I can write poetry and not be disturbed in the slightest 🙂

      1. Another thing I like to do is do my poetry on daily aspects , or post on my own blog,on at night, because an any given night I usually have 4 to 5 people in my home, so I wait until everyone is sleeping before I write of course that is easier said than done for most, but because of my medical status, I medically retired so I can stay up later at night.

  26. Hi Megan!
    I know what you mean about not finishing any crafts or arts you start. It is like a child when they first start. They have the feeling of being excited, but seem to not understand how to keep a picture of what they saw & keep it in their memory. We all have our faults, but what we consider accomplishments are what is usually what we know before & have practiced it more which keeps our attention span going. It’s like me being able to play sports when I was young & when the time came to quit & my body had enough after wrecking my health & body parts, I started on computers & using the applications & programs through what I saw. I would put things I wanted to do away, then just completely forget about them until I started rummaging through what I had to find other stuff I wanted that came to my mind. I will tell you that having a room where you can use a sewing machine or just sit back & relax from daily activities that are extracurricular would help in doing other things that you are excited about. Chester is there to amuse & entertain himself with all the goodies that are brought in which he thinks are toys for him to play with if you just put them down & leave them on the floor. That is his chance to become less bored in life, too. Keep up the good work & keep us all inspired with your posts. I love watching you & Chester keep from being bored all day long. Ha! Ha!

    1. You are so right Rodney! Chester does think everything is a toy and I mean everything 🙂 Even the needle on my sewing machine and straight pins! I caught him thieving away with one of them and just about had a heart attack. I had to tackle him, force his mouth open, and take the pin back. Other than that, he’s pretty hilarious 🙂

      1. Chester is a kid at heart! You are a mother to him or guardian who will never know what is good or bad until he is disciplined or told no to anything that is not his. If you get string or would roll a ball, he will paly with it until it is under something or he can’t reach it. That is a good way to get his energy level burned up. Taking & putting a string or fishing line or something & attach it to a ball & letting it go so far will at something to do besides you can also pull it back to you so Chester is trying to get it also. At least watching what he does & giving him something to do will slow him down some & can rest for you to do something while he isn’t getting into something else.

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