A Day at the Doctor


Chester.  Aka Cheetoh,  Cheety,  Chetty,  Cheddar,  Boo Boo, Boobah, Chetter bug, Chetty Bear, Chi Chi, and many more.

As many of you know, we love this little cat quite a bit.  He’s like a child that walks on all fours and doesn’t talk.  He super cuddly and playful when he wants to be. I’m amazed by how much personality he has. I would be devastated if a anything were to happen to him that could have been prevented,  which is why after he mysteriously threw up last night we decided to take him to the vet today. 

When I got home from work,  we put him in his little pink carrier and drove the 1/2 mile to the animal hospital.  It’s literally that close,  which is needless to say really convenient for us.

It didn’t take long for the vet to see us once we got there.  We went to the examination room anr set Chester on that cold metal table that’s a hallmark of veterinary offices.  He of course started to shed  profusely all over me, the table,  and the assistant.  The assistant was amazed to see a cat that can sit on command 😉 She took his temperature the “special” way and then the vet came in.

We told him about how Chester has been seemingly sleepier than usual and about how he threw up. He took all of Chester’s vitals and looked him over thoroughly.  He found nothing, of course,  which is good obviously,  but I still felt like an idiot. In fact the doctor said he was superbly healthy. I guess we are new to this pet thing and got scared by a slight abnormality. 

Oh Chester,  you are something else 😉

At least we have a peace of mind now. What a fun day!

Thanks for reading 🙂



82 thoughts on “A Day at the Doctor

  1. Haha, I grew up with a mix of cats and dogs, so I don’t remember ever dealing with the ‘new owner’ panic, but I’m sure my parents have. 🙂 I’m glad your cat’s okay, though! Don’t feel dumb, you obviously care about your pet and the vet is used to new owners being a bit nervous.

    Just as an FYI, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see random spots of puke once in a while from your bouncing animal of joy – this is especially true in spring, when hairballs are really prevalent (which it sounds like might be a problem, with how much your cat is shedding) as they lose their winter coat. Then there’s the fun ‘the cat ate too fast’ puke, and the ‘what did you get into, you crazy animal’ puke…:P

    I’m not sure what your vet told you, but really the things you should look out for is puking + other symptoms. Lack of eating, lethargy, lack of drinking, lack of going to the bathroom. We only had one emergency with my current cat (my baby~) that involved puking, and the up heaving was SO different from ‘normal’ stomach upsets (it was foamy and white, and she did it often, not just once). She’s fine now, but the little jerk ate something she shouldn’t have and got it caught in her stomach Animals are pretty much the equivalent of a one year old in terms of putting stuff in their mouths they shouldn’t, haha.

    1. The vet did mention that it was a mix of other symptoms that should be cause for worry and luckily, Chester hasn’t been exhibiting any other symptoms. I love how you equate animals to one year old children because I couldn’t agree more! I also think that they get “caught in the act” of doing something they shouldn’t and they make the face of, “What? I’m not doing anything.” I don’t know if that makes sense, but I totally say Chester looks like a kid in trouble quite often.

  2. I speak from experience and barefoot steps into grossness in the dark. Cats puke just because. In fact, there is even a thing in my house called capture karma… You are a great cat mama though!

    1. So I’ve heard 😉 I didn’t realize that cats did that! That old saying is making sense to me now add I get older, “you live and you learn. ” I’m just glad that he’s Ok.

      1. 😀 I will absolutely let you know how it goes and will be sure to bring an ample amount of water this time. And no flights of stairs 😉

  3. Last time I took my Ginger to the vet she, “Meoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooowwwwwwwwww” the entire way. I have video. It was so pathetic. I wanted to cry. She sprayed something on that metal table you show, didn’t know girl cats did that. Either way, kitty vet visits are traumatic. Glad you came through unscathed!!

  4. Worrying about something, examining it, and having it turn out to be nothing is way better than not worrying at a time like that when you’re a momma. In my opinion, you’re a momma even if it is just to an animal! Be proud girl. Your kitteh is adorable!

  5. You shouldn’t feel like an idiot, you did the right thing. It’s better to check and know that nothing’s wrong =). I often take my pet rats to the vet at any small symptom, they’re really stealthy when it comes to hiding any sickness. I can totally relate to the stepping on grossness in the dark, my cats tend to over eat and then retch loudly in the middle of the night -_-

  6. I live in the country, so reading your story is really fun. I am also a “foster” I mom for three little kittens that were going to be put down at the shelter here. They eat as much as ten men, I swear! I have bipolar, but I have a good friend who has OCD so I am glad to know you and hope that your kitty is just fine. Soon I will take some pics for you, as two of these kittens look very much like your Cheddar Bear… haha especially the boy…. I call him Kitty Max… for the “M” on his forehead… ok, then, my name is Cissy and we all live in central Texas. Give Cheddar cat a chin scratch from us!

  7. Cutest post…..you are just like little baby parents. Vets are a combo of pediatricians and psychologists wrapped in fur. O, Hey, I like that, gotta post that for my quotes… 🙂 Thank God for Vets! I actually have pet insurance on my cats…..

    1. I like that! A perfect description of a vet 🙂 I remember only a couple of weeks ago I said to you that Chester never throws up. I guess I put my foot in my mouth 😉

      1. Don’t laugh. I am such a geek. I read your post then went to bed. I almost NEVER dream, but I had a dream where Chester threw up and I just kept asking, Well Megan, what are you going to DO? Cover it up? Run out the door?
        I realized that you didn’t put the (almost) important part in your post–how you handled the icky vomit! I can see you having a gas mask and a Chester vomit glove set–although I imagine that the rubber gloves are not to your liking either!

      2. I’ll try not to laugh but it’s so funny 🙂 amazingly I had no problem cleaning it up! It was practically whole food. I imagine if it were worse I would have had a lot more trouble with it. I picked it up so quick with a paper towel that I didn’t even think about it 😉 Yay me!

  8. Cats respond to changes in weather and a myriad of other things, which can explain behavior and sleep patterns. Unless he’s throwing up often, it’s usually a hairball or a cat overeating. Try adding a teaspoon of olive oil to his diet weekly. It’s good for him.

      1. It will help with his digestion, it really helps if a cat gets a lot of hairballs (and if they don’t, it’s still good for them), and it will make his coat so smooth and shiny. My cats were addicted to it, they’d lick olive oil off of anything, including a spoon. Some vets recommend butter, but others swear by olive oil. I consider olive oil healthier.

      2. It certainly can’t harm them. It’s amazing for their coats, if nothing else. I found that it really reduced any unnecessary shedding, but I also had cats with short hair, so shedding was only a more prominent issue with one of them due to an allergy.

  9. Glad Chester is A-ok. Its always best to err on the side of caution and if that means a vet trip so be it. We have a number of foster cats staying with us in addition to our own. All so unique and lovable.

    Although it isnt nice to find cat puke by wondering what the wet thing on your foot is after you stepped in it going to the toilet at night.

  10. My cat, Mittens, throws up 4 or 5 times a week, and only occasionally is it a hairball. The unfortunate thing is, she always seems to do it at night, in the hallway between bedroom and bathroom. By morning, of course, I’ve entirely forgotten about it until one of the wheels on my wheelchair (there are 6 in all) runs through it and I start tracking it all around my apartment. 😦

  11. Aw! My two dogs are my best friends, so I know the intense worry that can come about when something just seems “off.” Glad Chester is ok!

  12. Our dependant non-humans are special, aren’t they? Over the years, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a budgie, a number of rats, and even fish (we tried to have a pond and ended up just keeping the fish indoors after the first year – had them for a few years until they all succumbed to fungus) have given my husband and I our fair share of health scares and vet bills. Still trying to sort out Nuala’s (current pup’s) latest issue, which might turn out to be a sub-clinical infection. We have to wait for cultures to mature to find out. I also love the term furbabies 😉 Since Phil and I are CBC (childless by choice) Nuala is also grand-dog (grand-dog-hter?) for our moms 🙂

  13. Our cat Marbles learned to “sit” as well as “shake” (paws) and “other paw” so she could shake with lefties! Our other cats learned to sit by watching her, but they still don’t understand shake. Guess they will be unsociable cats… 🙂
    As for the dreaded upchuck episodes … I see a lot of that. Sometimes a dry kibble can cause a gag reflex, I think, especially if kitty is eating too eagerly. Best to get it checked out if you’re concerned. Peace of mind is worth it!

  14. You can never be too cautious when it comes to a family pet. My dog hurt her leg a few weeks ago and I took her straight to the animal hospital and it is 40 minutes away. Her leg was only sprained but it is the peace of mind that only the vet can give you that makes it all worth it. I hope Chester is doing better. I know first hand how attached one can become to the family pet.

  15. poor guy, ha. our cat hold it against for a while when we take her. hey, i just want to give you a heads up that i switched to a self-hosted domain, so if you want my blog to still show up in your reader through WordPress.com you need to go to your reader and click Edit List next to Blogs I Follow, and add robertmudge.net. thank you. i don’t want to lose you as a reader or a follower 🙂

  16. I would click Like but WordPress is playing silly buggers tonight…

    People don’t understand that your pets are like family – and yes, sometimes like children… they have their own little personalities and it’s only natural you should worry if they seem to be ill. Sometimes though, they just have little accidents the same as kids… it happens 🙂

    I’m glad he has such loving “parents’ though 🙂

  17. Aww chester is way to cute! my kitten has phantom vomiting fits like twice a week, it always stresses me out and i end up at the vets to find out there is nothing wrong. I think our cats like to make us feel like idiots at the vets.

  18. Hey Megan!
    It’s so great you care that much! I have seen some people let their pets go & never look back. Those pets seem to wonder what to do again after being homeless. Sometimes my brother & I would really find a way to take 1 home & also be able to keep them for a while. We would eventually have to give them up & let them go to someone else. We would find out that it was too much for them & for us to take care of since the people letting them out didn’t take care of them much either. I am totally a animal lover & have taken care of my brother’s dog Charlie who is part wolf & part shepherd. He is very good especially for 15 yrs old & keeping him fed & making sure he has energy all the time. I come here to visit my brother, his wife & Charlie & wouldn’t want to let him die here or let my immediate family of my brother & his wife lose him either. We do anything possible to keep his feelings good & keep him motivated also. This post is so great for others to notice & hopefully gets them to think more about the maintenance you might say & the total care of them too. Hope my posts are an encouragement to you, because I may have an attitude sometimes for all the people I see here where I live who don’t care about their health either.

    1. Letting a pet go is the worst thing someone can do to them, that and neglect obviously. I can’t imagine doing anything like that to Chester. He is my child. I adopted him and he’s now my responsibility and I’m glad to do it. Charlie must be a rather large dog. My sister’s neighbor had a part wolf dog once and it was enormous. Thanks for appreciating this post 🙂

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