A Bit of Blood

My bandaged arm
My bandaged arm

Today I did something I haven’t had the courage to do in 3 years: I donated my blood.  After some inspiration and encouragement from a fellow blogger and friend, Tony, I decided that it was time for me to get on over to the donation center and finally do this thing.  The last time I donated was nearly 3 years ago today.  I know so because it says that on my donor card.  The last time I donated was at a blood drive at a local church.  Having donated prior to that time, I was ready to give it a go again.  The time I went 3 years ago, though, didn’t end so well.  I left too soon, drove home, and then climbed three flights of stairs and at the top nearly passed out.  My vision turned into what I like to call “TV screen.”  My face got warm and I was sweaty.  I had enough time to get into my apartment before I fell on the couch.  It was scary, which is why I haven’t been back for three years.

I made an appointment online at redcross.org at my local donation center.  I walked in, read the manual you’re supposed to read, answered the questions, and laid on the bench thing that you lay on at those places.  Even though my iron was quite low, they told me I could donate because it was just at the cutoff.

It wasn’t long before my precious life force was being drained from my left arm.  It took about a total of 10 minutes to actual get the blood.  If you’ve never donated blood before, then I’ll fill you in on what happens toward the end.  They tie off the tube that’s connected to the bag of blood before taking the needle out, otherwise I imagine there’d be blood everywhere.  Well, blood doesn’t bother me, or so I thought.  I decided to look as the technician was filling up the little tubes full of my blood.  I started to get VERY nauseated, so much so that I thought I was going to be ill.  Here came my old friend TV screen vision again and my head fell on the pillow.  Two technicians were by my side before I knew it, telling me to kick my legs and putting cool, wet towels on my forehead and neck.  Yep, I passed out, only for a moment, but it was enough to shock everyone around me.  One of the technicians said, “Her color is coming back.”  Well, it’s not good when you hear that.  After about 10 minutes in the chair, I was feeling ok and moved over to the table and ate fudge striped cookies and orange juice, a lovely combination 😉

Even though today was more interesting than I had planned, I’m glad I did it because I could have saved up to 3 lives with my single donation.  Yay, go me!  Now I’m going to drink some water and lie down.

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109 thoughts on “A Bit of Blood

  1. Wow how inspiring! I wrote about this, but so far I haven’t been able to get over a needle phobia to do it! It’s on my to-do list though…I wrote about working for the blood service. Unfortunately I didn’t work long enough there, as one of my colleague’s was going to donate with me. It amazed me how generous people were with their time. One man even went on his birthday and people would take time off work for it!

    1. A needle phobia is understandable. I have my own set of phobias and i can’t imagine pushing myself to do something that would make me BEYOND comfortable. No worries, it’s the thought that counts 🙂

  2. Hi Megan!
    Wow! That’s so good of you. I tried it a few times & made it happen. I really had to put my mind into knowing that blood levels had to be up & have lots of blood plasma. It took me enough after getting paid for my selling to a blood plasma center. I went to the store & got some food to eat & drinking alcohol afterwards. I was good enough to think about where I needed to go to get home as I walked back. I was so burnt by the time I got there that I just laid down & turned the TV on & watched until I just fell asleep. I felt good the next morning but ate more than I usually do to get my energy back.

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