The Beautiful

Roses on campus :)
Roses on campus 🙂

I took a walk today in a neighborhood that I’ve never been in.  The neighborhood is actually just behind my apartment complex, but there’s a fence separating it from us and a highway separating us the other way, so we’ve never been there.  That is, until we found a hole in the fence 😉  This was such a lovely little neighborhood.  We love walking through places like this, looking at the quaint little homes and dreaming of a future in one just like one of them.  We talk about the things that we would change about a house or that we love.  There was one house for sale and it was very cute, clean and at the end of a cul-de-sac.  The trees were all full and everything was so green and beautiful.  This one home in particular had a lovely vegetable garden out back and a rose garden in front.  This walk, although for exercise and to digest some of the excessive amount of Mexican food eaten 30 minutes before, made me think about how beautiful our world is.  Well, when I returned home, I decided to write a poem that expressed some of the thoughts I was having about this subject.  I hope you don’t find it too dorky 😉

The Beautiful

“The sun setting,

sky tinged in pastels,


slender silhouettes on the horizon.

Hair like silken thread,

the color of hay post-harvest.

A blue jay perched,

poised atop a fence post,

weathered and dull in comparison.

A rose at the height of bloom.

Rolling ocean waves,

royal blue,

crested white.

Lips touching,

a first realization of love.

Time passes,

young love replaced by deep-rooted affection

that only comes with time.

Sound of the piano keys,

a tune of times past,



Beautify is so many things,

endless in fact,

what you see,

your heart feels,

your mind knows.

Find it,

appreciate it,

share it.”



47 thoughts on “The Beautiful

  1. So nice to find a hidden treasure so close to home. My sister-in-law who lives a mile from me came over this week for us to take a walk in my neighborhood. She was amazed at the beautiful houses and yards that she never knew existed on this end of town. I love looking at other people’s landscaping and gardens. Your poem is not dorky but charming.

  2. Your little adventure reminds me of the door into the Secret Garden. No wonder you were in the mood for poetry. Sometimes it’s the only way to capture the essence of the day.

  3. The poem is kind of neat. I saw a few homes as I was driving by when I was in the country. They almost looked like the 1 you described, but not even close to any apartment complex at all. I even lived in 1 that had a nice view & had no fence at all so always went in back to venture or ride motorcycles back there. In the back yard there was a little shack for chickens or some type of farm animals. It was empty though except for bees thriving there. I had to stay away as it had lots of bees & sometimes got stung by a few. It was so neat to be in a place where there was a cul-de-sac & not having to worry much about cops there. I was able to ride in the cul-de-sac & have some fun that way too. Got really good at riding motorcycles at a slow speed & balancing on it in making turns & things. It just reminded me of what you were talking about in the post.

    1. I should have prepared more, but I just didn’t, which turned out to be a terrible idea obviously. I’ve been taking iron supplements to get my levels back to a more normal state, but have yet to venture back to the donation center. That was so scary!

      1. That’s ok! I just used to be so active & hyper after drinking coffee a lot & wanting to feel safe where I lived because we used to live at the center of the cul-de-sac & at the end which if any drunks were driving through meant that possible crashing events might take place which didn’t but made me feel better about being up at that time. I also had jobs before nightfall & took the time to settle down by sitting outside on the front cement steps just thinking of what I had done & watching & learning of all new sounds around the place, too. Those were the special activities & things I did at that time & brought peace to me also. Thanks Megan a lot for following all my posts & helping me feel good about what I write on my blog. This brings some joy & fulfillment of feeling I am getting & giving something to others through my knowledge & help!

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