Me, my dad, and my brother. Yay the 90s!
Me, my dad, and my brother. Yay the 90s!

Today is, of course, father’s day.  I will be honest, I wasn’t going to go see my dad, not because we don’t have a good relationship or anything.  Nothing like that.  It’s because he lives almost 2 hours from me and I couldn’t spend much time with him.  After he told me yesterday that my family was having a lunch for my grandpa for father’s day, I felt “compelled” to go.

 The lunch was great, BBQ chicken and other country fare.  It was fun to see my dad, brother, and grandpa and my relatives too, I guess.  It’s always an awkward time with my family.  I’ve always felt like the odd man out, but I do my best and interact as well as I know how.  I bought a card for my dad, which I realized midway on the trip down that it was a birthday card that sneakily made it’s way into the father’s day section.  I honestly can’t believe I didn’t realize it.  My bf and I both read it and didn’t think a thing of it!  The card was so funny that I guess I forgot what the occasion was.  Anyway, I think the App Store gift card made up for that.  My dad, not a poor guy at all, refuses to pay even $.01 for anything on his iPhone.  He’s always been that way 😉  I love that about him.  He was tickled that he could actually buy something from the App store.  He’s too funny.

I’m so glad I could have such a great dad in my life.  Although he’s given out quite a bit of “tough love,” he’s not afraid to show his soft side.  He’s always been there for us.  I’m grateful for that.

I would love to dedicate this post to my dad, but I want to dedicate it to parents in general.  I wouldn’t be who I was without my dad and my mom.  They are two awesome people, who have sacrificed a lot for my siblings and I.  I don’t want to forget either of them today or any day.  (Also, I forgot to post something on mother’s day!  I did write a lovely mother’s day poem and published it in a book for my mom, but I wanted to keep that between us.  I thought it better not to share that.)

Anyway, here’s something I wrote to express my love and respect for my parents.


Difficult times,

missing the blissful front of an intact family.

Time passed,

we grew,


and the meaning of family evolved.

I wonder,

would I be me if things had been different?

Separate households,

time revealed how different you two really are,

different goals,

different interests,

but a shared love of us children,

that too was and is different.

You were never meant to stay together,

years later,

you’re with your soul mates.

Always love,

always support.

I appreciate you both for being the separate you.

In your own ways,

showing us right from wrong.

Never feeding us with a golden spoon,

lessons taught,


hated at the time,

valued in the present.

We are us because of you,

shaped into adults with morals,


still making mistakes,

but also good choices.

We are good children.

Thank you mom and dad.



62 thoughts on “Parents

  1. That is really sweet. There are so precious few of us that can look back at childhood and say that it was wonderful, despite our parent’s imperfections. 🙂

  2. Wonderful post, so glad you got to spend time with your father! Times with him, no matter how good or bad will be something you will treasure for years to come!
    I lost my father a few years ago and greatly miss, surprising him with little gifts and having cookouts together. Great blog!

  3. Great poem. What you said about how your parents weren’t meant to stay together is how I feel about my parents too. Years later my Mum is with her soulmate, my wonderful stepfather. My father has also found his soulmate, I guess. He and my stepmother are both as selfish as each other!

    1. 😉 I do love that picture. My brother and was such a cutie too. I did change my site! My bf is working on a website for his program and wanted to spruce up my site a bit 🙂

      1. I like it! I had 3 other people change their site this week as well, so I was getting a little confused as to whether my memory was going downhill a little further or not! Nice of BF! My husband wont help me on mine one bit. Since he is the techie and I am not, I am a mouse in a mousemaze.

  4. As a dad up ilokednitna lot. :). Personally I dislike Father’s I know the kids love me, so why do hey have to have a day to show me again. I prefer what I did today. Long bike ride! :). Gad yob had a good day. You dad has a great daughter!

    1. Today was quite ugly and humid as is usual for Indiana. I’m glad it was nice enough for you to get to do what you like best on father’s day. 🙂

  5. Well… that is a lovely way to celebrate relationships! The picture looks so cute 🙂

    Ditto. Even my father does not like to spend for anything there 😉 Something about parental genes or something ? 😀

  6. Megan, thank you for following my blog. Life is very hard to explain, being the child of parents given a big surprise with my unwanted birth; it created who I am today. Yet, I never failed to respect them or visit, now they are gone and I am certain that I did all I could to give and try to receive love. I enjoyed your post, alone now I would love to have that country feast…continue to go when you can. I hope you will visit my blog often. Have a great day; and check out my eBook’s of poetry at johnson-murphree

  7. I see you have changed your flower arrangement….looks nice. I’ve nominated you for the SUNSHINE AWARD….as if you haven’t enough already to do!!! See my post(s) for today. Hug Chester for me, please? 🙂

  8. I am touched by the post, but a bit saddened as well. My Dad never accepted my OCD, never knew how to handle it and saw it as a weakness. I am so glad you have a wonderful relationship with you father, cherish it – we’re not all so lucky.

    1. I’m so sorry that you had this experience with your father. Honestly, I’ve never really been that open with my dad about OCD because I’m not sure if it’s even necessary to tell him. My mom, on the other hand, is one of my best friends and I would tell her anything 🙂

      1. My OCD means I cannot eat foods not prepared by either my husband or myself, so hiding it from Dad wasn’t a choice.
        I am thrilled you can have the relationship with your Mom, it must be lovely!

  9. My dad is not alive but I treasured him while I had him. When he died he knew I loved him and was very glad he was a great dad. Enjoy as much time as you can with your parents while they are alive. This way there will be no regrets later. I love the poem. 🙂

    1. I’m dreadingv that time but I’m grateful to have both my parents and have a good relationship with them both. I’m sorry for your loss

  10. Wow Megan!
    It’s so nice to see you still have your parents. Mine are gone from here. It’s also really nice that you can improvise & show your parents & grandparents how much you love them. I miss mine so much now as I read posts for June & May both. So sweet to know you are loving it even if it is hard to do!

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss Rodney.Losing a family member is one of the most difficult things a human can experience. I know from losing my grandmother. I just try to love them while I have them and then remember them fondly.

      1. Hi Megan!
        Just thinking also about how they died from what causes which started my interest in bringing health back to my body & letting others know which is my motivational factor. I never really had 1 but to play sports & when my wife who was my inspiration brought on the push to really get my body back to normal a lot. I have been doing that & as you can see through all my posts that my health is getting better too. I love what it does & how I have done a lot through all natural means & no surgeries at all. I learn how to stretch what is sore or hurt & use heat there if possible. When I was anxious, it took my wife to keep telling me to calm down because she was the only 1 I felt needed to learn & bring me back from all this. I figure that from her being around me all the time & she would be the 1 I needed most to help & support me in all my actions & needs.

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