Sleep Tight!

Chester sleeping like a person.
Chester sleeping like a person.

Today, while toiling away typing patient demographics for hours on end, I had quite a bit of time to think.  This activity, while necessary for the survival of a medical billing company, does not require me to use total concentration.  My mind often wonders to the most random things.  Today, I remembered something that I haven’t thought of for a long time.  I recalled something that I used to do as a kid that was totally a sign that I have OCD.  Let me first explain how terrified I was of the dark.  I was TERRIFIED OF THE DARK!  It was so bad sometimes that I either a) slept with the light on, or b) forced my little brother to sleep on my bedroom floor.  Looking back, I’m amazed that he cooperated!  I remember being scared almost my entire childhood.  It got worse when my mom moved to our house in town, which no joke is haunted and I think that as a kid, I always knew.  To hear more of our haunted house, visit my mom’s blog.  She wrote a post that is all about our “others”.  Here’s the post, in case you’re curious: “Our Others.” I think it only dissipated when I was entering high school.  I’m not sure what did it, but I’m so glad that I did finally get over it.

Anyway, there were times when I was too terrified to even peek an eye out from underneath my tightly wound comforter, aka my safe haven from the dark.  I remember that even if I was having trouble breathing or sweating like a pig, I still wouldn’t get out of the covers.

In order to combat the fears that I had, kid Megan came up with a routine that was certain to keep all the “bad stuff” away at night.  I would, under the safety of my comforter of course, say good night to EVERYTHING in my room that I could think of at the time.  In my mind, I would say good night to my family, then my friends, then my dog, my blankie, and even such things as furniture.  It was a weird thing that I did, but after I did it, I would peek my head from out of the comforter, a little more relaxed and much, much cooler.  Finally, I would be able to fall asleep.  This went on for awhile.  I did it at my dad’s house when we all lived there and continued doing it when we moved to our new house.  I was weird little kid, but I can’t take all the credit.  Thank you OCD 🙂

Also, I still sleep with a blankie.

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50 thoughts on “Sleep Tight!

  1. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has a job that allows your mind to wander. I can’t tell you of all the crazy things I have thought of while entering my testing data from work. I usually think of what could be instead of remembering what happened in the past. I tend to be VERY routine oriented, I wonder if I could have a mild for of OCD myself? What do you think?

    1. 😉 Work time is my best thinking time. I’m very routine oriented as well. When my routine is thrown off even a tiny bit, I get irritable. I hate this about myself 😉

  2. I can’t say I feel your pain completely. But as a kid, the covers are the safest place imaginable. I remember I would always have to be covered all the way up to my neck. In my mind the monsters wouldn’t get my face. But if there were any other body parts available they would grab them as fast as they could.

      1. ha exactly! I felt safe once the covers were up to my neck. did you ever like fear looking what was behind you when you were trying to fall asleep? As if you turned around there would be a monster staring at you… or was that just me again.

  3. My kid sis swears she lives with a ghost and that we grew up in a house or two that had them. Until I see one though, I tell her, I am not a believer. BUT, I never tell anyone who has lived in a house with one that they are wrong. 🙂 you I believe completely

    And nothing wrong with a blankie!

  4. Oh, I was sooooo scared of the dark as a kid. But I believed I was safe in my bedroom as long as my eyes were closed. Well, pretty safe.

  5. You still have a favorite blanket and are afraid of the dark. I am not buying that as any compulsive disorder.

      1. It isn’t weird either. I do not see anything of whatv you wrote here as you are in the least or were a weird kid.

  6. I am not sure if that was OCD or just an overly active imagination ( I am not denying the diagnosis, just wondering). I could scare myself,and my little sister, to death by my weird little stories made up on the spur of the moment!

  7. This post is so funny to me because I did the EXACT same thing, right down to saying good night to all animate and inanimate objects throughout the whole house. I don’t have OCD, but I was weird, that’s for sure. A little heavy on the superstition, maybe. This makes me feel a bit validated that I wasn’t so weird after all!

  8. Oh dear, this so reminds me of me when I was little! My first tactic was to sleep on my side, but press my body as flat as possible to the bed, so that it would look like nobody was there, and cover myself entirely with the comforter, apart from a tiny gap for my nose to breathe through. This got way too hot, so then evolved to surrounding myself with a barricade of soft toys and sleeping only on my right side, trying to count to a thousand every night, and then when I woke up my right foot had to hit the floor first, otherwise I thought that I wouldn’t have a good day. The door also had to be left open a crack to let in some light. I hope you get better night’s sleep these days!

  9. I was a little afraid of the dark… as pretty much all kids are 🙂 But I never hid under the blankets… my logical mind didn’t see the point LOL If something scary came into my room, it would have to be a pretty stupid scary to not notice me LOL And once it did, I wouldn’t have any means of escape.

    So I never hid under the blankets. I determined that if something scary came into my room, I’d have a much better chance of survival if I saw it first and made a dash for it LOL 🙂

    1. Very true. If there were such things as monsters, then I suppose hiding under the covers would do little good. haha! I love that. I guess kids just have a wild imagination and illogical reasoning.

      I heard Monsters Univ was good 🙂 I loved the first one. Pretty cute!

      1. I totally identify with what you’ve said here. It’s so funny, the way lyour mind works when you’re kid. I used to stay over at a friend’s house regularly when I was little, and we would terrify each other with made up horror stories till we couldn’t sleep and then hide under the covers. It was OK till her older brother noticed what we were up to and cruelly burst our bubble. He even did an impression of how dumb an axe murderer would have to be to get thwarted by a duvet: “Aha, prepare to die! oh no I can’t get them now… They’ve gotten under the covers! Not again! Damn…” (Walks away depressed.)

      2. Haha 😉 I definitely remember thinking as a kid while closing my eyes, “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me!” Funny 🙂

  10. I used to plan stuff all the time when I was a child LOL. That’s the most obsessive-compulsive (personality) thing I did at the time. I had my first experiences of intrusive thoughts and compulsive behavior when I was 12, but I didn’t get full-blown OCD till I was 17.

  11. Haha! Go blankie! I have mild OCD, yet my family would say it’s not mild! LMAO
    I also was, and are still terrified of the dark. So interesting that you say that. Hmmm is there a connection? The mind ponders! 🙂 Have a good day. Hugs Paula xx

    1. Perhaps there is a connection 🙂 My mom started me with the blanket when I was little and I can’t really let it go even as an adult. I can’t stand my legs touching at night, so I’m usually in the fetal position with the blanket between my knees. Possibly a bit too much info 😉

  12. My fear in dark is moody like me I guess;) at times I am so strong and fearless, I come downstairs, all the way to kitchen for late night snacks all by myself!! And at times I cannot put my foot on ground fearing something/someone will grab and pull it the moment I do so. In any case i know it would sound absurd to many but I chant. “Om Namah Shivay”, a way to remember Lord Shiva ( Hindu God) which helps me a lot.

  13. My husband still tucks me in every night. I don’t need it to sleep, but I’d feel weird if he stopped. He tucks all the way around my body, very sweet, but after he leaves I lift my legs and get the bottom covers under my body, because I can’t stand to have the underbed air get under my blanket while I’m in it. I have to lock it out.

    1. That’s pretty cute 🙂 If I were tucked in, I’d basically shrivel like a raisin from water loss. I hate that I have such bad night sweats. It’s gross 😉

  14. Your poor lil bro, I am surprised he cooperated with you. Those are things you should have told me Megan, I would have bought you a brighter night light. Life is so full of change and surprises isn’t it, wonder what is ahead for all of us. love you

    1. I honestly can’t believe he did either. He would never do that now, although that would be rather weird if I asked him to do that as a 23 year old 😉

    1. The origin of Chester’s name is funny actually and a story worthy of a post. I named him after “famed” bigfoot hunter, Chester Moore. It’s a great name for a cat. It makes everything he does that much more hilarious for some reason

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