He Takes After His Mother

Chester is a character, as I’ve illustrated in the video above (taken this evening) and in posts past.  Yes, this post is random and has nothing to do with OCD, but Chester did the CUTEST thing ever tonight.  My bf was petting Chester’s neck while he was sitting high up on his perch that my mom and I made him.  We had to make a special perch because none of the pre-manufactured ones would reach my high windows.  Anyway, he was sitting up there like he usually is when we get home, my bf is petting Chester’s neck, and then this happened:

Chester sticking his tongue out
Chester sticking his tongue out

I didn’t know he was doing it until I heard, “Come here!  Come look at what Chester is doing!”  When you hear these words in this house, you know to instantly run and see what it is that Chester is doing that requires my attention immediately.  It may be that we are just partial, but he’s about the funniest darn cat I’ve ever seen and this is a great example of how goofy he is.  He was doing this for several minutes before I grabbed my phone, took a photo and filmed him just as he quit doing it.

I guess he learned from me that people think it’s funny when you stick your tongue out.  Remember my freakishly long tongue?  Well, you won’t be seeing a picture of that anytime soon because mine is far less cuter than Chester’s and somewhat obscene 😉


38 thoughts on “He Takes After His Mother

  1. Hello Megan, I was in the neighborhood and thought I would drop in and see how you are getting along.. And yes of course to read some of your proses.. me all is well. Summer is on us here in Arizona. They forecast 117 degree temperatures by Saturday. The sun shine feels pretty good, but I really don’t hang out outside in the midday..Hoping all is well. Feel free to message me back any time.. Later Nick

    1. It’s very good to hear from you again Nick 🙂 I bet it’s very hot in AZ this time of year. IN right now is VERY humid, probably something that’s not too common out west I imagine. Thanks to the OH river, we have hot and humid summers 🙂


  2. Looks like he’s enjoying himself there! Very cute! How can we remember your tongue if we have not seen it :P, and saying we won’t is just sticking the knife in 😦

    1. 😉 Nope! It’s never happening. I am horrified at the thought of publicly displaying my creature tongue. Just ask my mother. She’ll vouch for it! grndmachris.wordpress.com

      1. Naww as if I’m going to ask your mother! You shouldn’t be horrified. You should be proud. People would love it 😉

      1. Cats do a lot of goofy things, but I’m seeing a lot of seemingly healthy cats slowly lose all of their teeth, among other things that creep me out, so I am probably overly cautious. I figure it never hurts to call my vet and ask her what her take on something is. I’d rather be wrong than oblivious. They mean too much to us, ya know?

      2. I took him to the vet a month ago and the doctor said his health was great. I brush his teeth twice a week and bought these ridiculously expensive treats that the vet recommended. He means so much to us that I couldn’t let something as simple as dental care go to the wayside 😦

      3. I found that starting kittens off really young with brushing their teeth was the only way to really help them. Older cats or cats that have been abused won’t allow it. People criticize me for not wanting to adopt an older cat and wanting kittens, but they don’t understand that I’m the one that raises them, that makes the lifetime committment, and that shows them they’re safe, loved, and that I can be trusted. I’ve written checks to veterinary centers that I’ve never written on my own mortgage, but I also prolonged a life I valued and would have done anything for. The selection process with kittens is SO precious and this time around will probably be the last time I get to do it as a single woman, so I refuse to cheat myself out of that.

      4. I agree. While I know that older cats need homes too, I doubt I will ever adopt one. Chester is exactly the product of how we’ve raised him to be and he’s a great little guy. He takes baths without fuss, lets us cut his nails and brush his teeth with a little more fuss, but still manageable, and he is VERY social. it’s hard telling what an adult cat has already been exposed to in its life 😦

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