Schneithorst’s in St. Louis


Enjoying a knackwurst reuben sandwich in the biergarten of this cool German restaurant in St. Louis, MO 🙂 I will update more in an upcoming post!


31 thoughts on “Schneithorst’s in St. Louis

    1. There’s quite a bit to do there, but be sure to avoid the major tourist traps on holidays and the weekends. Go at random times or it’s no fun at all!

    1. I’m not from St Louis. I’m actually much closer to Louisville. I grew up only an hour and a half from there in Dubois County Indiana 🙂

      1. Oh cool LOL I don’t mind the drive to/from… it’s just that there’s very little in between LOL If you don’t stop in Evansville for food and gas, you’re kinda stuck LOL

      2. I used to live in Evansville for a few years actually 🙂 I’m actually from Huntingburg, IN. Have you ever seen a League of their Own? It was partially filmed there 😉

      3. No, although it’s always been one of those films I keep meaning to see LOL I used to live in Lawton, OK and they filmed a lot of Twister around that area apparently LOL If you look carefully at the radar images in the movie, I think it’s actually set around that area too (it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it.)

    1. It really is a fun place and very historical. I’m sure you visited the arch museum. As a kid that was my favorite part of going. I especially loved the animatronic people 😉

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