Visiting MO

the Gateway Arch
the Gateway Arch

Yesterday was the first time that my bf and I visited St. Louis, MO together.  We have been to every surrounding big city except St. Louis and I don’t know why because it really isn’t that far at all.  We went yesterday because the weather was supposed to be  nice and sunny, which hasn’t been the case for weeks now.  It turned out to be BEAUTIFUL!  I definitely got tanner, or at least redder.  I go from white to red and then just develop even more freckles.  Being a strawberry blonde, which is what my coworkers have decided to call this strange hair color of mine, and fair-skinned, I freckle very easily.  😉

There is so much history in St. Louis, which is why I love to go there.  Ulysses S. Grant actually owned part of the 280 + acre farm there.  Today it’s called “Grant’s Farm”, which was actually the homestead of the Busch family.  Today, it’s owned by Anheuser-Busch and you can see the Budweiser Clydesdale Stables.  We were so excited when we approach the end of our GPS destination, but disappointed when the line to enter the farm was backed up for almost a mile.  We turned around and went to Union Station instead.  I wish we had gone because I have some good childhood memories there.

We parked at the historic Union Station and went inside to see if an old friend of my bf was still working there.  The friend owned a sandwich shop, but we weren’t sure if he still worked there.  Sure enough, there he as manning the cash register after all this time.  I think it had been 8 years since they saw one another.  That in itself was motivation enough for us to go.  It’s always good getting to see old friends (even if they aren’t my own)!  Plus, we got free sandwiches, fries, and drinks. Here’s a picture of Union Station:DSC_0132

After leaving Union Station, we made our way to the Gateway Arch, which looked much closer than it actually was to the station.  We walked there in the heat and burning sun, encountered some scary folks asking for money, and took some pictures alone the way.  Here’s a picture of a statue of Ulysses S. Grant.  The building in the background was really cool:DSC_0137

There was an air show over the Mississippi River near the Arch.  We stayed and watched that for a short while and then made our way out of the sun and to a Starbucks down the road.  Sadly, we didn’t go inside the arch because the line was way, way, way too long.  Never go to a tourist city on a holiday, holiday weekend, or any weekend really.  We’ve learned that the hard way.  Here’s a cool picture of one of the planes:


We ended up going to the Missouri History Museum, which was neat.  We got to see the Spirit of St. Louis and a very cool pink kitchen that any 50’s housewife would envy (actually I really wanted it).  The museum is one of the best history museums I’ve been to.  The exhibits were really well-made and informative.

On our way home, we wanted to eat somewhere unique to the area.  I haven’t eaten at a German restaurant in awhile, even though we have one near my hometown that is AWESOME called “the Schnitzelbank.”  Any trip to Dubois County, IN requires a stop at the Schnitz.  Everything on the menu is awesome.  St. Louis actually has a number of German restaurants and Irish pubs.  We decided on the German restaurant I wrote about yesterday, called Schneithorst’s.  It was very good and we had fun sitting on the rooftop in the Biergarten.  Here are pictures of the front of the restaurant and the food we ordered:


Half-pound bratwurst sandwich and my knackwurst reuben sandwich :)
Half-pound bratwurst sandwich and my knackwurst reuben sandwich 🙂

To be totally honest with you, the best German food I’ve had is at the Schnitzelbank.  I’ve never encountered any quite as good.  😉  Perhaps I’m just biased.

Anyway, that is our trip in a nutshell.  We managed to spend practically nothing.  My car does so well on gas mileage that we only filled up once there and back again (by Bilbo Baggins).  Yay day trips!

Thanks for reading 🙂



55 thoughts on “Visiting MO

  1. As a St. Louis resident, I am glad you enjoyed the trip. You got lucky with the weather, last week was brutally hot and humid. I don’t know which direction you are coming from, but there are a lot of fun day trips within a couple of hours of here–if you like German food and wine, you might try Herman, MO, there are a number of fun little shops and cafes, and several wineries with tours.

  2. My wife and I visited St. Louis back in 1995 to visit a friend that had recently moved there for a job. We had a blast: Union Station, the Arch, we caught a concert, and he took us down to some clubs near the riverfront. We had a great time there.

    Thanks for sharing your trip! The reuben looks fantastic!

    1. That’s so cool 🙂 I wanted so much to go in and give my bf the chance to go there. We’ll have to go back on a random day when hopefully it’s not so busy 🙂

  3. Walking to the arch is an experience itself, pretty scarey. I know all about those lines of traffic and people, crazy wasn’t it. Sounds fun, and you’re right you just can’t beat the schnitz.

  4. Great pics of the arch. My only pictures of the arch have been taken in the gray of early morning, from a passing Amtrak train bound for Gainesville TX. But that’s another story in itself.

    1. Aren’t they great? I think it’s such a beautiful structure and I love taking pictures of it. The angle in some of my pictures are stunning.

  5. Road trip, very cool! It has been a long time since I have allowed myself the time for those out of town adventures. Saint Louis is a beautiful city with much history. I seem to recall having been through there on one occasion. Well actually two.The second was just the lay over at the bus station on my way to Bryon Ohio. My first time through there I was hitch hiking from Bryon to Phoenix. It was either in 1973 or 74 I am not clear. Those days everybody was doing it . It wasn’t to scary. Anyway, I caught a ride somewhere at the southern most part of the state of Ohio, And road with them all the way to Saint Louis. They were very cool and nice enough to invite me into their home, dinner and a bed to sleep in All things welcome after a day on the road.The home was very old. I don’t recall the style. It was right in the center of town near this huge park with the city zoo at the center. So when I left their place I explored the park before finding the road out of town.

    I enjoy reading your stories and poems I might add. hope to hear from you soon. Nick

    1. How times have changed! My mother would kill me if I took a ride from a stranger and then proceeded to go home with them 😉 Part of me wishes things were still that way. I know exactly the area you are talking about. The home must have been somewhere near the Forest Park area because that’s where the zoo and museums are mostly located. It’s such a beautiful area. We were actually talking about how neat it would be to live around there. Thanks for sharing your stories 🙂

  6. From history to good food, it sounds like the ideal day trip. As someone else mentioned, thank you for taking me along for the ride through your words and pictures.

  7. Beautiful pictures, and wonderfully written:) thank you for sharing. My wife and I love to get away on our days off together, too… a nice recharge of the soul!

  8. Hey Megan! Love your shots from St. Louis! I’ve never been there before but hope to go there one day. You made my mouth water as you were talking about the food… and it was exacerbated when I saw the Reuben sandwich picture. Haha so yummy!!! I’ll be keeping those places in mind when I go there! =) Also, i saw on some food channel that there’s a restaurant in St. Louis that serves fried raviolis. Is this true?? I MUST try that! If you’ve had it, please tell me so that i can drool even more. haha as usual, another fine post. Thank you for sharing! Hope you’re doing well! =)

    1. Hey there!
      Aw! I’ve never heard of the fried ravioli, but darn it. I wish I had known because I would have definitely gone there 😉 The German food was awesome and the beer wasn’t too bad either 😀 You should go to St. Louis sometime. It’s a great city, actually. I’m glad to hear from you again! It’s been awhile 😉

      1. Megan Megan! I must slightly rephrase my last comment: it’s actually “toasted” ravioli, not fried. But darn it, I’ve seen fried raviolis too, I swear! haha One place in St. Louis that offers this is Mama Toscano’s, which was featured on Mario Batali’s show on the Food Network. I’m getting VERY hungry thinking about this! If you stop by there before me (which will probably be the case), give it a shot and let me know how it is! :o) Thanks for the reply! I’ll comment soon! :o)

      2. No worries 😉 both sound great though! If ever I’m back in St Louis, I will have to definitely stop at Mama Toscana 🙂

  9. When I lived in St. Louis I met lots of people from the city who had never been to the arch, so I made it a point to check out local sights in all of the cities where I’ve moved since.

    1. I can’t believe that! It’s such a beautiful sight up close and the view from inside is incredible. I’ve only ever moved to Bloomington, lame, but we try to hit all the local hot spots )

  10. Hi Megan!
    I have really been away for awhile. I just got 2 posts in myself about health on my Live Healthy blog. I am quite amazed at how well I am doing for the posts I have changed up I tried putting on my 1st blog. My health posts that I put on are noting to what I change them up to. I really love this post & getting to learn about places to go as I travel with my wife now. I get to use a laptop to read up on posts & put others on my blog as well. I do workout & am really trying to get through a long list I have also with all the posts I have subscribed to. It is hard to keep up with. Thanks & have a great day!

    1. Hi Rodney!
      Thanks for reading my older posts. It means a lot to know that they aren’t just lost in cyberspace 🙂 I’m so happy for you that you get to travel! I hope you and your wife are doing well and that you continue to write your healthy blog posts 🙂

      1. I have so much still to learn about keeping up with the old posts cuz I am so far & doing a lot with my life right now. These healthy blog posts mean a lot to me as I try to amaze all my followers & more that are looking into being healthy & bringing more to you.

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