Vintage on the Brain

Avon bottle
Avon bottle

A couple of days ago, I decided to download the Ebay app on my phone.  Ever since, I have been on my phone looking at my bids nonstop.  I have my eye on 2 vintage Chinese teapots right now.  

Now that I’ve gotten into Ebay, I realize that it is causing me a great deal of anxiety.  I have lost out on two auctions and it makes me VERY disappointed.  I felt down for awhile after losing.  I tried to buy an antique sake barrel, which was so cool and so cheap, but some dork outbid me at the last minute.  I was so upset I nearly cried.  Even though Ebay is causing a ton of anxiety right now, I can’t stop.  I feel like I have to win.  I am very competitive by nature.  I think I get this from my father.  I can’t stand to lose and this stupid website is killing me.

In the meantime while waiting for these teapots to get closer to the end of auction, I have been hitting all the local thrift stores.  I went to three in the last two days.  I found a few things that I think are cool and were so cheap.  Let me share.

This is a Japanese tea cup I found at Goodwill.DSC_0197


I thought it was cute and it was only $0.50, so I thought I’d take it home.  I tried to Google it to learn something about it, but couldn’t find anything.  It’s still cool and is a new addition to my tea collection.

This sugar bowl was another find at a local thrift store.  I thought it was pretty cute and you can’t beat $1.00.DSC_0196

This set of three saucers came from Goodwill. DSC_0199 They are Japanese made fine china.  I don’t think they are vintage, but they are still good quality.  When I shop for fine China, I try to buy vintage, and the labels I look for are anything made in England, Germany, or Japan. These are my favorite places of fine china production.  The other thing I look for is thickness.  Good china is very thin and lightweight.  When you hold it up to a light, you should be able to see through it.  Cheap china will be bulky and opaque.

Here is the last thing I picked up for $1.00.


To the untrained eye (I use this jokingly because I’m no expert) this appears to be just a random little figurine.  When I spotted it at a local thrift store, I knew right away that it was a vintage Avon bottle in disguise.  My grandmother used to collect these Avon bottles, so I’ve seen quite a few.  Never the grandfather clock, but I knew what it was anyway.  I’m h0ping to get the Avon Owl bottle too because I’ve always thought that was cute.

So, as you can see, I’m in a vintage buying frenzy.  I get on these kicks and I know it will end soon.  I’m sitting on my living room floor now, trying to relax and not think about Ebay or going to another thrift store.  I am going to even clean my house just to get my mind off of this.

Since I’m on the kick, if anyone has any vintage teapots, tea cups, cat figurines, cat teapots, or Avon bottles (preferably the owl)  I would love to buy.  I’m actually just in the market for Asian antiques in general too 🙂 I would even love to know where to buy some of these things for a great price!

These are the kind of things I do on my day off 🙂

thanks for reading and thank you for any suggestions!



57 thoughts on “Vintage on the Brain

  1. Ok, here is a way to stop the anxiety– you can find a proxy-bid company (I think I’ve used EZ-Snipe, or something like that). I don’t use it often, but if there is something I don’t want to lose, they will swoop in and do a final high bid for you at the last second.

    1. Thank you so much for the info. I hadn’t heard of a proxy-bid co. before, but after you told me, i immediately went to EZ-snipe and signed up. I set up my two auctions through them. Definitely much less stress this way 🙂

  2. Omg those saucers?? That is my set of everyday dishes. I have all kind of stuff in the set including the teacups. I think I even have the cream cup thingy and maybe the sugar bowl! They came from an elderly relative in Florida. I just love the design and the gray color!
    Also, eBay stresses me too. I had to stop buying, even though I stil TRY to sell withou going nutters.

    1. That is too funny! I would love to have found the matching teacups as well. it’s a beautiful set really. Do you have the teapot/coffee pot that goes with it? I’m thinking about getting that as well.

      1. I don’t think I have the teapot or coffee pot, but I’d have to go look. The miscellaneous stuff is packed in a box…we just don’t have room in our kitchen for the items we don’t use. But I will tell you, I found extras of the plates on because we broke two of our dinner plates and wanted to add some extra. (If you are interested, I really could go look to see what we have in the set in the box — I KNOW I have the tea cups.)

      2. is a great site actually. I have a few pieces of Royal Grafton, which hasn’t been made since the 70s and I’ve been on that website to find additional pieces. That’s very cool that you have the same set 🙂 The tea cups must be cute!

  3. There is absolutely nothing like” the thrill of the hunt” when checking out Thift Shops. I have made fabulous scores at our local Thrift Shop. The best was a book on Japanese art . I paid $3. It was listed on Amazon for over $300. My cupboards are filled with beautiful china. Like you I look specifically for English, French, German and Japanese. Good Future Hunting. Virginia.

    1. Thank you Virginia 🙂 It’s true. There is some sort of thrill that accompanies thrifting 😉 I wish we had more locally owned thrift stores rather than the national ones, but there’s still some good stuff at some of these places.

  4. Try local auction houses. They are not just for antique dealers. I got some of my realy nice furniture at them for nothing in compared to buying them.

    1. A bit south of here we have a number of auction houses, but I’ve always been kind of scared to go. You’ve got me thinking about it though 🙂

  5. I love the sugar bowl.loving the design. I cant find any thrift shop here in place. Hope to go one though.

    1. I was thinking about going more often and then selling a few things that I think I could make a buck on 🙂 I would love to try to sell something on Ebay actually.

  6. Fascinating to learn about the Avon bottles. I love vintage china but I am trying to be satisfied with what I already have. There is no room for anymore in my house 😦

    1. Vintage china is quite fun 🙂 The avon bottles are definitely cool. Some are worth more than others, but they’re so many different ones! I found one that looks like a cat and I’m contemplating an ebay purchase 😉

  7. If you ever get to germany i will tell you a place to get amazing brand china (rosenthal, hutschenreuther etc) for a very good price second hand

    1. Too bad I didn’t know about this when I was there a few years ago. A friend of mine had a complete, vintage Rosenthal china set that she got from Dresden, I think, back in the 70s. They are beautiful! That’s actually what got me interested in fine China. Rosenthal is the good stuff 🙂 Would love to hear your suggestions!

  8. I.. get into checking out antiques. Not too good at it so I drag a friend or two along that know antiques..There is show on the PBS station it is called the Antique Road Show. It’s like they cruise around the country filming Antique Shows.Anyway, enjoy your new hobby. Oh,I almost forgot…VINTAGE is better than war,,.

    1. I actually love Antique’s Road Show. I always have, which kind of was weird as a child 😉 It’s always amazing what some people didn’t even know they had.

  9. Oh my, when I read the title of you blog,The War in My Brain, I let out a huge sigh. That is exactly what I have going on all the time. I also had an issue with ebay, but broke the habit—or obsession, as it was turning into. I am cleaning house, so to speak. I have been collecting teapots in the shape of cats for longer than I wish I had. I ended up getting picky so that I didn’t end up with all of them. I have also collected cat figurines. I don’t know how many are exactly vintage—-some were bought over 25 years ago. I am willing to part with most of what I have (minus the sentimental ones) for the charge of shipping. I have been wanting to get rid of them, but have wanted them to “go to a good home”. One where they could be appreciated without someone over pricing them. In other words, my gifts to make another happy.

    1. I am exactly that way! I am obsessed w/ cat figurines and cat-shaped teapots. Don’t ask me why. I love cats, so that definitely has something to do with it and I love teapots. They would definitely have a good home with me that’s for sure. 🙂 I especially love those teapots with the cats paw as a spout. If you’re interested, I would love to take some off your hands.

      1. okay, I’m a huge procrastinator, so give me some time. I will take some pictures of what I have, and send you a message.

        I’m a huge cat lover too—-however, my husband has had enough of my obsession.

        Don’t give up—it may take me some time, but I will contact you.

  10. My best find was a full 12 place setting of vintage 1960’s dishes in cornflower blue. It also had the full service set. We made off with it for $300. I’m now the only one that can host the full immediate family + kids and not use 2 sets of dishes. Hooray for shopping.

      1. That’s okay. You know what you have and that’s worth it. It’s a great conversation piece. I would never have known what it really was. I just thought it was a very nice, old, clocktower figurine.

      2. I have several bottles that my grandmother had on display in the back window of the house. I always loved how the light caught them and made a huge rainbow on the floor. *sigh* I miss her.

      3. Your grandma sounds like mine 🙂 She collected those Avon bottles and now every time I see them I think of her. I miss her so much too. I think about her every day.

      4. It’s actually Jewish tradition to take the first initial of a deceased relative for a new baby’s name, so our little guy’s name starts with the same letter as hers. I think she’d adore him.

      5. I have never heard of that tradition, but I think it’s a great way to keep a namesake. Not that this is the same, but every male on my mother’s side of the family has been named William or has a middle name of William ever since the revolutionary war. It’s important to remember our ancestors in some way.

      6. We have some friends whose daughter’s middle name is Marie. I don’t know if it’s every girl, or just the first girl, but it’s a great-grandmother’s name, I think.

  11. I love finding beautiful things in shops like resale or thrift. I also frequent garage sales. But I have limited space and have tended to give more than keep lately. I love Lladros. They are Spanish figurines, I bought two while in Spain in the 70’s. I also have a few similar figures and like the shape of them. I have a few tea cups sets with floral designs. There is one that is a nice Thanksgiving one, that resembles your green wheat one, mine has a golden wheat, a purple berry and an orange something. It is in my Fall tub of stuff. I liked your post, hope my long note is okay! Take care, Robin

    1. I agree, it is very fun to find something lovely for practically nothing. I should start going to garage sales too. We have a lot of those around here during the summer. I’m kind of shy about going to places by myself and my bf doesn’t like to go “hunting” for finds with me, so I need to cowgirl up!

  12. Hi Megan!
    I have been buying on EBay a lot & thought I would tell you to wait until the very last 2 minutes of the auctions on EBay to know what price it is & then put 1 bid in & at the last between 15-30 seconds, put another bid in to get the items you want. It is easy, but try this on a something you want but have no need for to practice this technique. It helps when finding something & can help a lot to get what you want also.

    1. Hi Rodney 🙂

      Those are actually some great Ebay buying tips! I’ve had to wean myself off of the site for some time because it was causing me so much anxiety, but perhaps now I will have a better understanding for the next time I try my bidding skills out 🙂
      Thanks so much!

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