The Chesmeister

 Chester stretching on my leg :)
Chester stretching on my leg 🙂

Having a pet is by no means an easy thing.  I grew up with pets, but was never expected to take care of any of them.  For awhile before adopting Chester, I wanted a cat.  I knew it would take a lot of money and time to have a pet, so was always a little hesitant.  Finally, one May morning, my bf and I headed over to the shelter and fell in love with a little kitten named Jeff.  We decided then and there that he was meant to be with us and we changed his name to Chester even before adopting him!

Having a pet is so much more than I imagined.  In a way, they are therapy.  I’ve heard that people with pets live longer and I think that has a lot to do with the calming, loving presence that they seem to have.  My cat is definitely my therapy.  I’d like to share with you now the things I’ve come to know since adopting that little kitten, who has made our lives much more interesting, to say the least 😉

  1. I have learned how to be patient…very, very patient.
    Chester after he took out bags from their appropriate place...
    Chester after he took out bags from their appropriate place…

    There have been countless times when I have been in awe at the things a pet will do when bored, or just being curious.  This “awe” could easily turn into anger if not kept in check.  I always keep in mind that Chester is just a VERY curious animal.  He has taught me a lot of patience.

  2. I have learned how to take care of another life.
    Chester at the vet.  Scary time.
    Chester at the vet. Scary time.

    It’s weird thinking about it, but having a pet means that you have to take care of a living thing and make sure it doesn’t die!  Chester has given us a scare every now and then, but it has always turned out to be nothing.  In fact, the doctor even told us that he is in “superb” condition and that we were doing an excellent job taking care of him.  We were very proud parents indeed 🙂

  3. I have learned to just relax and take it easy.
    Chester takes naps everywhere.  This is him sleeping on a sheet that I was air drying.
    Chester takes naps everywhere. This is him sleeping on a sheet that I was air drying.

    By nature, I think, I am a very uptight person and hold in a lot of tension and anxiety.  Chester is in no way uptight 😉  He sleeps a lot, which is a normal cat thing.  I’ve heard that they sleep around 16 hours a day or something, which makes sense because he is awake at night and sleeping during the day.  He knows how to just take it easy and not care 🙂

  4. I’ve learned how to just be myself.
    Chester in a trash bag of Christmas wrapping paper.
    Chester in a trash bag of Christmas wrapping paper.

    Chester has a personality like none other, so much so that we often say, “he’s just like a person!”  He’s such a goofball and I think I’ve learned to just laugh a bit more and be the dork that I truly am 🙂  I am and always will be a super-dork, which is fine with me because my bf and I like to be dorky all the time when we’re together.  (I have this terrible habit of changing the lyrics of songs to something Chester-related.  This is probably one of the dorkiest things I do.)

  5. I’ve learned to just be happy with the things I have.
    One of many hair ties that have made their way into Chester's water bowl.
    One of many hair ties that have made their way into Chester’s water bowl.

    I won’t lie, sometimes I get into one of those “must have” phases and just have to buy something that I’ve set my eye on, but living on my own I’ve come to the realization that I can’t afford everything!  With responsibility comes  a lot of sacrifice.  I buy Chester toys and things and he likes them for about a second, but he is most intrigued by hair ties.  He never ceases to love them, even when he’s discarded that toy mouse I got him months ago.

  6. I’ve learned the importance of cuddling.
    A funny cuddle
    A funny cuddle

    It is important!  Cats are super fun to cuddle with if they will let you because they are basically squishy balls of love.  I often wake up with Chester cuddling around my head or laying on my back when I’m sleeping on my belly.  The sound of his purring is quite soothing 🙂

  7. I’ve learned there’s no place like home!
    Chester wanting inside after a "walk"
    Chester wanting inside after a “walk”

    Chester makes me realize just how wonderful I have it at home in our little, cute apartment.  He HATES it outside and is terrified to even step foot outdoors.  He really doesn’t like his walks.  As soon as we’ve been outside for a few minutes, he’s back at the door wanting inside again.

  8. I’ve learned the meaning of loving unconditionally.
    I mean, seriously, look at that face!
    I mean, seriously, look at that face!

    I’d like to think that I already knew this, but I’m not so certain of that.  There is absolutely nothing Chester could do that would make me angry or hate him.  After all, he’s just a cat.  I think this has extended to other aspects of my life and I’ve come to realize just how much my partner and family really mean to me.

  9. I’ve learned how to keep a clean house!
    Just taking it easy on a pile of papers
    Just taking it easy on a pile of papers

    You can’t have a messy house with a cat because for one thing, they shed on everything, Chester not so much because I bathe him.  Also, they eat things they shouldn’t!  If I don’t keep things off of the floor it will most likely become a new toy or snack.

  10. Finally, I’ve learned that money can’t buy happiness, but adopting sure can!  🙂
    I love this one because it looks like he's smiling.

    I recommend getting a pet if it’s possible for you and to adopt a pet from a shelter.  They need a home and they will love you tons, I promise!

Thanks for reading 🙂



89 thoughts on “The Chesmeister

  1. I have a cat and a home office. I have the tidiest office in the world because my cat eats paper. He adores ripping it to bits and spitting it back out on the carpet. Nothing like finding your tax returns, so painstakingly completed, in complete disarray and partially chewed up on the floor. My boy loves cuddles and visits me a few times a day in the office for a pet so the desk is always tidy, papers always filed in preparation of a visit. I am not naturally overly tidy so this is actually of benefit to me, along with the cuddles that I love. Cats are wonderful loving companions. I am glad your Chester brings you so much joy!

  2. Oh! OH! These pictures so remind me of my old cat Moki. She could have passed for his twin. I miss her youth. She can hardly walk now or see and it breaks my heart to see her pain. Our pets are here for such a short time. Love him with all your heart.

  3. 🙂 nice article! I like the picture where his eyes are big and green 🙂 I love cat and dog eyes. It’s funny, I change song lyrics too to things related to the guy I live with, whose name is Jeff, when I’m around him, I do it all the time. I like too how you said cats were basically squishy balls of love 🙂 🙂

  4. My son tells me that when a cat blinks or closes eyes and opens them he/she is telling you they are happy and calm.

    I need to ask: the characters next to your name 메간 What is this?

    1. I know exactly the face you’re talking about and I think that’s what it means for sure 🙂 Cats talk to us in funny ways.

      메간 is my name spelled in Korean characters 🙂 I should actually post about that next.

  5. He is so so very cute! I love cats! My cat has taught me so much and helped me through tough times. She and I have a special bond. In fact, she had her kittens on my lap. I moved but it is certainly wonderful to be so close to another living being.

  6. All of these are so true! Pets are definitely a source of unconditional love and wisdom! I loved this post… Mainly because I love animals… And being dorky! Win-win 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on #TGFTD – Thank God For The Day and commented:
    We are need to learn to be better and better always, day by day.
    And learning isn’t just from other human being, we need to open our eyes to watch and learn from other being also, such as the cat in this post.
    let’s learn…

  8. Pets are wonderful companions and teachers and therapists and friends and……I am not surprised Chester loves being at home because it is a place where he is secure and greatly loved.

  9. What super photos of Chester, and what a great description of life with a cat. One of mine is making me exercise patience at the moment, as he is pawing at me. I am typing on my iPad in bed and he thinks I should be paying attention to him instead! 😉 2 of my 3 cats were adopted from a shelter. 🙂

  10. He is SO photogenic.
    I agree with you about what cats teach us. I have learned patience, how to be a mother, and how to get in touch with a side of myself I don’t normally access on any given day. I wrote about it here and posted photos as well. My little macaroon should have been a model. You won’t be able to see it in either of these particular photos, but she had tri-colored eyes (green, gold, and blue), white whiskers on one side of her face and black whiskers on the other side. She was definitely the most human of any cat I have ever encountered in my entire life.

    You should definitely enjoy and treasure every moment with Chester. The years go by so fast. I remember day one so vividly that I know she will always be with me. Aside from my Mom, I have never loved anyone else in the world as much as I love her.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. It broke my heart to read about losing your little baby. I dread the day when Chester has to leave me. Your little girl was a beautiful, unique looking kitty. You’re lucky to have had her in your life for all those years. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I loved this post being a fellow cat owner. My own cat, Venus, is currently walking around me begging fro attention. I agree with every that you said about what owning a pet can be like. I have always had a cat or two while I was growing up. One was 2 years older than me. Pets can teach very important lessons to people, not the least of which is unconditional love. When you allow an animal into your life, you better be prepared for the ride because owning any pet can be very emotional at times, and yes, I agree that cats are “squishy balls of love.” My cat licks me which is odd because that was a mannerism that a cat I had to put down due to severe illness used to exhibit…. strange. Anyway, enjoy your new found friend, I hope he/she (?) enjoys a long life!

  12. He is absolutely gorgeous! I adore my cat Mika too! She’s a little tabby cat who adopted me when she was very tiny! I love how our pets will never judge us – that is true unconditional love!

  13. Chester is smiling in that last photo!
    I still can’t get over how much Chester and my Snickers look like twins. I LOVE my cat, sometimes even more than some humans I know. He makes me nuts sometimes when he tears around my apartment like some ghost is chasing him, knocking down whatever he can, or he drives me super nuts because he is a SUPER finicky eater. He only eats Fancy Feast and ONLY beef Fancy Feast. If I try to give him anything chicken or turkey…it rots in his bowl and he starves in protest. If I try to give him anything fish…I may start to fear for my life!
    I love him though! Thanks for sharing your feelings about Chester!

    1. I know what you mean 😉 Chester is more of a friend than a lot of people I know and a heck of a lot cuddlier. I strangely have a number of photos where he looks like he’s smiling 🙂

  14. Cats are just cute. I never wanted a pet. Than I had to, because my wife already had a cat. Now we have two and I really like them 🙂 And as you said, we all can learn a lot from cats 🙂 especially relaxing 😉

    1. 🙂 I probably could never handle more than a cat. A dog would be too much responsibility for me. Regardless, they are all teachers in a way 🙂

  15. I totally agree with this post. I own two dogs and almost all of your points can pertain to me also. The dogs are always eagerly waiting for me to come home. The unconditional love they give especially when I am not feeling well or crying more than makes up for any mischief they get into. I think you are sure missing out if you don’t have a special pet or two. 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Life without a pet would be just be boring 🙂 Chester, although not a dog, greets me at the door everyday when I come home. Guess he’s tired of looking out the window and wants to see his mommy 😉

  16. Oh my God! He’s very cute..! ❤
    Chester and Neko (my cat) look pretty similar. Neko is just darker.
    I can feel how you feel here. Neko is the 1st cat I adopted. Cats are adorable! And irritating sometimes. :p

  17. It’s said of cats that ‘you don’t own cats, they own you’.
    And by power of personality a cat can indeed ‘look at a king’. (Dictators love dogs and seem to dislike cats—for obvious reasons.)

    Finally: ‘You get the cat you deserve’. (I like that! Well done …)

      1. Very possibly he is. Obviously he likes what he sees … be honoured, cats are very perceptive.

  18. What a lovely blog, everything you wrote sums up how I feel about my babies – (currently that’s 1 dog, two cats, two gerbils and a fish!)

    1. 🙂 You have a lot of babies! Chester is all I can handle right now. Also, I wanted to get a fish, but I guarantee Chester would go kitty fishing 😉

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