Number Eighty

paintingI can’t believe that I have already reached 80 posts since joining WP.  Now, this might not seem like a lot, but I write maybe 1 or 2 posts in a good week!  

With that said, I don’t have anything spectacular to write about today 🙂  I have been contemplating my latest DIY project and I’m thinking about either a centerpiece for my dining table, a candelabra, or a bench to put at the foot of my bed.  Any suggestions?

I found an awesome site that inspired me, called  Very cool stuff and so cheap!  I love DIY projects and have shared some of my projects in previous posts (e.g. file cabinet, scratching post).

I did paint today and you can see the finished work above 🙂  I put it in the hallway where the light hits it just right.  I love adding new artwork to my home.

Thanks for reading my 80th post!  I look forward to many, many more 🙂




75 thoughts on “Number Eighty

  1. The bench might be easier AND lend its self to more creative ideas, such as whether to put decorative peices on it or not, color, shape -maybe add a slight curve to it…but i cant wait to see what you do! beebees

  2. Oh I love, love, love, love, did I mention I love that art? Rainbows have special meaning to me. The first time my husband brought up marriage, I was freaked out, I told him that if I saw a rainbow on the way home I would know it was right. He was on the phone with me after work as I drove home. When I told him about the deal, there was not a cloud in the sky, I had a forty minute drive home. Half way there I started screaming because the biggest brightest rainbow was in the sky. It followed me home. I have many other experiences with rainbows. :). Thanks for the memory! ~Hope

    1. Rainbows are beautiful and even more so if you have a special connection to them 🙂 I’m really glad you liked the painting. If I weren’t too self-conscious about it (it’s not perfect or professional) I’d just give it to you.

      1. That is so sweet. It is perfect. I understand what you mean though, you see the imperfections, Bec is the same why about her pieces. The thought touches me so much that you would even think it! ~Hope

      2. 🙂 Of course! And yes, I see all the imperfections and would hate for anyone to be disappointed. I’m weird like that 🙂

    1. I pretty enter or something before finishing my comment. Sorry about that. If this greeted me every day when I came home from work, I’d be a very happy dude.

  3. Hi Megan, there is something so positively simple about your blog. And straightforward. And creative. I love when you say “I don’t have anything spectacular to write about today” and yet, in one short post (Short is good!) you share your newest painting (nice!!), supply a useful link and convey an easygoingness that is simply inspiring. Wish you a great day!

    1. Sometimes short is good 🙂 I try not to be too wordy whenever possible. I’m glad you appreciate the simplicity of my blog. That’s what I am trying to convey! I’m just a person like everyone else 🙂

  4. Congrats. I’ve posted a combined 381 posts on two of my blogs and another 100, or so, on my third one. It’s a great feeling to hit any milestone. In two years, 400+ isn’t too bad at all. Keep up the good work! You’ll be at the big 100 soon…

    1. I know 80 is a random milestone, but I didn’t really know what else to point out on that day 🙂 Congrats on a a near total of 400 posts though!

  5. Yay! It does seem like the blogging time flies. I’m almost moving into month (calendar anyway) four. After wrestling with the idea of doing this for years, I’m glad I finally took the leap!
    Nice painting!

  6. You are truly inspirational to many people out there. Thanks for posting and I am really looking forward to following you on your journey. Also, thank for the visit, I’m glad you enjoyed my post 🙂 P.I

  7. Congratulations and you have accomplished a lot, look at your wonderful followers who care about you, your husband and kitty, too! Keep up the wonderful variety and sharing yourself so openly.

  8. Kia ora Megan! Thanks for liking my post today :). I really enjoy this painting. It looks like hope and a grounding of spiritual energy. I have a million voices, so this one is my regular conversation voice, rather than the poetic one that dreams the space between today and tomorrow. I have just moved to Vancouver BC from New Zealand to work on my Creative PhD project. I’m an artist and am a compulsive maker. If I am not making art then I find it very hard to deal with life. I know that OCD can feel oppressive, but have hope that your compulsion to enact particular behaviors might just be the positive aspect of your life that enables you communicate the uniqueness of your humanity. I have been trying hard to seek the hidden positive that hides behind the masks that fill us with dread, sorrow and fear.

    Keep writing e hoa (e hoa is Maori for friend), giving voice to life and communicating your experience to both yourself and others is the ultimate form of healing.

    1. You are very correct 🙂 I think OCD makes me unique and great at my job, even if it does make me question my sanity more often than not. I have always been the quirky one among my friends, but I kind of like that about myself. It seems that I, like you, have a unique perspective on the world 🙂 Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

  9. I instantly liked your painting. It is bright and colorful and well balanced. I get how you see imperfections because I do not like my paintings for at least a week after I figure I have done my current level of best and put it aside. I think part of it is trying to capture a perfect idea in an imperfect way – through art. If I work with the inspiration, usually some of my viewers get close enough to take the final leap themselves and get where I was headed. They do not have the perfect idea side by side with the painting to unfairly compare. After awhile I love it for how it is, how it makes me feel when I look at it, how it echoes the inspiring idea, and then I feel much better about the painting. If my clients had wanted a photograph, they would not have chose me to do the paintings, so I am glad the joy I get from painting passes on to them. This is getting long, sorry (I’m a painter not a writer 😉 )

    Anyway, I liked this painting and the red birds in the tree. Keep painting. I look forward to seeing your creations.
    (BTW. I received 1000 likes this week, many of them from you and your friends. Thanks!)

    1. 1000 likes! That is so awesome, but you deserve it 🙂 I paint, but only in the abstract. I’m actually surprised this tree turned out looking like a tree 😉 I’m terrible at painting anything that has a definitive shape, really just terrible, and I’m ok with that. You are very talented and I get to see your work every day when I wake up. People can’t believe that I have a portrait of my cat, they think it’s really cool actually. Again, thank you for doing that. It’s a great addition to my home 🙂

      1. I do so much artwork on demand, that it was especially nice to Chester’s portrait on pure inspiration. It helped me do several heartfelt paintings after it. It is great that you love it.

        Oh, change of subject but I have been away for awhile and noticed you put in the pink border/background. The flower goes very well in the new site design. Cool.

      2. He is definitely an inspiration to me too and it helps a bit that he’s SO photogenic! Sometimes I think he’s posing. Frightening. Anyway, yes the background is new! My boyfriend helped me to organize my site a bit better and I chose this picture because it’s one of my favorites that I’ve taken and because I love magnolias. They remind me of my grandma 🙂

      3. This one is outside of my apartment. Of course it’s not blooming right now, but when it does the blooms are so big and beautiful 🙂

      4. Cranberry sauce reminds me of my grandpa. My husband says I’m weird because I like the food because of the memories, not because of the taste. :b

      5. Food always reminds me of my grandma, but no one can ever make it like she did 🙂 She always had cranberry sauce at thanksgiving too 🙂

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