Leaving the Darkness

Peppermint Leaves :)
Peppermint Leaves 🙂

My peppermint plant was looking wild, so it was time to trim it and collect the leaves for drying.  I cut the oldest leaves off and left the small shoots still on the plant, then changed the soil, and finally added a stake on one side to keep it growing straight.  I must have trimmed off dozens of leaves.  It took me nearly an hours to wash each leaf and then tear them into pieces.  I put the leaf bits into a container all ready for sitting in the sun for a couple of days.

I would have loved to keep them in a window at home on a lovely metal tray like I read you should do, but with a curious cat, this is in no way possible.  He would either: 1) eat the leaves, or 2) knock them on the floor.  I improvised and put the container in the back window of my car.  I look like a weirdo driving around with it in my window 😉  Then again, I am a bit odd no matter what and am proud of it 😀

With the onset of therapy, I’ve written poetry a bit more.   This is one that I wrote the other day and wanted to share it with you.  To me, this poem depicts the life I lived before seeking any help, or even talking about my issues with anyone.  Enjoy 🙂


Fear is strong, overtaking, all-consuming.

Grasping at my heart & stealing my breath,

an impending doom strangles my throat.

Living no longer simple, but terrifying,

haunted by an enemy unseen,

but terrible like a noise in the darkest dark,

the overwhelming nothing in the cave when the last match smolders out,

not even the lingering smoke remains for long.

Left alone, without light, sustenance, love, trust, happiness,

I shrivel, hanging on the precipice of death,

like a sad little sapling gasping for air in the heat of drought,

trying to grasp at the remnants of springtime showers.

Crumbling, the sound of rock upon rock jars the eardrums,

finally something stirs in the stillness of the cave.

Rocks, fall from above as ground water seeps through Earth’s imperfections.

Light streams through an opening, a beam,

an end to the unending blackness.

Shuffling above & laughter.

The rope falls through the opening,

I climb out & feel the wind upon my cheek,

relief at last.

Thank you for reading.



51 thoughts on “Leaving the Darkness

    1. I love eucalyptus. I have a bottle of eucalyptus oil and sometimes I put a drop of it on my chest mixed with grape seed oil if I’m having respiratory issues 🙂

  1. Beautiful poem, thank you for sharing that! I recently started therapy again myself- it’s been two sessions so far and I’m cautiously optimistic 🙂

    Also glad I saw this post because I have a lot of peppermint as well- now I know what to do with it besides just picking a few leaves for salad dressing or making tea!

    1. It’s good to be cautiously optimistic. The therapist is there to help, as I’ve found out, toward getting me to a better me, but not necessarily a perfect me 🙂

      1. You’re welcome! Have you checked out my new/second blog yet? If you do, let me know what you think.
        aunt-bea-me.com. On WordPress of course.

      2. You’re welcome. I hope the time you and Chester share w/o your bf flies quickly past. I’m happy to know you’ve decided to talk things out with a counselor. That said, I think you’re special just the way you are.

  2. Your car must smell like a lovely cup of peppermint tea. When I saw your photo I thought you were about to put the peppermint in the microwave to dry. I have tried that method. It works quite well. I feel terrible blackness and claustrophobia in your poem as well as a breath of fresh air….a powerful piece.

  3. A lovely poem Megan, very moving and left me a little emotional as I can empathise with some of those feelings.

  4. The mint is simply beautiful (I think your idea was quite creative – not weird) and so is your poem. My favorite line:The overwhelming nothing in the cave when the last match smolders out. Those words convey exactly what you want the reader to feel and they also have wonderfully flowing sound. Love it!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for saying that. That line just came to me as I was writing and it does flow nicely. I’m glad you don’t think I’m weird 🙂

  5. I sincerely understand where you are coming from. My feelings are very much like yours, but for a different reason altogether. You are strong for seeking help. And change IS good! Keep moving forward, you will persevere! I can SMELL the fresh mint leaves….nummy!

  6. Very good! You could also dry your mint by tying it in a small bundle and hanging it from the ceiling for about a week, depending on the humidity where you are. It smells lovely when the breeze blows by, and when dry makes a very nice sachet. Also out of reach of curious cats and sniffing schnoodles!

    1. I never thought of that, but it’s a great idea! I will for now on dry my herbs by hanging them instead of keeping them to burn in my car 🙂

      1. I also find the whole process of herb gardening to wonderfully healing and centering…the scents, the feel of soil and water, the butterflies and birds that come to visit, and the sound of the bees buzzing around the anise hyssop and the lavender.

      2. If I had my own garden, I would definitely have a good variety of herbs 🙂 They are so versatile and great for overall well-being.

      3. I should! In the winter, I’m going to have to bring my peppermint inside during the winter. I’m sure Chester will try to eat it though 🙂

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