Leaving Already

Chester wants to go to Korea too!
Chester wants to go to Korea too!

Well, it’s that time of year again when my bf travels back to Korea to visit his family.  He will be leaving Wednesday morning, so I will be dropping him off at the airport before I go to work.  He goes almost every year and at least once a year.  I think one year it was more, but generally it’s about once and it’s around this time, toward the end of summer.  I don’t look forward to this time and I know Chester doesn’t either (although he doesn’t really realize it).  I bore him I’m pretty sure because whenever it is just Chester and I, he mostly sleeps because I’m either reading, watching a something on Netflix/Amazon Prime, or on the internet.  We do get a lot of cuddling time in though 😉

Although it makes me sad when he goes to Korea, I know it’s for the better.  He needs to keep in touch with his family and this is much better than an email or quick phone call.  Sometimes I feel like he is losing sight of his family’s culture, which is not necessarily his own anymore.  Also, I want him to be able to speak Korean since he hardly ever gets to here.  He almost always speaks in English.  It’s also a good time for him to eat all the foods that he misses when he’s here.

Nevertheless, it’s no fun when he’s gone.  We do everything together in our spare time.  Not to mention, it’s kind of creepy being alone here.  I hate sleeping alone!  It used to be worse when it was just me, but not that I have Chester at least I will have some sort of company.  We have coyotes around here, I’ve seen them.  Funny, my bf has never really seen one and we were outside one night and a coyote walks by.  My bf just stood frozen and said, “What the heck is that?”  Because it’s wild America here and I don’t see that well in glasses, I will not be going outside at night by myself.  A good example of this happened yesterday when I was outside looking for pinecones.  It wasn’t even dark, but I didn’t notice the family of 5 deer like 10 feet from me.  I was so freaked out when I heard them pulling leaves off the tree.  I ran inside and got my camera and here they are.

She wasn't going to take her eyes off of me.
She wasn’t going to take her eyes off of me.

I already have plans to go to my mother’s house this coming weekend.  I learned how to make wire sculpture trees and I’m going to make one for my mom.  Here’s a picture that I took of the two trees I made.  I put a felted bird that I made in one of the trees and it looks creepy.  It was more of me being funny than anything.  I have a good 60 ft of wire left and will be treeing it up when I’m all by myself.

Wire trees and creepy bird
Wire trees and creepy bird

I know these are a lot of random, sprawled thoughts, but that’s what I’m all about 🙂  Thanks for reading!



40 thoughts on “Leaving Already

  1. My ex-husband (and daughter’s father) is half Korean. I don’t know how my child eats half of the food that she does (Kim Chi and all that other nasty stuff), but they seem to eat it by the truck load.

      1. I like the seaweed wraps and the bulgolgi … but the Kim Chi with the sardine’s just does it in for me. I’m not too big on hot things, either. My ex-husband and daughter both seem to share a love of Red Pepper on everything they eat, Korean or American.

  2. I like your writing style here. It’s very diary like. I hope your boyfriend has a great time. In the meantime, you’ll probably have a lot more time to dig into your crafting skills. You are crafty – can’t deny that.

    1. It would be very disheartening if something happened with his visa and he couldn’t come back 😦 So far, we’ve been lucky although he did have some issues a few years back when he was reentering the states. It’s a scary thing for us international couples!

  3. Mmmm Korean food. We had a great Korean restuarant next to my work but not enough people went there so they switched to Italian food. 😦 Now I can’t get bulgogi without traveling 90 minutes.

    Anyway, I hope the time flies by while he’s gone. I hate sleeping alone too. I never stay home when Hubby leaves. It’s too lonely. *big hug*

    1. I wish I had a Korean restaurant near my work 😦 the nearest one is across town near my house, but not near my work. Bulgogi is the best 😉

  4. I hate sleeping alone too! I’m spoilt from cuddling with my sweetheart. I couldn’t imagine him leaving for so long, but I understand how important family is, so it’s great that your BF gets the chance to go home. Hopefully Chester won’t get too bored with you. 😉

    1. Chester is already bored and it hasn’t even been a day. Funny how that works 🙂 It’s definitely no fun sleeping alone, but Chester usually ends up resting someplace very uncomfortably close to me 🙂

  5. Your pic of Chester looks just like my Mittens lying on my suitcase before I went to Tampa, FL for a week. She had no one staying with her, and just had visits from a friend of mine taking care of her. Have to admit that when I go outside, there are no deer, as I live in city now. But back in Upstate New York, where I grew up, you always saw deer munching, and wild turkeys running around. You also had to be very careful driving in wooded areas, as the deer would run right into the road, without looking left and right as we would. 🙂

  6. Really dig these short life glimpses, and especially the various projects you are working on. The mint leaves for instance, and the wire sculptures. Look forward to reading more! 🙂

  7. Uh. Long distance is the worst! How long is he gone for?? I feel like the worst is right when he leaves and then you will sort of get adjusted to being alone and hopefully it won’t be too bad?

    1. It’s only for a few weeks, so long enough that it will feel like a break and not too long that I’ll go into a deep depression 😉 I hate it because I always worry about him when he’s not near.

  8. How long is your BF going to be gone? I am glad you are very supportive of him seeing his family. It must be hard on him to be so far away. I know you will keep yourself busy. You are very talented so don’t sell yourself short. I look forward to reading about your adventures while your BF is gone. 🙂

    1. He will be gone until August 19th, so not too long! He’s been gone 6 months before and that was horrible. I always appreciate your support. You are so kind 🙂

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