A Crazy Cat Lady Just Got a Little Crazier

Love this photo because he looks ticked that I'm taking his pic while he's eating
Love this photo because he looks ticked that I’m taking his pic while he’s eating

Just an FYI, the title of this post refers to “crazy.”  I am not referring to my mental illness, but rather my very strong fondness for cats.  Well, mostly just my cat 😉  If this post doesn’t emphasize how weird I am about cats, then perhaps the fact that my eBay shopping cart is full of cat-shaped teapots, all of which I have yet to pull the trigger on, might clue you in to my extreme fondness.

A fellow blogger, who goes by scorpionglow and who has been supporting my blog for quite some time now, suggested that Chester, my cat who I like to pretend we all know and love, might actually be some part Egyptian Mau.  This got me excited, to say the least.  I had never heard of the breed before, but I always thought Chester looks exotic somehow and when I looked at the African wild cat, he closely resembles his wild ancestor.  I have always gotten compliments on how vivid and beautiful his markings are.  His vet even said once, “Wow, that is a beautiful cat,” or something to that affect.

So, as usual, I Googled “Egyptian Mau.”  I got pictures of cats that look exactly like Chester!  I went to a few websites to learn about some of the characteristics of the breed and was surprised to find out that the traits that make this breed identifiable, describe Chester to a T.  Let me go through those traits with you.

Now, you will think I’m weird about this, but he’s such a gorgeous little guy that I have to share it.  We had a kitty photo shoot today and I took as many pictures as I could in order to capture the features I’m talking about.

1. He has an extra flap of skin attached to his hind legs and belly.  I always thought it was a weird feature because he’s not fat.  He’s a good weight, but it seemed like he had some excess skin there, like he was recovering from bariatric surgery.  Turns out, Maus have this flap of skin to help them run better, like a cheetah has.  I tried to take a picture of it.  He doesn’t stay still standing up long, so this is the best I could do.

Also, his back legs are slightly longer than his front legs, which I’ve always thought was kind of funny looking on him.  This too is a Mau trait.

DSC_02932. His eyes are the color of gooseberries.  I have seen gooseberries only a handful of times, so I had to search these too.  I have to admit, his eyes are quite pretty and definitely gooseberry-esque.  Now I admit, this picture was not taken today, but this is one of the best pictures I have of his eyes.  The flash always makes him squint 🙂


3. Perhaps the thing I love most about the little guy is his markings.  They are so vivid and dark compared to the solid color underneath and his coat is so shiny and pretty.  Maus are known for markings in certain spots.  The scarab, M-shaped marking on his forehead is characteristic.  He has the mascara line at the corners of his eyes extended toward his ears.  He has a necklace and broken necklaces on his neck.  He also has a very dark line running along his back, which is yet another trait.  Actually, I just noticed that this picture below is a good shot of his eyes 😉  Spoke too soon.


stripe on his back.
stripe on his back.

4. His personality is just like that of the Egyptian Mau (according to what I read).  He attaches to me much more than he does my boyfriend, sorry honey but we both know this is true.  He is a very personable cat and he always greets me at the door.  He is very active and sometimes, I would say, hyperactive.  He is VERY intelligent.  He takes no interest in laser pointers.  He knows two tricks: 1) sit, 2) play dead at the sound of a finger “gun.”  He sat in front of the vet on command and the vet was shocked.  He said, “does he always do that?  I’ve never seen a cat do that.”  It was really funny actually.  The thing I love about Chester the most is not the way he looks, but his personality.  He is the funnest part of our lives, that’s for sure.



Please let me know what you think!  Also, send any cat-shaped teapots my way 😉  Thanks  for reading as always.



83 thoughts on “A Crazy Cat Lady Just Got a Little Crazier

  1. Wow. That cat is really..I don’t know how to describe pets, but the stripes on his back are gorgeous! Do all cats have fur that SHINY?!! I wanna stroke him and pat his little head! *digital pat/stroke*
    I’m not very experienced when it comes to cats, so forgive me, because I never had pets growing up.
    Thanks for sharing, I loved the last picture in particular! It’s as if he was made for the lead role in the next Bond film!

    1. That’s something I’ve wondered. Chester has remarkable shiny fur. I attribute it to his genetics and a good diet, plus bathing. The camera flash actually reflects off of his fur, making his spots and stripes that much more vivid. 🙂

  2. Chester is adorable. I’m another crazy cat lady. We have an adopted cat named Sid. Sid was so thrilled to see Chester’s pics that he sends him a hearty meow.

  3. Aww, I too had a cat that had the traits of an Egyptian Mau and he was my baby for over ten years. I lost him last fall. You are blessed to have one too. I don’t think it is strange at all to post about Chester so much. I know what it is like to enjoy having a companion like that too xx

    1. It’s incredible heartbreaking to lose a beloved part of the family, pets are like every other member in my opinion, if not better! I’m sorry for your loss, but it sounds like your baby was a good boy and you loved him very much.

  4. He is a beautiful cat and how fun it is to find out which breed he is. Oddly enough, my husband and I were just talking about this same thing a couple of days ago. We were discussing how the breed of a dog is obvious with a simple glance. But with cats, other than Persian and Siamese, how would a person tell what kind of breed they are. So, this has been a very informational and on time read.

    1. There’s a meme that has different pictures of dogs and the breed name beneath, on the opposite side there’s different pictures of cats and it just says cat beneath each picture 😉 I used to be guilty of this, but since I’ve had my own cat it’s fun to find meaning and reason behind his unique behavior and features. 🙂

  5. Cat shaped teapots! The very idea makes me smile. I don’t know about the Egyptian Mau but Chester is certainly handsome. And he is obviously very intelligent. Is there an Egyptian Mau or Cat Breeders Society nearby where you could check?

    1. I kind of have a sick obsession with the cat-shaped teapots 😉 Still haven’t bought one yet though! Odd, I know. I actually contacted the Egyptian Mau Breed Council secretary and the person who is in charge of the breed profile for the Cat Fanciers Society 😉 Sounds hilarious I know. I heard back from the latter and she said that there’s no way to tell for sure without his pedigree, which come on, he’s from a shelter. The other woman asked for pictures and a description of him. I’m waiting to hear back 🙂 The little things in life are what excite me.

      1. Well, it will be interesting to hear what she says. I didn’t know there was a Cat Fanciers Society. I have heard of the Bird Fanciers. Give Chester an extra pat from me.

  6. Whether Chester is an Egyptian Mau or not, he is simply beautiful. I love his markings and the black pads of his hind feet. He’s a gorgeous kitty and I can see why you are crazy about him.

  7. Your cat looks just like a cat I had years ago named Willie. Willie would put both front legs around your neck and whisper sweet nothings in your ear when you picked him up. We called him our “hugging kitty” because he would hug everyone like this when they picked him up. Thanks for visiting my post and for the like too.

    1. Chester does this hugging thing sometimes to me, but never to my boyfriend. It’s usually a forced cuddle with him 😉 Willie sounds like a cutie and a fun companion to enjoy while he was around.

  8. My cat has these markings, but she’s incrediblty slim and elegant, and the tips of her ears are dark, as she’s part siamese. there was only one other in the litter with the same markings, but she was definitely the most beautiful – and still is. She comes to call as well, and whenever I get home she’s almost always there on the wall by the door, though she often won’t let me touch her outside. She also freaks at the scent of cigarette smoke and most strangers. Have you ever noticed anything like that?

    1. I have never noticed that before, but then again he hasn’t really been near any cigarette smoke. He is very good with strangers actually. He lets anyone hold him, probably because we hold him all the time. He’s very friendly and sometimes almost dog-like in his mannerisms 🙂 Sounds like you have a beauty of a cat too.

      1. She’s very affectionate, but it’s been a little hard for her to get most of her cuddles for the past four years, as the dog is extremely jelous of her. But I think she’s just always been shy. I remember the first night I had her, and we thought she’d escaped because we couldn’t find her anywhere (this was in a yurt, so one round room, not exactly many hiding places 😛 ) turned out she had been sleeping behind the kitchen units, safe and snug, just snoozing. She spends most of her time in my room now, drinking water full of paint or embedding any permeable surface with cat hair 😉 especially my desk chair or my duvet.

      2. I’ve thought Chester was missing a few times, but turns out he was just hiding somewhere in this tiny apartment 🙂 One time, though, I actually said, “it’s funny that we live in such a small apartment and we can’t find Chester.” Just as I said this, I saw him on the window ledge, outside! he had broken through the screen and was just perched on the other side. I screamed and he looked terrified and came right back inside. Guess he knew he wasn’t supposed to be out there 🙂
        Your little girl sounds like a cutie 🙂

      3. Haha, yeah, she used to climb up the walls in the yurt and sometimes she waits at the top of the stairs to grab a paw at you on the way past 😛

      4. I actually, to be honest with you, wasn’t sure what a yurt was. I kind of had an idea, but wasn’t certain, so i Googled it. That’s really cool actually 🙂 and I have seen them. There’s an inn (I’m not sure this is the correct term, hotel maybe is better) not far from here where the rooms are yurts.

  9. It’s good to see I’m not the only person obsessed with my cat haha!! My little British Blue/Russian Blue entertains me on a daily basis with his “dog” antics 😉

      1. once, i almost convinced my mom that we should have a cat, our 2 dogs were still young, they could get used to each other easily…. but then we adopted another dog and our hands were full lol
        maybe when i move out i’ll get a cat! i love dogs but damn! cats are just BEAUTIFUL animals!

      2. They definitely are beautiful and very easy to take care of. You just put out a litter box and they go 😉 Plus, their antics are amusing and often hilarious.

  10. I think all of those traits are characteristics of tabbies… The M (every tabby I’ve had has had an M and so does my Maine coon)… And that belly flap is common… But he could be some kind of mix! Regardless, he’s super cute!

    1. I did know that and the Egyptian Mau is a tabby, which is another name for those types of markings. I doubt he’s purebred, but I’m positive his ancestors are Maus 🙂

  11. Love your photos and descriptions of Chester. He is an absolutely lovely kitty! I have a kitty named Small Fry who looks similar to Chester; he was a stray when I took him in and has been given the label of Tabby–nothing nearly as fancy as Chester since he’s an Egyptian Mau. Your post about Chester has inspired me to share a bit about Small Fry on my own blog… 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 He really is and that’s just my unbiased opinion 😉 No, I’m totally obsessed with the little guy. Definitely share about your kitty! Chester is certainly not a pure-bred Egyptian Mau, but he’s definitely part. I’m sure Small Fry has an exotic pedigree of his own 🙂

  12. I also have a slight crazy cat lady problem… I have two kitties. Rutherford and Presto. Presto was the runt, but I think is the same kind of cat that you have. She also has an extra bit of skin, and her back legs are noticeably longer than her front ones, it makes her wiggle while she walks haha

    Love your blog, it’s always nice to read other Megan’s work!

    1. Being a cat lady is the only way to be in my opinion 😉 I love that extra skin because it is so soft. My boyfriend made up a funny word for it, but it’s kind of awkward, so I won’t say it here. Anyway, I love your cats’ names!

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