Relaxation and Ribbons

DSC_0364My apartment is not very big, but that only makes it easier to decorate 🙂  I already showed you my living room earlier this week, now I want to show you my bedroom.  



If you shop at IKEA, you probably recognize the bed frame and the duvet cover.  I love that store.  Anyway, I was flipping through the IKEA catalog out of boredom and I looked at what they did with this bed frame.  In the catalog, they put ribbon on the headboard, so I tried it.



I think it looks cuter 🙂  It gives it a little more color, plus I love blue and since I can’t paint my walls I thought this would be a good way to add color.  Not sure how much my boyfriend will like it, but oh well 😉  Also, it sort of looks like Chester is photoshopped into the picture.  Of course he thinks the ribbon is his new toy…

Today has been busy, yet uneventful.  I did the usual things I do on a Saturday: grocery shopping, laundry, and house cleaning.  I also decided to organize things a bit better and I reorganized my bookshelf, which looks much less cluttered now.  Sometimes it’s fun to change things up a bit.

If my house is cluttered, or if anything is not how I think it should be, I can’t relax.  Cleaning house actually helps me to relax.  It has to be done and I can’t sit down until it’s done.  Since I cleaned this afternoon and reorganized my shelf and other random areas of the house, I have had nothing to do except relax and it has been pretty great.  Here are some of the things I usually do to relax:

  1. Watching a great TV show on Netflix of Amazon Prime because I don’t have to worry about waiting for the next episode.  I am not watching House of Cards, and I’ve gotta say, this is the best show I’ve seen in awhile.  VERY, VERY GOOD!  Kevin Spacey is so dashing!
  2. Sipping a mug of hot peppermint tea.  I do this every night and it is perfect for calming the nerves and stomach.  I don’t sleep as well without it.
  3. Reading.  I love to read a good book on “my side” of the couch or even in my new, old chair 🙂  I am really picky about what I read and I’ll admit, there has to be a good romance somewhere in it.  Also, the genre is a huge factor.  I mostly read historical fiction, but love the Stieg Larson series, which is out of my usual comfort zone.
  4. Playing on my phone.  I almost always fall asleep doing this 🙂
  5. Going on a walk in the evening, if it’s not too hot outside, but it’s been really hot and humid lately, so it’s been a no go.

Honestly, I couldn’t come up with anything more than this!  I am the type of person that honestly never relaxes.  I’m constantly on the go, which I wish wasn’t the case.  My anxiety will drive me into the ground.

Anyway, I’d love it if you’d share with me the things that you do to relax 🙂

Also, here’s a picture of Chester!

Chester on my bed :)
Chester on my bed 🙂

Thanks for sharing!




74 thoughts on “Relaxation and Ribbons

  1. I can see how Chester is going to be very tempted by the ribbons! I am not much of a relaxer. But there is such a being as an active relaxer; that is, one gets relaxation by doing something or changing what one is doing.

  2. What does the decal say? I adore decals as decorations over headboards and just in general. You get the fancy decor without the fancy price. I am thinking about getting some to border my ceiling and I will get some in different languages when I re-vamp the dining room. I moved into my house and it was already painted these great neutral colors (taupe in some rooms, grey in a few, white, and cream. It was 100% move-in ready when I bought i.), but now I want to change the colors in a few rooms. Bring in blues and purples for a splash of calm & creativity, and re-paint my bathroom the same shade of grey because I love it and I can bring any color in there with the grey, and I have. I am big on themes for rooms, but everyone likes something different. I have a magical/dark fairy theme in my bedroom with extremely dark wood furniture. The only things that I change out are the linen colors.

    I probably have a few books I can recommend to you if you haven’t already read them. I tend to watch historical fiction more than I read it, as dark urban fantasy in my preferred genre, but I always venture out and read other things too.

    1. That would be neat to have decals in different languages. Great idea. They add a dramatic effect to a boring wall, they’re reasonably inexpensive, and not too difficult to put up. The saying is from the Notebook and it says, “You are every reason, every hope, and every dream, I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.” I also have a flock of birds in my living room, which is kind of cool. If you do put one up, definitely share it 🙂 Amazon has great prices on them and a really vast variety. Your room sounds very enchanting and beautiful. I guess my room theme is birds and trees? It just kind of happened though 🙂

      I always welcome book recommendations! Sometimes I’ll be online for hours looking for the perfect book to download to my kindle, so some direction would be nice. I actually just sent you a friend request on Goodreads 🙂

      1. I scour Etsy for decals, which pretty much guarantees that you can get ANYTHING in pretty much any design/color/font imaginable. Most of them are reasonably priced and extremely unique. I’m a big fan of quotes and when something sticks with me, I try to utilize it in an inspirational way. There’s a series of advice in a book I read about two years ago that I am dying to turn into decals to border the ceiling. There’s enough wording for it to go from the door all the way around the room, I just need to decide if I’m going to change the wall colors in here first before I do anything major. I like focal walls, but I also like it when a room in one color with a white or black ceiling. We’ll see how creative I get.
        I collect Jessica Galbreth Dark Faeries, so I have her Mask of Autumn print in poster size framed over my bed. I periodically switch the print out for something different, since I actually hate the red in the print, but love the rendering. I have a lot of her other prints that I will eventually frame and hang around the room. Everything else is owls, phoenixes, and Asian or Celtic symbols.
        LOL! I hadn’t read this, but I was pretty sure you’d sent me that request. My list of books is kind of scary, not to mention lengthy, but I know there are plenty of historical fiction books scattered through all my other stuff. Have you read The White Queen books by Philippa Gregory?

      2. I love Etsy too! I could spend hours on that site, but honestly I’ve only bought one thing on there. I bought a sasquatch-shaped cookie cutter for my sister’s birthday! She loved it, needless to say 😉 You can definitely find anything on there. I never thought about decals, but great place to look! I think a meaningful saying would look great. I really like this idea 🙂 I would love to get something in Korean, maybe the word for love.

        The Dark Faeries are beautiful. I have always loved fairy art and that must be very fitting and beautiful in your bedroom. Celtic symbols are a love of mine as well. I also love Claddaugh rings 🙂 I have been recommended to read the White Queen books so many times. I think this is a sign and I should just read them 🙂 The book I’m reading now, well I just bought it and haven’t started it yet, is The Thorn Birds. Have you ever read it? My mom named me after the main character, Meggie 🙂

  3. My big stress reliever is organizing the bookshelves. I have almost five hundred books now, and keeping them in alphabetical order is my standby when things get a bit hectic in life. I’ll usually keep five or six new purchases off the shelf until I’m having a particularly bad day and need to take control over something, and it’s when I’m adding them to the shelf, moving the others around to make room, that I can finally have a moment that I’m not thinking about the dozen or so things that are bothering me at the time.

    It’s the little things, right?

    I recently added my records to the bottom shelf of the last bookcase, and during a worse day than usual, I rearranged them alphabetically, according to genre. It makes finding that Chopin record much easier because I can go to the classics side of the shelf, and then dip back over to the rock side if I want to pick up that Mott the Hoople album.

    Like your blog, by the way. I used to follow you when I ran my old blog, but now I’m on a new one. Glad I remembered what your site was. I can definitely relate to the things you write about.

    1. This is actually funny that you mention this because I was going to organize my bookshelf alphabetically too 🙂 I guess I just did too much yesterday and by the time I was going to do it, I was already really tired. Lame, I know. I don’t have anywhere near 500, I used to, but I sold most of them. The task wouldn’t take me nearly as long as it might have back then, but I’m so terribly lazy these past few years. I hate that about myself. Anyway, I’m so glad you found me again 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more from you!

      1. My favorite part of moving somewhere new is that I have to reshelf the books, which usually takes a couple of hours. My living room will be covered in stacks of books, separated by letter, all alphabetized within their individual piles. It drove the people I lived with crazy, because it means they’re basically stuck in their room until I’ve finished.

        I’m always happy to hear someone else wants their books in order. Whenever I go to a person’s house for the first time and see them displayed in no particular order whatsoever, it makes me cringe a little. It takes all my restraint not to drop everything and start alphabetizing.

        I sold some of my books a few years ago, but I felt so guilty about it that I can’t bring myself to do it anymore. I’m at four bookshelves now, so hopefully I’ll have enough room for a while.

      2. You sound a bit like me in this regard 🙂 Ever since I was a kid, I have had difficulty getting rid of anything, but it’s gotten better. I’m nowhere near hoarder status or anything, but certain things are harder to let go of than others. A dirty house really gets me. If I’m at someone’s house and it’s disorderly, I think of all the ways that cleaning would make it better 🙂

      3. I do have trouble getting rid of things, but with books it’s nearly impossible. I get too attached to them. I’m ok with it. Everyone has a thing they love, and this is mine.

    1. It’s funny, I grew up on a farm and have been used to large animals my entire life, but I rode a horse once and it terrified me. Perhaps I should try it again 🙂

      1. I’ve been riding since before I can remember and I’m smitten – its one of those muscle-memory type things I suspect; takes me back to when I was young and fit and healthy.

      2. Anyone I’ve known who has had horses all their lives and loves riding says the same thing 🙂 Perhaps I wouldn’t have been as terrified with more experience. They are beautiful creatures though.

    1. Thank you! It’s actually a quote from the Notebook and it says “You are every reason, every hope, and every dream, I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.”

  4. Your bedroom is beautiful! i love the quote and tree over the headboard, so pretty.

    One of my favorite things is a hot bath with lavender essential oils, or sometimes I’ll spritz a little bit of lavender linen spray on my pillow, it’s so lovely! You can make it at home, I found one recipe here: or certainly Google will offer a LOT of suggestions. 🙂

    Definitely drinking hot tea before bed seems to make me sleepy, I can’t figure out why! I guess Chamomile tea or Trader Joe’s Sleepy Time tea are my favorites.

    1. Thank you! It used to have a birdcage hanging from it, but it came off 😦 Spraying the lavender sounds like a great idea. I already put it on the bottoms of my feet at night before bed, seems to help me sleep better. Tea helps me to sleep too 🙂

      1. You’re so welcome. 🙂 Oh the birdcage sounds lovely too, I’ve seen them used for decoration, I love that idea.

        Thanks for the tip on lavender on the bottoms of your feet…I’d never heard that. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      2. No problem! Lavender is great for relaxation and while I don’t necessarily love the smell for whatever reason, it really does work. It even seems to help with headaches.

  5. A few things!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post 🙂 It was sweet of you.
    2. I love that duvet cover! A lot of nice stuff can be found at Ikea these days..
    3. I also think smaller apartments are better–Easier to keep clean, and less stuff is needed to make it look like a space that is used.
    4. I love House of Cards! Kevin Spacey has always been great at evil/sinister/two-faced/deceptive roles.
    5. You’re lucky! I can’t fall asleep playing games. And if I start a book, I will need to finish it usually, unless I get soo tired I pass out from exhaustion. 🙂

    1. These are some wonderful things to say 🙂 I couldn’t agree more. I love my little apartment because it doesn’t feel empty and it’s easy to clean 🙂 I almost always have trouble putting down a book and usually fall asleep with it on my lap. I too love Kevin Spacey 🙂

  6. I love the tree background on your wall! I think that your room looks great (I’m reading your blog, backwards, lol)…I do the following to relax: write, listen to music, pray, sing (although I’m not great at it…well, sound great at it) and enjoy a really good meal and/or good conversation.

    1. 🙂 Thank you! I love trees and I have several in my home, fake ones that is, not real trees obviously 😉 I too like to sing! It’s my favorite thing to do actually. I bet some people look at me like I’m a weirdo belting it out in my car. I don’t know why it feels like they can’t see me in there…;)

  7. I clean to relax. A couple months ago, I was injured and unable to clean the house (I live with my kids right now because of my mental stuff and the fact that getting a job right now has me held in an anxiety grip that I have not been able to get free of – I spent three solid years looking for work in this insane economy and …. well….you’ve seen my blog, so I probably don’t have to explain.) Anyway, I couldn’t stand up, turns out I have a SI Joint dysfunction which has called into question what I can and cannot do until it heals (at the very least).

    So not being able to clean, about pushed me right over the edge, because I AM IN FACT very OCD about the house, and I can’t sleep unless it is clean. So talk about being forced into a change that I was no prepared for.

    ANYWAY, I also read, play on my Kindle, I like blowing bubbles outside, walks when I can, movies…and NETFLIX. I have been getting the Soprano’s from the library, and watching Dr. Who, and all the discovery, history PBS stuff I can get my hands on about nature and the universe. I also meditate and pray.

    And try not to make myself crazy because my kids are totally normal about housekeeping. 😉 Unlike their mother.

    1. I can’t imagine how much anxiety you must’ve been feeling when you couldn’t clean your house 😦 I can relate to that. I can’t sleep if the house is dirty either (dirty being basically anything out of place). I am a huge fan of Netflix too. I’m actually watching it right now. I cut off cable and now all I watch is netflix and amazon prime on my playstation 🙂

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