Death to Birdie

DSC_0386You might be wondering what the thing above is.  Let me tell you a story.  This morning, something stirring in the dark woke me up.  The sun wasn’t even up yet, but I was.  I looked at the clock at it said 5:36 am.  It started to get quiet again and I was falling back asleep and then I heard a little trill in the dark, the sound Chester makes when he jumps off of anything.  Then I heard the sound of something being knocked around on the ground.  Hm? What could this be?  I knew.  I knew before I even flicked on the light only to see my wire trees, which I had moved from my bookshelf to my bedroom dresser, on the floor.  I hate that he tries to get them because they are sharp.  I didn’t have my glasses on, so I didn’t see it at first, but I stepped on it.  Yep, the thing in the picture above is my little felted bluebird, totally obliterated.  Thank you Chester 🙂  Of course I wasn’t really mad, but he knew he did something wrong.  It was actually pretty hilarious.  He can do no wrong 🙂

Today was interesting.  I was dreading going to work because a fellow coworker had to stay home to take care of a sick child yesterday.  I, of course, anticipated the worst.  I worried all morning because the individual didn’t come in until later.  I kept imagining how they would come in spread germs everywhere or be sick at the office.  It was horrible.  I anticipated this until nearly 1 pm, which was when the person came to work.  Of course, nothing happened, which is usually the case, but that’s where my mind went.

Even after the person arrived, I was still anticipating the worst.  The anxiety was pretty overwhelming.  I sent texts to my mom as a way to try to get some advice and have her to perhaps comfort me, which she always does.  She told me to think about other things, which is honestly very difficult to do in these situations, which I’m sure all of you who also have an anxiety disorder know.

I was determined today to not let the anxiety ruin my day.  So, you know what I did instead?  I took out my phone and watched the video I recorded for my boyfriend of Chester just after I woke up and caught him red-handed.  It is a funny video.  Chester is standing in the corner of the doorway, looking sheepish.  I would post it here, but I took it on Skype and I don’t think I know how to export it from the conversation.  Also, I accidentally filmed my bra hanging on a chair 🙂 Probably TMI, but take my word for it, it was a hilarious video.

Even though Chester ruined my little, wool bird, he sure made my day 🙂

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43 thoughts on “Death to Birdie

  1. through my own struggle with my brain……I have found that OCD is usually exists in combination with ADD/ADHD. Do you know what you other coexisting factor’s are?


    1. Hey Donna 🙂
      I don’t know if I have any coexisting factors, but you’re right about ADD/ADHD co-occuring with OCD. My brother and I do have the tendency to become very hyper sometimes. We always have, but probably doesn’t mean anything 🙂

    1. It’s funny, he goes wild when he gets around wool! I have to shut my bedroom door when I want to do some felting because he will tear it out of my hands. He doesn’t eat it, just makes it unusable 🙂

  2. Not being mean or anything. I am Howa new follower and am intrigued in difficulties you face daily, difficulties I take for granted. But, I think this is a good question… How in the world can you say that you have OCD and a cat? In the same house? If I had OCD, that would be the last thing I’d want in the house! I love cats…don’t get me wrong. But, I know how nasty they
    really are! I
    wrong, but I know how….nasty they are. I mean, it’s Kinda a double entente if you think about it LOL!

    1. Haha! You are actually not the first person to bring this up and I wrote a post about it a while back, but not sure which one it is. I’m not going to deny how gross cats can be. Chester does things that appall me at times 😉 But, he can get away with things that people just can’t. Plus, the chances of me getting an illness from him are very slim. He has thrown up before and it didn’t bother me at all. It’s different when it’s pets though. Dogs are way dirtier and I doubt I could handle that 🙂 Cats will have to do for now.

  3. I meant double entente. Stupid auto correct. I’m sure your cat is very clean and is loved, but still. I’m sure I’m not the only one Who has asked. If I am, just refer me to last comment and I will Quit talking about things I know nothing about. Of course, That’s part of my problem. Learning to Shut up! Ha ha

  4. Ohhh, poor birdy … I had a dog some years ago, she was a destroyer, a terminator, one day she did a hole in a wooden door of the house, another she just minimalized a cellphone to little individual pieces … Jaj, I loved her.

    1. Dogs have that tendency, but they sure are cute. It’s weird to me how much Chester attempts to destroy. It doesn’t seem quite normal for a cat, or maybe it is 🙂

  5. Hi, I looked through your blog. I have OCD, too, onset in my preteens and diagnosed at 18. I also get anxious around people who are sick, so I can relate there!

  6. Ugh. I do the same type of thing. The anticipation for nothing. At least your mother is understanding and comforting. I have no one I can really call. It’s usually my husband, but I think he gets tired of the worrying and stressing that I do about all that.

  7. I tried the whole “don’t think about it” things too before I found out that trying to force the thought away actually makes it worse. There was this famous psychologist (I forgot his name sorry) who said as a boy he and his friends used to sit with their eyes closed and backs to the snow and try not to think about polar bears… But the more he tried not to think about them the more and more he did! This led him to the conclusion later in life that thought suppression actually worsens OCD and a good strategy is accepting the thoughts as just thoughts and giving yourself free rein to think about them. It makes sense considering one of the most successful ways of helping with OCD is through exposure to the thing we fear and desensitising ourselves too it. That’s how I cured my OCD and I’ve never been happier 🙂

    1. That is so true! By trying to not think about our fears, we are in turn actually thinking about them. THis makes total sense. I agree, it is better to confront fears head on for what they are. In my case, this means unveiling the irrational thought that hides behind the fear 🙂

  8. This made me smile Megan. I have a mood disorder so I deal with major depression and anxiety. I know all too well what you’re dealing with. I am happy my mom helps me with mine too!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my page! I would like to know how ANYONE with a mental disorder survives the day without a fur – baby of some sort. I know that my days started to improve exponentially the minute I opened my heart to Ca$h and his many joys. I am so glad you have Chester! And I am looking forward to reading more…..

    1. Hahaha that is awesome. Once Chester tried to jump to his perch from the table I just pledged. He slipped and his jump was too short and he landed in the recycling bin. Funniest thing ive ever witnessed

  10. My girlfriend’s cat has this odd habit of knocking a chess piece off my board (the same piece every time – the Queen side Rook), but none of the other pieces will be disturbed. I’ve yet to understand what he has against that piece, and although I’ve told him that’s not a legal move, he continues to do this at least twice a week.

    As for his guilty face…whenever I come home from work and see the chess piece on the floor, if he’s in the living room near the board, as soon as I look at him he’ll quickly look away, then pretend there’s something flying above and behind him, so he doesn’t have to make eye contact with me. If he could whistle while he was looking away, I imagine that’s what he would really do so he could really hammer home the “I’m totally not avoiding eye contact, I’ve just these pressing issues that need my attention.”

    1. Great comeback to the cat 😉 I really liked that one. I actually chuckled. I know the face you are talking about. Chester just stares off in another direction, averting his gaze at all costs. I can see your girlfriend’s cat now, knocking the chess piece off and then proceeding to pretend it couldn’t possibly have been him 🙂

  11. Megan,
    It is amazing how cool cats are. I have had the pleasure of having fresh kills dropt at my feet by several kitties beaming with pride over the last few years. It is funny to see them make a bad jump and crash they simply shake it off and get this ” I meant to do that” look. Nice blog!

    1. They are pretty awesome 🙂 Chester did that not too long ago. I waxed the kitchen table with pledge. He was getting read to jump on his perch from the table, doing that spring-loaded thing that they do. He jumped, but slipped as he did it, so his jump turned out to be way too short, and he landed in the recycling bin. It was seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I died laughing. 🙂 Where’s a camera when you need one!

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