God Help Us, They’re Back…

Cool picture I took yesterday. It's a little pine cone :)
Cool picture I took yesterday. It’s a little pine cone 🙂

I went to Target today to pick up a prescription like normal.  I go there because it’s really close to my house and there are never any lines, plus you get pharmacy points.  As soon as I walked into the doors, though, I knew that it was that time of year again.  The time of year, when the stores are packed and the aisles are filled with cheap dorm “necessities,” and eager, yet nervous, parents buying far too many things for their bright eyed little freshman.  The pharmacy wasn’t busy, but I was still needlessly uncomfortable because of the sheer number of people in the store.  The students are back!  

If you don’t live in a college town, then I don’t expect you to get this.  Even if you do, students coming back into town for the new school year might not affect you that much.  I live in a small town with a big 10 school.  The summer is like paradise.  I can leave for work and get there in 10 minutes, the stores are vacant, and I can go out to eat any night of the week and expect to be seated.  The thing I hate most is having to dodge what I like to call “human squirrels.”  Students with half a brain decide that it’s a good time to cross the street as traffic is barreling at them.  Take a small city with a population of about 40,000 people. Now double it.  I kid you not, it’s really that bad.  I think all of us “townies” (and I use this word sort of as a joke because I will always be a student at heart) dread the two-week span when the students come flooding back into town.

One of those new students is my next door neighbor, apparently, and I have had so many awkward times with his father this weekend.  He was very friendly, don’t get me wrong, but the dad kept wanting to introduce us and when he finally did, his son was awkward and obviously wasn’t interested in talking.  I honestly feel very uncomfortable talking to people I don’t know.  My boyfriend is much better at this and I think that’s why we are now friends with my other neighbor 🙂

Besides that, I’d like to think that this weekend has been productive.  I cleaned the house thoroughly today and even did laundry.  I’m preparing for my boyfriend to come home tomorrow.  I am going in to work early and leaving early, so that I can pick him up at the airport, which is an hour away.  It’s always exciting, yet somehow I’m nervous every time to see him.  Even though we’ve practically spent every day together for the past six years, when he leaves and comes back it’s a totally different feeling.  I can’t explain it.  I’m actually nervous right now just thinking about it.



61 thoughts on “God Help Us, They’re Back…

  1. What’s up with college kids being so stupid when it comes to crossing streets? There are students hit by cars nearly every week at every school if they’re all like the ones near me.

  2. Oh I TOTALLY get it! We used to live in Fort Collins, CO and our Summer’s were peaceful and traffic not too bad. Then…….well you know, “The Students!”

    Now we live near ASU and this weekend was “moving in” weekend! We had not only new students everywhere, but parents and grandparents. All who had no idea where they were, how to get there, just generally lost…..DRIVING!!!!

    1. I have to agree, the worst part is the fact that most of them don’t know where they are going. I feel sorry for them, but also slightly annoyed when they get in my way. I love Target, but not right now!

  3. I wish summer was better for us! Our college town is 10 times worse in the summer because we live in a beach town/city. Our population doubles or triples in the summer!

  4. I remember well how it was when the college kids descended on Bloomington. I was one of them for three years. Now my daughter moved to Vincennes also a college town. She is in an apartment but does not go to the university. She said it is crazy ther now with all the kids walking around. I am glad your BF is finally coming home. You should be proud that you handled his being away so well. I hope you have a great week. I always look forward to reading your posts. 🙂

    1. You must be very near 🙂 I live in Bloomington and it is getting so packed. It’s welcome week, so that’s understandable. Vincennes is actually closer to my hometown. How does she like it there? A lot of history there. I always loved to visit the sites.

      1. She likes Vincennes but doesn’t like being almost 4 1/2 hours from home. I live one mile outside of Chicago in Indiana. It is hard because they can’t come home often because of the distance. They also really miss their dog because they couldn’t take her with them.

      2. That would be difficult 😦 I had a friend whose family lives up near there in Munster and he is going to school at IU. I know it’s been difficult on him, so I can imagine a bit of what your daughter is feeling.

    1. Ah those are the good ole days 🙂 My hometown is even better. I can’t get anywhere here in less than 10 minutes it seems because of sheer distance, but in my hometown I can go from my mom’s house to my dad’s house in less than 10 minutes, and they live miles apart. Speed limit is 25 though 😉

    1. I hope I make it through the year without killing one of them with my car 😉 (or bare hands for that matter). Thank you! I thought the baby pine cone was so cute and I just had to take a picture of it 🙂

  5. I totally agree with you on the college towns being paradise in summer. It is like living in a totally different town during the summers.

  6. We know the feeling! for us it is the summer that is madly busy, we have tons of tourist all keen and some very drunk, mostly pale or sun burnt but come mid-September we go quite and we love it! The town nearly turns into a ghost town, peace at last.

  7. ‘Students with half a brain decide that it’s a good time to cross the street as traffic is barreling at them. ‘ Why, Why do they do this? They do it here too; it drives me nuts!!

  8. What excitement! Any time my husbands leaves, even for short periods of time, the whole households gets excited for his arrival (cats and dog included). Enjoy the time with him!

  9. The worst part about back-to-school at Target, for me, is being attracted to those cheap dorm necessities, even a decade out from the dorm. It’s like some inner part of me still yearns to own a hot-pink $7.99 shower caddy and $21.99 ottoman with inside storage space. Damn this getting old …

    1. 😉 I can’t say I don’t feel the same way. I want one of those weird bungee cord chairs, mostly because I want to see my cat hanging from it, which is inevitable. I was almost tempted to buy one of those “necessary” body pillows for $7. I definitely need one of those 😉

    1. Thank you Scott 🙂 I know very few people here who aren’t somehow connected to IU, but the few I do know really dislike this time of year too 🙂

    1. 🙂 I almost hit an actual squirrel on my way to work this morning. I think it might’ve been more devastating to hit a real squirrel than a student 😉 I kid…

  10. I don’t live in a college town (thank goodness) but in a Gold Country tourist town. But I actually prefer the tourist. When school starts around here it is maddness. Traffic is wacked all the stores are packed and everyone has a frantic vib. At least the tourists are kicked back. They block the highway at the river and are known to stop i the road with little warning but that is better than screaming, begging,crying children and bedraggled and frustrated parents.

    1. I think tourists can be fun too 🙂 We get them sometime, but so many people in this town are from somewhere else that it’s hard to pick out the tourists. Besides the begging/crying children, sounds fun 🙂

      1. Hahaha…yes the kids are way more fun than the frustrated & bedraggled parents. All the High Schoolers from the near by open campus also get lunch breaks in 3 half hour waves. It is for the best if one is Not one the rodeway whilst they race about Maddly one their lunch break with a car full of equally young peers to get everybody fast food before the bell rings.

        I loved the squirrel analogy too. And yes, drive safe and have a beautiful day getting re – acquainted 🙂

      2. A high school where you can leave campus sounds like something from a movie 😉 The weather must be great where you’re at. The squirrel analogy is funny, but sadly accurate 😉 It was a beautiful day today though.

  11. I actually went to school in a college town, and went to summer school there one year. It’s crazy how quiet it was during the summer and busy it was during the school year. Course, that town is a poedunk town in the middle of nowhere, and depends on the school for much of it’s business. However, I’ve been to the Target by me, and there are several colleges in the area, and holy crap, it’s all bright and colorful, sometimes to a blinding degree! I find it hilarious when I see photos/commercials showing dorms room, and all I can think is: they have no clue! Even my nicest dorm room wasn’t that spiffy.

    1. I too have a target nearby and it’s difficult to even drive past the place. There are so many students shopping for dorm crap! The commercials are funny 😉 I mean, who gets to paint their dorm anyway? No one!

      1. Seriously! There’s a reason why dorm rooms are covered by cube shelving, posters, and tapestries. Plus, they were painted in the 50s-70s, so they’re a horrid shade of oatmeal. Blegh!

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