The 3 Little Kitties

my new babies =^.^=
my new babies =^.^=

It seems only fitting to dedicate my 100th post to a very fitting individual.  A few posts back, I mentioned that I was really wanting to acquire cat teapots.  This is so random, I know, but I saw one once on eBay and then decided that I just had to have some.  One of my best blogging friends, April, read this post and said that she had a rather large collection of cat teapots.  If you don’t know her by now, you should.  I have connected with this amazing woman on so many levels and we have found ourselves to be uncannily similar.  It’s always a blessing to find someone you can actually relate to in the world.  Please visit her at her blog “Finding Beauty In Spite of Myself.”   She is a beautiful woman inside and out, who is trying to see the beauty in every day life.  Not to mention, she is an incredible photographer.

Back to the teapots 🙂  Now how awesome is that!  She was so incredibly kind to offer to give me some of them if I wanted.  Of course I did!  I have yet to see one in any store and I’ve looked everywhere, but I just can’t seem to find any.  Guess Indiana is a cat teapot wasteland 🙂  Anyway, after a few emails back and forth, she sent me some of the coolest cat teapots I’ve ever seen!  The three above were carefully and thoughtfully packed in a box nestled on my front porch all ready to be opened and loved.  I chose these three because I love that the spout is the paw 🙂  They are far out of reach of Chester’s mischief and are perched in the perfect spot on my shelf.  I couldn’t be happier about the new addition to my home 🙂  Thank you April.

Here's my entire teapot collection :)
Here’s my entire teapot collection 🙂

I can’t believe how kind some people can be, like April.  It only takes one act of kindness to make someone’s day or even their year, like me 🙂  Even more importantly, the simplest gesture can make a friend for life.

I challenge everyone to perform some random act of kindness, from just giving someone a smile and saying hi, or giving to someone in need.  Maybe you haven’t talked to a friend in awhile.  Pick up the phone and call or at least text them.  Do anything.  When you have, share it with me 🙂  I’d love to hear.

Thank you for reading.


P.S.  My boyfriend made it back wonderfully 🙂  He’s sleeping now.  I can’t blame him because he was on a plane for 14 hours straight.  His body is not used to the time change right now and it’ll take him about a week to get back to normal.  I will post later about the things he brought back 🙂  I saw some interesting stuff that he brought back, but he has yet to show me what they are.  Chester is investigating a bag of something now, so I better stop him before he chews a hole in something.


35 thoughts on “The 3 Little Kitties

  1. How cute! I’ve wanted a tea set for quite some time, and I think you may have won me over with the cats! Checking out your friend’s blog now! Don’t you love how the internet connects you with people you wouldn’t have known otherwise? I met one of my best friends through blogging. 🙂

    1. I have several best blogging friends and I’m so grateful to have that kind of support 🙂 Definitely get a tea set! I’m kind of obsessed with just the teapots and have a cute little collection going.

  2. I’m imagining the cat on the left saying, “Kitty, please…” in a sassy older black woman’s voice (one of the best voices and laughs I’ve ever known).

      1. It doesn’t have any stickers or markings on it but it is white with blue flowers, green eyes and a gold sort of line around the neck, maybe like a collar. I guess it is most like the one on the right but with no stems coming from the flowers and no blue ribbon.

      2. That is my favorite of the tree 🙂 All of them are actually Japanese. There is a stamp on the bottom of the blue flower one that says “Otagiri,” which is the company that made it. I’ve looked all over the net, but haven’t seen many like it or the one on the left.

      3. I love how you can turn their heads around whichever way you like. Mostly I love mine because it sat in my grandma’s kitchen for years. A lot of my cat things are from her place, she loved cats too. ^.^

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