Accommodating for Love



As I mentioned previously, my boyfriend arrived home from Korea last night.  He is actually sleeping right now and has been for the last few hours.  He experiences jet lag for at least a week until he’s mostly back to a good sleep schedule.  It’s not easy having to adjust to living without one another and then being thrown back into living with one another again.  I was so nervous yesterday as if I were meeting him for the first time after talking to him over the internet for weeks.  I don’t know how to explain this feeling otherwise.  I felt a bit awkward around him at first too, but that’s starting to fade and we’re getting used to being around one another again.  Chester doesn’t know what to think either.  He’s just happy to have his wrestling buddy back 🙂 Momma bores him.

I actually took a nap after work, which is something I never do, because I was just too tired to not take one.  Instead of having an entire bed to myself like I have had for the past 3 weeks, it’s back to my tiny little 1/4 slice of the mattress, which starts out as half, but is quickly invaded by the other occupying forces.  I don’t mind and he doesn’t mean to take up so much room, but I’m just not used to it.  It was hard to sleep to say the least.  Hopefully we get back on schedule soon.

When he leaves, he takes two large suitcases with him that are mostly empty except his clothes and things of course.  When he comes back, he usually has these suitcases full of things that he buys in Korea.  I’ll be honest, this is my favorite part about that first night when he’s back.  It’s like Christmas!  I love to see all the interesting things that I’ve never seen before and to try the different snacks and things.  He always brings me back a gift.  Of course I am happy to have him back, but this is really fun.  Funny thing is, Chester finds it fun too I guess.  I couldn’t keep him out of the suitcase.  The picture above was taken in the dark.  My boyfriend was sleeping just past the picture in the dark of the bedroom and I was sitting at the desk in the living room actually when I heard a bad rustling.  Of course I knew it was Chester.  I went in and snapped a picture near the suitcase and obviously, he was totally busted.

I mentioned in a few posts back that he got me some organic green tea from the tea plantation.  Here is a picture of the tea he brought back:

green tea


I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m positive it is exquisite.  Even the container is beautiful!  I love tea, so this is a real treat for me.

He also brought me back a beautiful, handmade hair tie.  I am waiting for the right time to wear it because I think it’s just too pretty to wear with any old thing.  Here it is:



The final thing I wanted to share with you is the cutest of all.  Somewhere he found his and her credit card holders.card holders

They both have a story behind them.  The pink one is mine.  The flowers on the front represent the plum tree flower, which is the symbol of the Great Han Empire (1897-1910).  His depicts two birds on a plumb tree.  We’re going to be so cute with our matching card cases 🙂

More than anything, I’m just glad he’s home safe.  I always worry about him taking that long journey by himself. So far, we’ve been really lucky that it’s gone so smoothly.  He’s been back and forth so many times that he’s accrued enough miles to earn himself a free trip anywhere in the world.  I just hope some day I have the courage to make the same trip and to live in a country so different from the one I’m used to.

Anyway, I’m glad to have shared this with you.

Thank you for reading 🙂



66 thoughts on “Accommodating for Love

  1. I really enjoy reading your posts, I identify with alot of the details and personal issues you explain and describe. I’m glad you popped up in my ‘ you might like this ‘ section. Because I do. And chester is adorable. X

    1. thank you so much Lori 🙂 I always appreciate hearing the stories that bring people to my little corner. Chester is adorable that’s true, but terribly curious! 🙂

  2. I know the feeling of having a bed to yourself, but at one point I had to share it with three squabbling cats, two young energetic kids and a Chihuahua! I feel you on that! Cute post!

    1. Daddy didn’t come home with anything for Chester 😦 He couldn’t find any pet stores supposedly 😉 He did come home with a number of plastic bags that Chester was carrying around the house during the night…

  3. I can relate to the quarter of the bed thing. My partner and I maintain two households for the sake of our teen children. When they visit the other parent, we stay together. I get so used to sprawling across the bed — it’s hard to scrunch over on one side — especially when my cat, Pumpkin, smashes right up next to my other side.
    So glad yours made it home safe!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and reading it.

    1. I love the name pumpkin for a cat 🙂 Chester does a lot of smashing as well, particularly on my pillow behind my head. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  4. Great that he’s home safe! This got my attention, “to live in a country so different from the one I’m used to.” Are you both planning to move to Korea one day?

    1. Yes, we are planning to one day move to Korea. As of right now, it’s all up in the air and nothing is certain. He has to finish his PhD first and then find a job (hopefully in the US), but possibly in Korea too. One day I will live there I know 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 Although you can’t tell from the picture, the hair tie is made of brass and shaved stone. It’s really something to see and it’s too nice to take out of the box 😉 The tea is so awesome!

    1. I have never been but am excited/nervous to go. If and when I do go, it will probably be for the long haul and that’s what scares me most. The tea is awesome! Had some last night 🙂 Won never goes to markets because he hates bargaining 😉 If you are talking about street markets I mean.

      1. I really want to visit the street markets. I always love a good deal 🙂 Honestly, I’d rather live in the country than in the middle of Seoul though 🙂

      2. 😀 The best Korean food I’ve ever had has been jjang-joo-reem. I know that is totally not a good way of spelling it. It is quail eggs and beef pickled in soy sauce 🙂 My bf’s grandmother makes it and it is incredible.

  5. It sounds like we have a similar life. My boyfriend works away a lot in Brazil and so I do understand the awkwardness you speak of. It takes a while when they’ve gone away to adjust to them not being there and you have to pick yourself up and live fully independently. You get used to that and then when they return home it’s strange sharing space and just having them there constantly… well at least for a day afterwards anyway. I’m always happy for him to come home, I don’t like that he’s away so often and it worries me that we get used to not being around each other.

    The goodies are always a pleasurable experience especially the perfume and makeup from duty free. Another pleasurable thing about him being away is that my cat Tildy becomes super clingy with me and has a constant ongoing conversation with me each night when I get home from work. I don’t think I could bare it if she wasn’t around to give me company!

    1. This sounds like my experience 🙂 I too love the makeup and jewelry from duty free! funny 😉 This time I specifically told him to bring something traditional back though and to not spend a lot of money. Chester, my cat, gets so clingy too,but I love when he’s like that 😉

    1. So much 😉 I’m just glad that he thinks matching couple’s clothing is dorky. We met when he was pursuing his undergrad in the same program as my older sister. They became friends and I met him through her 🙂

    1. They are so cute 😉 It’s a good thing he got me that because I have way too many cards. It seems like every place now gives out some kind of rewards card and of course, I can’t pass them up 😉

      1. Again, I so know where you’re coming from! I finally fished most of them out of my wallet and have them for IF I go to those stores. I don’t mind the rewards stuff, but I’d partially rather they just give it to all customers.

      2. 😉 My sister is the worst about getting rewards cards. She does it everywhere. The best time being when she opened on at this yarn shop, which was literally just a bunch of yarn in a woman’s living room. She actually paid $5 for it! She never even went back 😉 She’s too funny.

      3. Oh my gosh, that’s too funny!

        I think the cards are just a way to get repeat customers, but wow! They’re just everywhere! Give out a coupon or something. Then if the person keeps coming back, then do a rewards bit.

      4. I actually had to change my pharmacy recently. We used to go to the grocery store, and it was SO convenient. Then the store closed down because its parent company had another store (same type, just different name), so they let the lease end on the one we were using. The new pharmacy kept having trouble getting one of my meds (not really their fault), so I switched to CVS.

      5. CVS is also a good one. I like that they have a drive thru and some of which are 24 hours. That makes a big difference and a lot less worry when you need that refill!

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