A Day of Family and Cats

DSC_0472I had a good day yesterday.  I can’t say that everyday, but I honestly couldn’t have enjoyed myself any more than I did yesterday.

I went to my hometown to meet my dad and stepmother and then together we would go to visit my sister.  When I got to my dad’s house, they told me that they had kittens!  The mother was hit by a car and my dad found them meowing at the farm and took them home.  There were 5, but one got a loving home and now there are 4 adorable, tiny kittens roaming the garden and living a life of luxury in the specially made cat barn.  With the new kitties, I counted that my stepmom has at least 8 cats, maybe 9.  It’s not a hoarding situation.  They all eat well and are taken care of well.

Many of you know that I love cats and kittens are like my kryptonite 🙂  I had so much fun cuddling with them.  I wanted to take one home so much, but K convinced me not to.  I hope they can find good homes.  They are so little and I’m not sure any of them have names yet.

Me and a kitten
Me and a kitten


After a few brief moments with the kittens, we all got into my dad’s car and headed to see my sister and her family.  I was anxious for a lot of reasons.  The most annoying thing that I couldn’t get out of my head was the fact that my sister and her son and husband all had a cold the week before.  I was worried that I would catch something.  We got there, had lunch, and everyone was happy and healthy.  

My sister is almost 9 months pregnant and her belly is so huge.  I was freaked out to see the baby moving inside!  I felt it too.  This was a first for me.  I can’t wait to meet my little niece Rose.

I hate that I feel too anxious to hold my nephew close.  I love him so much and he’s the cutest, smartest little kid I know, but I am leery that he might always be carrying something (virus-wise I mean).  He has been sick a lot and I’ve gotten a nasty cold from him before, so I keep my distance.  I wish everyday that I wasn’t like this.  

I did get to see my family cat, Oscar, that lives with my sister.  Each time I see the poor fellow he seems to have gotten even more obese.  He’s an enormous boy.  I’d say he is around 3 times heavier than Chester.  

Here’s a picture of him:



He’s so chubby, but a really pretty color.  Love this goober.  He was my first house cat 🙂

It was a long day of driving; 6 or more hours in total for K and I.  We were glad to be home, but we got to enjoy the company of my family.  

Also, I guess I came into some poison ivy or poison sumac and have it all over my ankles.  I thought they were mosquito bites on Friday, which is when I thought I got them, but then they started “weeping,” which is just a fancy way of ointment companies for saying oozing.  They’re very itchy and very gross 😦


Thanks for reading!  Sorry for the TMI 🙂



55 thoughts on “A Day of Family and Cats

  1. Aw! This post made me so happy! You are such a great aunt! It must be hard having those feelings about your nephew but he will know how much you love him by your other actions. 😀 And I loved the kittens of course.

  2. Lovely post!- just what I needed to start my day! 🙂
    How often do you get to see your family?
    I think it is understandable that you protect yourself from getting ill. Especially when others are more (too) relaxed about this.
    I used to be so upset when my patients would come to therapy being sick (like having the flu or a virus). And I had a friend who told me once that I am her only friend she cannot visit when she is sick. Well, I might be unique in having a brain(!) but I think there is nothing wrong by saying: we will meet up for coffee when you feel better. (Because coffee and a chat in person can wait but who wants to stay in bed for a week feeling rotten?!)
    xoxo, Eszter

    1. Hello Eszter 🙂

      I don’t get to see my family all that often. They live close enough to visit sometimes, but not close enough to see every weekend. I don’t blame you for not letting people visit if they are sick. It’s rare when I let someone in my home. It’s either my mom, dad, or brother who are allowed in. Rarely friends. I’m just overly cautious I guess.

  3. There is very little in this world that can’t be made better by the adding kittens to the situation. Unless you’re allergic to cats, in which, yeah, they probably make things about ten times worse.

  4. Hi, Megan. I am so happy for you — often a good day becomes the start of more good days, or at least an extended period of not-bad days. Aren’t kittens the best? Something magical happens when I cuddle them. And obese or not, I just love Oscar — obviously a satisfied animal! I don’t know what would work with your nephew, but if you start loading up on Vitamin C, (and you can’t take too much,) your immune system may be better prepared to block any viruses or germs.

    1. Kittens are wonderful and cats are healing in general. Oscar is fat and he definitely has a personality 🙂 He’s just living life and is super cuddly.

      1. He reminds me of my Cromwell, who was with me for 16 years, and 12 different houses and apartments. I loved him so much — he’s been gone since 1999, but I still miss him every day.

  5. I totally hear you. I have had an assortment of animals throughout my life and a little one of ANY KIND brings a smile easily. Presently, we just adopted a new little puppy. Not only does he make me smile, but also he has uplifted our other dog and our 3 yr old black lab/border collie mix is like a puppy himself again.

    “Good days” are GOOD THINGS, not matter where they come from.

    1. Puppies are also pretty darn precious 🙂 I have had a few in my life and loved them, but have found myself later in life to be more attracted to cats. I would like to have a dog some day, but it will be far in the future.

  6. Hi Megan, Thanks for checking out my blog. I had poison ivy earlier in the summer. I was determined to clear out the vines in my backyard, unfortunately, some of those “vines” were poison ivy! I like your blog.

    1. I haven’t seen this before, but it is the best video ever! Chester totally did that snaky, squirrelly thing where it looked like he wasn’t going to fit in a slightly open drawer, but he managed to morph and fit in.

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