How to Bathe a Cat According to Chester

Chester fleeing the bathroom

Tonight was bath night 🙂  Chester had to get a dreaded bath.  It’s more of a sponge bath than anything because I never submerge him.

I’ve heard it over and over again that you shouldn’t wash a cat much at all.  Being someone with allergies and who at the same time love cats, this is really the only way for me to have them.  Never giving a cat a bath is a huge misconception!  I give Chester regular baths and his skin is not dried out by them and although he doesn’t particularly love water, he tolerates it wonderfully.  This is going to be a funny post.  I’m going to try to explain just how it is that I give my little buddy a bath and the important things to know about bathing cats 🙂  This is all based off of experience.

I can’t stand the thought of him having my body oil all over him from the constant petting and picking up.  To be honest with you, I don’t think he likes it much either.  I hardly ever see Chester licking himself clean, except for when he is starting to smell weird and needs a bath.  I have never seen him cough up a hairball either.  My mind always goes in the wrong direction and I start to see him as a germ factory.

Giving him a bath at least once a month and brushing him regularly helps with shedding and allergies a great deal and he smells great and has a shiny coat.

The key to bathing a cat is to start when it’s young.  Older cats who have never gotten baths before might be aggressive.  I gave Chester his first bath about a week or two after I got him.  He was just a little kitten 🙂

Another very important factor in successfully bathing a kitty is to NOT submerge the cat.  Don’t even fill up a tub.  It is better to let the bathtub faucet run while you are bathing it.  I bring a cup in with me to fill up and pour over him.  Putting him under the faucet would be far too traumatizing.  The funny thing is, Chester is too smart and knows when I’m going to give him a bath if he sees me carrying the “bath cup” to the bathroom.  He always runs and hides under the bed.  Now, if I put the cup under my shirt and pretend like nothing’s going on, then he doesn’t hide.  It’s the funniest thing.

I shut us in the bathroom, get his towel ready, and make the water a perfect temperature.  It should be more cold than hot, but still warm.  Chester is so cute and he doesn’t stand on all fours in the tub.  He will stand on his hind legs and put his front paws on the side of the tub against the wall, his back facing me.  He stands that way, totally still, until I shut the water off and the bath is done.  It’s pretty adorable 😉

After gently pouring water all over Chester, and you’ll find that cats are kind of waterproof, so you’ll need to pour quite a bit of water, you will then put the shampoo on 🙂

I use kitten shampoo that’s tearless from my local pet store.  It’s expensive, but you don’t use a lot at a time and it’s very gentle.  Plus, it makes him smell like baby powder 🙂

Here’s the shampoo I use:


Cat fur is kind of tricky to wash.  As I said before, it’s kind of waterproof, so you will have to scrub a bit to get the fur totally clean.  Be careful not to get in the eyes and make sure to wash the paws 🙂  Chester doesn’t like when I wash his paws and I suspect it’s because he only stands on two back feet!

Finally, just use the cup to wash off the soap.  Wash it very well or it might cause dandruff and itching.  This is probably the most important part of the process.

Once you’ve rinsed your kitty well, turn the faucet off and dry the little buddy off.  Chester is very calm up until this moment and then he doesn’t let me dry him that well before he runs off.  He just licks himself dry the rest of the way 🙂

Well, that’s all there is to it!

Hope you had some fun reading.



33 thoughts on “How to Bathe a Cat According to Chester

  1. Bath night!? Did you survive that? And that shampoo looks cute, almost like a bottle of cat milk.
    By the way, just found out about your blog and now following along via Bloglovin.

    1. I survived it 🙂 He’s actually really great at getting baths. He doesn’t make a peep or move a muscle, until it’s over then he really wants out.

  2. Definetely funny, Megan 🙂 As you described it, I would like to have a bath too..MOL…You gave some good points about the bathing, especially the first one. Pawkisses for Chester, the good smelling cat 🙂

  3. I can’t imagine washing my fat fur ball Vader. He’s too mean, hahahaha! You keep doing what you’re doing and don’t be bothered by what conventional wisdom says!

  4. Such a beautiful cat! This is great advice, I will have to try it with my tuxedo Domino. He is shedding all over the place, but I guess he kind of helps, for some reason he loves playing with his shedded fur which makes for even more fun clean up. I hope you are well and thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    1. That’s really adorable actually 🙂 Chester doesn’t shed much at all. Any fur that is shed comes out in the bath and I have to wipe it out of the tub.

  5. I’ve had 15 cats in my short life, and not once have I bathed a cat! Lolz, I wipe down my kitten Kobe, but that’s about it. You get all the Kudos and confetti for this feat!!! 🙂 Love it! E.E.

    1. 😀 I was determined to make Chester cooperate with bathing and he’s done really great. He doesn’t even make a peep or move a muscle 😉 It’s really cute actually. I should videotape it next time.

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