When An Hour Turns Into Two



This is where I was for hours this afternoon.  Looks kind of scary, right?

The last couple of days, I woke up with a slight sore on the upper right, inside part of my cheek.    It was ok the first day, but it just got worse and worse.  Today, the pain was unbearable.  I’ve never had a mouth sore like this before!  It hurt so much that I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to eat, so I basically had to shove the food in my mouth.  It started to really freak me out when the lymph node on the right side of my neck was swollen and I’m pretty sure I started to have a fever.

At about noon, I decided that enough was enough.  Luckily I work for an ENT doctor in town, so I called over there and he agreed to see me toward the end of the day.  I headed over there at 3:30.

It was awkward meeting people that I talk to on the phone to everyday, but have never met.  Kind of weird.  Anyway, I did the normal filling out the paper sort of things, got my weight and height measured, was asked questions and then sat in an exam room.  I knew the doctor was notorious for being slow.  One hour quickly rolled into two before he finally saw me.

He looked in my mouth and was concerned that I couldn’t open it too far.  He poked around a few minutes and then decided it was a mouth ulcer that had just gotten really inflamed.  He got me a prescription for triamcinolone, a corticosteroid that is most often injected into joints for arthritis, was made into a paste for mouth sores.  It’s awesome and took the pain away instantly.

Waiting in that office for two hours freaked me out.  I couldn’t wash my hands, I heard people coughing, and I had no idea who or what had been in the chair I had been forced to sit on.  Then I had to go to the pharmacy and wait some more.  I finally got home at around 6:30.  Talk about a long day.

I’m so glad to be sitting on the couch right now, just watching old episodes of the office and writing this post.

Thanks for reading.



51 thoughts on “When An Hour Turns Into Two

  1. I never enjoy making a trip to the doctor. It’s one of those things that I’ll wait as long as humanly possible to put off. The anxiety of being around all those sick people can be very hard to manage. A few years ago I had to take my dad to the ER and we were there for over six hours. I’m sure you can imagine how I was feeling. I had my hands in my pocket most of the time and don’t think I touched a thing.

    1. I can definitely relate to the feeling! If I am not wearing a jacket where I can tuck my hands in and make tight, stupid fists, then I just cross my arms and make fists. Kind of weird, but it’s one of those things I do that is part of having OCD. You sound a lot like me when I visit the doctor 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry! I hope you get well soon. That sounds like a really stressful situation, but you seem to have handled it beautifully. Be proud, and get good rest! ❤

  3. You know Megan I have noticed something lately. You have let us know quite a few times lately about things that you were forced to do that were really tough or freaked you out or both. In each and every case, no matter how bad it was, you endured it and got through. You are making great strides lady! Proud of you!!

    My old dad always said, bravery isn’t a lack of fear, bravery is being scared and still getting it done. You are one brave little lady 🙂 (darn cute in your new glasses I bet as well!)

    1. 🙂 Thank you so much Tony. In some ways I really am progressing. It’s taken a lot of mindfulness and working on me controlling m emotions and not the other way around. Some days are worse than others, but I manage to make it out alive!

      I hope my new glasses look good on me. Sometimes salespeople will say whatever just to get you to buy from them 🙂 I’ll have to take a picture when they come in!

  4. It has been a couple of days full of dreams (nightmares). Hope sandman can help you there and give you something nice for a day or 3.
    Thank you for the read but that picture got the dominant side of me, grin.

  5. Hope you’re feeling better. I woke up to some weird pain in my right ear and the right side of my mouth, and I’m thinking my sinuses are acting up from the shift in temperature. To go from 80 degrees to 50 is not kind on the body. It’s one of those “I do NOT want to get out of bed days.” I’m going to read, write, and rest my addled mind. =(

    1. I have issues with barometric pressure and shifts in temperature. It’s very likely that’s what it was. Your middle ear may also be acting up if you have allergies 😦 I hope you are feeling better today!

      1. I never had allergies so severe until the last six years or so. I used to have “winter allergies”, but now I have developed skin and food allergies out of nowhere. It’s so frustrating. I’m also tired of going to a doctor with ear pain only to be told that I don’t have an ear infection, that I “just have allergies”. I made a doctor put me on antibiotics once just to be sure, and after a few doses the pain stopped completely, so either he couldn’t see it or it wasn’t in my ear, but was still present. I was once hospitalized with an infection that several teams of doctors couldn’t find. It ended up being an ear infection that had moved to my hip (I don’t know how they even found it, but it’s not like they didn’t scan me from here to the Middle East!), and once it was treated properly I was fine. Meanwhile, I was in agony for weeks before ending up in the ER because I could no longer walk. I have residual hip pain from that and a doctor once told me that MIGHT be one of the reasons I have Fibromyalgia. Honestly, they all need to stop the Sherlock routine, it’s boring unless Robert Downey Jr’s the one doing it. LOL.
        I’m feeling a little better. I know it’s the weather shifting about. I’m looking forward to 100% Fall weather. Jeans, light jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters. It’s definitely my time of year. =)
        Glad you’re feeling better too. Talk to you soon.

      2. That is a terrible experience bouncing around from doctor to doctor and getting nowhere until you’re very ill. I hate that! I’ve been told many times that the things I know are wrong with me were not. Allergies are a great one that they like to throw out there. I always say, trust your instincts. You know your body better than anyone. I know this is true for me. No one believed me when i felt terrible for a week, shivering and I just couldn’t get warm and I had a neckache from heck. Turns out I had really bad tonsillitis.

      3. I do know my body better than anyone else, and I’m persistant in being a pain in the ass. It might seem aggressive to those who don’t get it, but I don’t think one can be aggressive enough when it comes to their health, especially when others want to “wait and see”. I don’t have time for that nonsense. I know when I don’t feel right, that something is wrong. It weirds people out, but I can tell you several hours before the thermometer reading that I have a fever. I can tell when something is off. I never go to the doctor unless something is really wrong and it can’t be treated by normal protocal. A lot of people go to the doctor when they have the flu, but I know the difference between a really bad cold, the flu, or something worse. Of course, there will always be colds and flus that feel like death, but with enough Zicam, soup, and tea, they do eventually go away.

      4. I’m the exact same way friend. I am very in tune with my body and am very aware of even the slightest change in my health. Not everyone has this “gift”. I attribute it to my anxiety and fear of getting ill. I can always tell when I have a fever too, like when I had the mouth sore. I don’t get why people go to the doctor when they have the flu or a cold, unless of course they get pneumonia from it. There’s nothing that doctors can do for a cold or the flue that you can’t do on your own! Viruses have to run their course. Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  6. Morning Meghan; best thing to take away from this is the fact that you WENT! Look how much better you are after receiving treatment physically but also look at what you mentally survived! You get two big woowhooooo’s from the team girlie. oh wait, here is the second woowhooooooo!!
    Have an awesome day, rest up, cheer up and be proud of your accomplishments.

    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂 You’ve made me smile. It was somewhat of an accomplishment for me. I had to deal with a long wait, terrible pain in my mouth, and a creepy office manager who thought he was pretty suave 😉 So glad to have met you!

    1. The only thing that kept me going was the pain, the thought that he was almost going to see me, and then obviously the fact that the appt was basically free 😉 Otherwise, I would definitely have left!

  7. I know only too well about waiting a long time to see a doctor. My family doctor tends to run late. I usually get the last appointment of the day and I seem to sit forever. I always try to remember to take a good book. My sleep apnea doctor is the worst. I am always there for at least two hours if not more. It is very frustrating for me to have to wait so long after I have already had a hard day at work. Luckily I love to read. I am glad you are going to be ok. I hope you are enjoying a great weekend with K. 🙂

    1. I know! It is terribly unthoughtful that we have to wait so long after a long day of work. I hate that aspect of it too. Sounds like we have similarly slow doctors 😉 I had a great weekend with k! I hope yours was and is going great 🙂

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