A Random List of 18 Things That Give Me Anxiety


A few weeks ago, I posted about a new chair that I bought at a really neat antique store in my hometown.  It’s very cute and unique and I love the texture because it reminds me of a couch my great grandmother had.  Since then, Chester has apparently claimed it as his own and he is the primary user of the chair.  I’m not worried about it though.  He doesn’t scratch it (much) and he doesn’t really ever shed.  It’s rare when I see his fur on anything.  Anyway, I just had to share this photo that I took recently because it shows just how content he is sitting there, not having to force cuddle anyone 😉  He looks like he’s smiling.  I love my little stress reliever.

I have OCD, a specific type of anxiety disorder, which means obviously that I have a lot of anxiety 😉  A lot of things can trigger it and the fact that I grind my teeth at all hours of the day and tense my neck constantly is probably an indicator that I’m usually experiencing some type of anxiety.

I took the time this evening to think of some of the specific triggers of my anxiety.  This is probably not an exhaustive list, but it’ll do 🙂

  1. The “v” word (a.k.a. throw up) in the form of action, noun, or sound
  2. Contagious illness in general
  3. Being near someone who is coughing or sneezing
  4. Touching someone else’s keyboard, cell phone, pen/pencil, basically anything that they probably never thought to disinfect
  5. Sitting on a public toilet.  Public restrooms in general.
  6. Touching paper after I’ve washed my hands
  7. Grasping a public door handle, not my home ones
  8. Going to the movie theater
  9. Going to the gym
  10. Eating without access to someplace to wash my hands
  11. Touching my face
  12. Undercooked meet, particularly pork and chicken
  13. Food poisoning
  14. Public transportation of any kind
  15. Handling money
  16. Touching a credit card machine or anything at the bank (atm, teller window)
  17. Bars where lots of young people go.  Sounds weird, but here there are bars where undergrads go and those where graduates, professors, and “townies” go.  Big difference.
  18. Public places in general

Well, these are just some of the things that came to mind 🙂  Please share some of yours, anything that’s not listed or is!  It’s always great to share 🙂

Now, back to cuddling my Chester.

Thanks for reading!



152 thoughts on “A Random List of 18 Things That Give Me Anxiety

  1. Glad you liked Andre’s music. Anxiety or concern in a low range are normal warning for self preservation. We all have some reaction to this thoughts. It becomes pathological when it is conceived as high risk causing symptoms.
    Years ago I felt anxiety because of an experience and felt chemical released to my joints from the anxiety, I realized this would cause pain in the joint and get worse. So I willed myself to change my thinking, adopt another view or perception, or narrative and empowered myself to stop the reaction. It took time but it worked.
    I do this constantly with faith and trust in my positive energy and outlook, cultivating my mind and heart with beautiful inspiring thoughts, great music and giving to others, to turn this fears in to constructive actions. I have a strong faith in my ability to overcome disease, the immune system is strengthen by your heart and mind and the food you eat, fresh and organic.
    I also look at death as another stage of infinite life as a soul/being.
    I believe my philosophy of life as helped me overcome anxiety and there is more to do.
    I hope you find your strength, your way to overcome this fears producing anxiety and shine your beautiful smile like a beacon for everyone to see as you live your life.

  2. Hello Megan! This is interesting. I have never heard about OCD. I’m sure I don’t have it, but I do share some points of your list like 5, 10, 11, 14, 15. I have to confess I wash my hands a lot due to these and other points of the list.
    By the way, thanks for liking my post “Graffiti around the world: Naucalpan, Mexico”
    Kind greetings,

    1. Hello Marianne 🙂 I am a compulsive handwasher, so I know that all too well! Thanks for reading my post and sharing some of your similarities with me.
      have a great weekend!

  3. Some of the top things that trigger my anxiety are watching the news and being in high traffic. The news never has anything good to say and so many people are so stupid when they’re driving I hate driving with them all around me

  4. It’s so good to be aware of your anxiety triggers, so you can start figuring out what you need to do to work through them. I think some anxious feelings can be helpful because they help us stay safe–as long as they don’t start to impact our happiness. I can definitely relate to the things on your list (after all, who enjoys getting sick??), but I’ve just learned to not touch my face after I’ve been out in public, until after I’ve gotten a chance to wash my hands.

    1. Not touching your face is probably one of the best ways to avoid getting sick 🙂 Smart girl! And waiting for a chance to wash your hands, even better. It amazes me that not everyone gets this concept naturally 😉

  5. Your Chester looks like my little girl, Jojo. She went over the Rainbow Bridge last year (before Izzy came into my life). Nothing like having an animal that doesn’t shed. Makes it a lot easier to cuddle 🙂

    1. Be strong friend. I have many issues with being in public, so I get you there. I’ve always been self conscious about myself, not just my behaviors, but also my looks. I’ve been so unsatisfied with me for so long.

  6. Hi Megan thank you so much for liking my post. While I can’t identify with the cat loving (I have rampant allergies) but your list is bang on. I really admire anybody that has a blog like yours as it takes a lot of courage to put personal things out there. Good luck. Stay Righteous.

    1. Oh dear 🙂 I’ve used hand sanitizer since it first came out 😉 I’ve been on Zoloft for some time now, it’s an SSRI and yes, it does take off the edge. Thank you for commenting 🙂

  7. you really only have 2 things on your list:
    1. fear of disease/infection
    2. fear of being where people are

    now, some would call these “irrational fears”, but i think that that is unfair. these are both highly rational fears. what IS irrational is to let them control you, and the way you live your life.

    living in fear is not really living at all. you could be trapped inside a glass case and probably still find something to fear. what is important is how you PROCESS these fears. you CANNOT let them dwell inside you and fester and grow. they will consume you and ultimately make you become a hermit.

    what you SHOULD do (and this will take time), is to realize that these are things that the people AROUND you face EVERYDAY, and the people around you get along just fine.

    are you going to get hurt once in awhile? yes, but it won’t be anything you can’t bounce back from. that is part of living your life. the bad times help you to appreciate the good times 🙂

    the more you TRY to do the things that scare you, the less they will scare you. building a community of friends (a support group, essentially) can be helpful, but can also make you think that it is acceptable to live this way (even if only subconsciously), which is a BAD thing. i pray you don’t go down this path, as it can corner you into your affliction.

    i once had OCD myself, and i can assure you, i am well aware of its horrors. i was lucky to have evaded it, but still i occasionally feel its sting. it makes me want to do irrational things for rational reasons, and it seems logical enough at the time, but it is a constant fight for control of my life.

    unless you take control, it will control you.

    good luck 🙂

    1. Dear Batmanjones8,
      Beautifully put, I truly hope that that she will take that under consideration. I wrote something very similar. It’s a choice. The song that comes to mind is “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” But, the first step, as in everything is hard. We are all here for each other. best wishes, Laurie from hibernationnow.wordpress.com

  8. Hi Megan, I found this post really interesting, thanks for sharing this list! The only one of these I would say I have in a serious way is the first one (even thinking about it makes me shudder). But my sister has pretty much all of these, and really suffers from anxiety, so it’s great to read this and know that she’s not alone. She constantly has to wash her hands and they get really red and sore as a result 😦 Horrible. But she’s doing a lot better than she was!
    Thanks again for posting 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel 🙂

      Ugh, the 1st one of the list is my biggest phobia. I think it’s my only true phobia along with stinging insects. It makes me shudder too 😦 I empathize with what your sister is going through. I am a compulsive hand washer and my hands bleed sometimes too. She is definitely not alone. Many of my followers actually are the same way. Thanks for sharing that with me 🙂

  9. Hi Megan, My daughter had OCD but had outgrown it. I sure hope you do, too. It’s not fun. I discuss anxiety often on “depressionsgift.com”. I used to experience bouts of depression a lot but haven’t for over twelve years now.Thanks for th e”like”.

  10. Sadly, I have developed a terrible phobia of driving on the highway. Since I already had lots about flying, it makes me crazy~ The anxiety starts days in advance of a trip. Thank you for your reading my posts and your wonderful honesty.

  11. Your list is fascinating. I think you have Mr. Monk beat. Most people worry about cleanliness, so I’m not sure I’d include that as part of OCD.
    This may sound strange, but I’ve been curious about how fast can germs travel, say on a toilet seat or toothbrush. If you see a spot of dirt, do all the germs stay with that spot or do they venture out farther? Silly, I know. I don’t think I learned that in Nursing School.
    I guess that’s why I called my site quirky–some of the stupidest things peak my interest and I just have to find the answer. Maybe that’s OCD? My house certainly doesn’t look like I’m compulsive about cleaning.
    I’m sorry it has taken so long to respond to your visit. After my hospital stay, I was overwhelmed with emails, reaching nearly 1000. It’s taken me this long, going from new to old and back again, to get out of September.
    Thank you for your visit and I hope you will continue to stop by.

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