Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster with a Cat

Yes! I got his tongue :)
Yes! I got his tongue 🙂

I’m so glad that I have a stockpile of Chester photos because this has been a strange, emotional day.  I cry a lot as it is, which I blame on hormones, but today was one of those strange days where I just have a lot of weird emotions.  My grandmother is in the hospital.  She’s been several times before for heart problems and that’s what it is again.  I’m not sure how much more her frail body can take.  Of course I was worried at work and I tried not to think about it, but every time I did, I welled up.  If things get worse for her, I will go to see her.  Hopefully I will get to see her this weekend.

He was getting annoyed by the photo shoot...
He was getting annoyed by the photo shoot…

Thinking about how my grandmother’s heart has always seemed to fail her and all my grandparents for that matter, really made me consider my own health.  I will admit, I don’t exercise.  I hate this about myself.  I never used to be this lazy, or at least I don’t remember it that way.  I blame it on my medication.  I am just super lazy, I live a sedentary lifestyle, and have definitely gained weight since I started my job at an office where I sit all day long.  I have been looking at gym memberships because that would really be the only way that I would actually work out.  I’m not committed when I try to do it at home.  K says he will help me work out at home first. We are going to start tomorrow. I’m actually really excited!  I just hope this excitement lasts.

If my grandmother’s health isn’t motivation enough for me to get into shape, I made myself and K a bargain.  He does not want me to have a tattoo and I’ve always wanted one.  Not a huge monster of a tattoo that covers my entire trunk, but rather a small one on one of side of my body, just on the rib cage below my armpit.  I was thinking, now don’t be too surprised, a cat.  I’m not sure exactly what, but probably something really abstract, or an outline of Chester.  K said that if I start working out that he won’t mind if I get one.  I don’t want to make him mad, so I will only get one if I work out.  Anyway, who wants to be out of shape and then get a tattoo?  😉  I want to be able to show it off!

I also got attached to a cat that’s at the local shelter.  This happens every so often and I hate that I do this because it inevitably ends in disappointment.  I will just happen upon the adoption page for my local shelter and will almost always fall in love with a random cat.  This one is a gorgeous snow white Turkish Angora.  I know they have skittish personalities and I bet Chester would hate having another cat around like that, but it can’t hurt to dream.  Plus, our rent is already outrageous with Chester and our landlord charges even more for another pet.  Don’t you hate that feeling, when you want something so much but just can’t have it?

I’m still kind of emotional right now.  I hope my grandmother is well and I hope I can learn to take care of my physical health a bit better.  Help me find the motivation!

Thanks for reading all of this whiny stuff 🙂




73 thoughts on “Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster with a Cat

      1. 🙂 I’m not worried about the pain. I know everyone says tattoos are really painful and while that’s true I’m sure, I’m ok with pain. I always have been 🙂 Thank you for thinking about my grandma. She does mean a lot to us.

  1. I have a cat and have just been put in the position of having to rescue another from a family member that couldn’t/wouldn’t care for him. I feel so bad for both of them, one because he has been displaced and the other who is very put out by the new household member. It is difficult, more like an eternal uneasy circling and watching than a harmonious household. I hope we all get accustomed to each other soon, it’s pretty hard for cats to adjust…
    Good luck with your exercise regime! I saw a tattoo show the other night and a lady had a really cute (?) zombie/mummy girl and 4 anime cats tattooed on her, it was amazing! I don’t have any tattoos myself but if I was going too it would be cats too! 🙂

    1. That’s what I’m afraid of if I ever get another cat. I would hate to change the dynamics of Chester’s life and make him stressed. I’ve seen this happen to one of my sister’s cats and it stopped using the litter box, which was really not good with a child around the house. That tattoo you described sounds really cute 🙂

  2. I don’t think this post was “whiny.” I appreciated all you wrote. Also, I was thinking about getting a shelter cat today (I have a cat named Oscar and haven’t seriously thought about getting a new cat since we got him six years ago).

    1. Thank you for saying that 🙂 Sometimes I apologize too much for myself I suppose.
      My childhood cat that is now living with my sister is named Oscar 🙂 Great name for a cat.

      1. I agree. We looked at many shelter cats, six years ago, before my son decided he wanted to get Oscar. My son, who was around 9 at the time, said he liked everything about Oscar except his name, and he planned to give him another one. However, by the time we had driven home from the shelter, my son declared, “Oscar is the perfect name for this cat.” And it is.

    1. I shouldn’t be. I’m actually blessed with good genes. I just need to get toned 🙂 I am excited to get a kitty tattoo, but not sure what it should look like yet.

  3. I am betting that she is a tough as her grand daughter and will be ok. Best toughts going your way. Hey the easiest way to start a work out. Walk at lunch. Is stairs in instead of the elevator. And park far away from any front door. All little things but the add up!

    1. She is a tough woman and she is so cute and funny in her own little way 🙂 I always loved the way she smells. It must be the perfume or make up that she uses.

      My office is hilariously bad for taking that extra step 😉 It’s on one floor, we park right next to the door, and I basically sit like 10 feet from my car at all times 😉 We have a nice trail next to my work, but I don’t get long breaks and I’ve seen my fair share of weirdos on there 😉 Lots of smiley faces in this reply…

  4. Chester is just gorgeous! I have three kittys, and would love to have more if I was allowed…They really do help to lift my spirits on the sadder days, and they give so much love, expecting nothing in return ~ well, maybe a whole lot of food 😉

    I really hope your grandmother is ok ♥ It’s so confronting to see the older members of your family become more and more frail as the years go by…I have lost my grandmother, and was very close to her, so I feel your worry…Big hugs, hope she is on the mend now!

    1. THank you 🙂 Doesn’t he know it too! I swear he poses for all his pictures. I wish I could have more cats, but this place is stupidly expensive per pet.

      I agree so much with what you say. One of the hardest parts of growing up for me has been to see the people I have known all my life get old and pass away. I really appreciate your kind words and I’m sure she does too.

  5. Okay, total cat person, here. Chester’s tongue is the cutest! I very rarely get snapshots of my Mattie with her tongue sticking out. I also know how it is with grandmothers in the hospital. I hope everything turns out okay with her. My Nana got sick when I was about 12-13 and I was so upset and afraid for her. Good luck with your workout! I keep telling myself I’m going to start running, and haven’t managed to get around to it yet. Bah!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement and the well wishes to my grandmother 🙂 That means a lot to me. I only manage to get pictures of Chester with his tongue out because I will just stalk him and snap like 5 or 10 frames of one shot. Eventually his little tongue pops out 😉 He’s hilarious.

  6. I hope the best for your grandmother and that you can see her this weekend. As far as working out goes, it has become one of my favorite things to do. For the past 3 years I’ve worked out 5 days a week in my home (with the exception of holidays, vacations and severe illnesses). It’s so good, not only for the body, but mentally and emotionally as well. I feel emotionally drained and instantly stressed if I go without working out. When I do workout I feel “on top of the world”, in a great spirits, have confidence and feel in control. Once you really get started, I can almost guarantee that you will love it and wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

    1. Thank you for thinking about my grandmother. THat really means a lot and I do hope to get to see her soon.

      The enthusiasm with which you describe the feeling of working out is enough to get me excited about it 🙂 My boyfriend is going to “train” me tonight. I said I need him there at least in the beginning to help me with what to do and if I’m working out correctly. He works out almost every day, so I need to catch up with him!

  7. I am so happy today, like stupidly happy, so this sucks to hear that your brain chemical are fucking with your emotions today. I have two things to say in response.
    1. This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7AyRDKMJ2c
    2. rib cage tatoos hurt. the tatoos that hurt the least are on parts of your body where you have a layer of fat, the tatoos that hurt the most are right on to bone. I got my first and only tatoo in Janurary 2012. so if you have any questions about what to expect, please ask me.

    1. I have heard that the worst pain is near bonier areas. The alternative idea is to get it on my shoulder blade. That’s kind of cliche, but It would look good too I think. I don’t know what to expect, so I’m a little nervous. My mom has tattoos and she explained the sensation really well to me. I’m not worried about pain. Lastly, oh my gosh, kittens + guinea pig = a great ending to my work day.

    1. Thank you so much. She does not have a cat at home, but she has a little dog named Mason that is like her baby. I’m glad she at least has him, but he’s kind of hyper and she doesn’t move too quickly 😉

      1. And that can be tricky. When my little dog is without his collar, he is super quiet and I have, on occasions, nearly tripped over him. In fact, one day, when he had his collar on and we were outside, I did fall over him. It was not a happy experience for me!

      2. I can imagine! 🙂 Chester won’t tolerate a collar. I bought one of those silly safety collars that pop off if the cat gets stuck somewhere. These are thoughtful, but stupid. He took it off within seconds. I was a constant battle of putting it back on him only to have him paw it off. One day I came home and of course his collar was missing. He looked at me all innocent. I knew in my heart exactly where he had hidden it. I got the flashlight and looked at the very back of my closet, behind the drawers I have in there, and all the way in the dark of this corner underneath clothes and shoes was that collar 🙂 Sorry that was so long, but it is one of his funniest stories 🙂

      3. That is funny. My cat gets rid of those safety collars almost as fast as I can put them on her. The only problem is that I can never find the lost collars because she is outside most of the time. I have actually seen her rubbing her head on a branch to get it off. 🙂 So, I am always buying new collars on sale.

      4. Cats are too smart for those things 😉 A dog might have more trouble getting it off, but a cat just reaches up there and pops it right off. Chester didn’t have it on for more than a minute 😉 Waste of money.

  8. I don’t often get to the Mall but I was there today, in one of my favourite shops, and I kept seeing china cats and lovely teapots, and I kept saying in my head, “Megan would love this.” 🙂

  9. Get-well wishes to your grandma and good luck with your exercise! A cat tattoo is a great idea! It is a good motivation, too.

    About getting another cat, I’m afraid I also have a rather negative experience – my older cat is probably jealous of the younger one, which came to the household later, and the former never got used to the other cat. It’s been more than a year now, but their hostility lasts.

    On a happier note, your Chester looks very much like my Ella, and he also seems to have his eyes half-closed in all his photos. Funny.

    1. Thank you so much. She is doing better, but she’s still in the hospital. We appreciate your thoughts 🙂

      I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get another cat while chester is alive. I don’t want his personality to change 😦 He’s the perfect cat and I don’t need to bring another one in disturbing his life.

  10. I love kitty tongues. Nice capture.

    I truly hope your grandmother is doing better. Sometimes, life is tough and crying is okay.

    Now, exercise–I am bad in this area, but I have been trying to incorporate it into a routine in order to make it a habit. It’s a work in progress.

    Tattoos – I am sharing my tattoo. This was my 50-year-old-rebellion-memorial-mother-daughter event.
    Of course, there is the outline of the cat.
    The large heart symbolizes my husband, the three smaller hearts symbolize my children. The two stars are in memory of my dad and my brother–I have to add another star for my sister, sadly. Plus, my husband thinks it is a bit unfinished, so I might have it shaded.
    I have another tattoo on my shoulder of an eagle, in memory of my Dad. He had a huge eagle across his chest.

    1. Sometimes you just need a good cry. Thanks for reminding me of that. As of right now, she’s doing better, but we’ll see.

      I have to say that I love your tattoo 🙂 It’s so beautiful. Did you get that on your shoulder blade? That’s one of the places I’m considering getting mine. I want to do something of a line drawing like yours is. I’m not a huge fan of a ton of shading on tattoos. What’s even better about yours is the meaning behind each symbol you had done. That is something I need to consider too when I get mine. If it’s going to be there forever, it might as well mean something.

      1. Yes, it’s on the back of my shoulder. In fact, I could even wear a tank top and it may not show. I have to say, my eagle one is on my right shoulder, and there have been a few times where I didn’t feel like it was appropriate to show (because I’m old). Anyway, I’m glad that I chose places to cover them when I need to.

      2. That’s something I’ve thought about. i won’t be getting one that is on my forearms, neck, or even legs. I think the shoulder blade is one of the best spots. Never worry about what other people think. It means something to you and it’s your body 🙂

    1. Thank you. She’s doing better, but is still in the hospital. I appreciate your prayers. Chester says hello to Sid 🙂 There’s nothing like the feeling of adopting a homeless animal 🙂

  11. I really do enjoy Chester photos. I should post more photos of my Furbaby because I love him so much I wonder if something is wrong with me because I love him more than some humans I know! *Hugs*

    1. You should definitely post pics of your little kitty 🙂 I love to share Chester, mostly because I’m obsessed with him and I love him so much. No worries, I will be honest and say that there are few people I love as much as Chester 😉 Most people just don’t even compare…

  12. Do you have an Instagram page for Chester? It would be a great place for cat pics (I made one for my 2 kitties)!
    All the best for your grandmother! Getting old and fragile is difficult but support from family helps.

    1. Now, that’s a great idea 🙂 I don’t use instagram, but for Chester that might be fun. Thank you for thinking of my grandmother 🙂 It means a lot to know that.

      1. It would be fun for sure! Especially with his posing talent 🙂 In case you want to have a look at my kitty page on Instagram it’s @dg_cats

  13. I hiope your Grandmother will be doing a lot better soon. I have some of the same health issues that run in my family, so like you, it makes me wonder what may or may not come my way. I try not to think about it because honestly, there’s nothing you can do about genetics. You can have perfect blood work and body weight and when it’s your time, that’s it.
    I have tattoos and I can tell you now, the ribs are supposedly the worst in terms of pain. My ink is also in a supposedly super painful spot, but I didn’t consider it a negative experience in the least. It was so minor to me and they really healed fast. I’ve got several more planned and will definitely be getting something to honor my cat.

    1. Thank you so much. She is doing better, although she is still in the hospital recovering. She has congestive heart failure, so we expect times like this. Doesn’t make it any less painful when she’s ill.

      I have heard the ribs are painful, so I’m thinking the shoulder blade instead. I am going to get a partial silhouette of Chester. I have a great picture of him that I can change on Photoshop just to give the artist something to work with. He is perched on a table looking at me over his shoulder. It will be perfect I think. I think it would be perfect for you to get one of your cat. I know how much she meant to you and what better way to honor her.

      I’m not afraid of the pain. I’ve heard that it’s more a dull, irritating pain, but most ppl have so much adrenaline at the time that it really leaves a lasting, good memory. I look forward to it actually 🙂

      1. Congestive heart failure runs in my family, so I’m all too familiar with it. I had my heart checked and the doctor was shocked to tell me I had the heart of someone half my age. I’ve never seen a doctor so upset before. LOL.
        It’s hard to see anyone you love go through hospitalizations and testing, etc. I cannot stand being in a hospital since losing my parents. I go completely insane within ten minutes. It brings up so many horrible memories.
        The ribs are painful, but any spot that is bone is going to hurt more than a spot with more skin on it.
        Take as many photos with you as possible for them to work with and don’t say yes to anything you aren’t 100% happy with before they apply the stencil. I’d also go with black and grey, which is perfect for a silhouette and not as partial to fading as colors.
        The tattoo I plan on getting in a paw print with maybe one of her eyes in the lower half of the paw, if the artist is able to capture the color. I’ll bring them lots of photos to sketch from. Then it’s just going to be a very fancy, feminine initial. It’ll go next to several I already have, but it’s something I have to do for her. She’s this huge piece of my heart.
        Tattoo “pain” is different for everyone. Before getting mine, everyone told me horror stories. “It feels like repeatedly being stung by bees”, was one story from a friend who had chosen to get a few in a spot with a lot of bone (her ankle). The other was “It’s like being cut open and burned at the same time.” Another person told me that the spot I chose was WAY too painful (because his was horrible) and that I’d either pass out or not let them finish. Not only was I fine, but I sat through all four in one shot.
        It was a very euphoric experience for me. I was seriously high for about two weeks afterward, it was awesome. LOL. I ended up being allergic to the ointment they wanted me to use though, so I will recommend a product to you in advance because it’s all natural and heals your skin and the tattoo FAST. It smells divine. I still apply it to my tattoos to keep them vibrant and I always use sunscreen on mine if they’re going to be seen. I forget I have them because of the placement, so technically they’re always visible to some degree.
        It took me a LONG time to decide on my ink choices and I don’t regret them, so I always tell people to be 100% certain they want something and where they want it. I also say, make sure it’s done correctly. Any good artist is going to work with you to bring your vision to life, and be open to any suggestions they may have.

      2. I imagine that it is really different for everyone. I am used to pain and not at all scared. I also think some people just have a terrible pain tolerance and/or are sissys 😉 I found an incredible artist collective in Indianapolis that work by appointment only and they only do custom designs. It will be expensive, but I’m not worried about the cost. Quality is more important in this arena. I just can’t stop looking at their galleries online because the work is just incredible. I’ve contacted the artist that I liked the most via email, because that’s the only way they communicate, and asked her some questions. It probably won’t be for awhile, so I have some time to save 🙂

      3. You get what you pay for where tattoos are concerned, but it’s also your own responsibility to make sure the stencils are perfect to avoid screw-ups. I took someone with me to make sure everything was straight since it’s hard to see behind you perfectly, even with two mirrors. Plus, he was working with the curve of my spine, so he knew what he was doing. We talked through the entire process and he was very chatty and amusing, so I think that helped too. I wasn’t scared or nervous, I felt good going in and even better coming out.

      4. I will make sure, or have my mother make sure, that it’s straight. The artist is incredibly friendly and talented and I’ve only heard great things about them. I’m really excited and you sharing your experience makes it a lot less mysterious 🙂

  14. I hope your grandmother will be ok. It is a good idea that you want to go see her this weekend. Sometimes having family visit can help a person’s health. Exercising seems to be a logic choice considering your family history. Make sure you do it for you though or it won’t work. If the idea of getting a tattoo will motivate you to exercise, I am all for it. I hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

    1. She is doing better, but unfortunately she is still in the hospital. She should be out sometime soon, so I haven’t gone to see her yet. I’m hoping next week everything is better. I’ve already been working out hard for the past 3 days and looking forward to months of more 🙂

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