Tooting My Own Horn

Me and Chester
Me and Chester

One of my best blog friends Tony at 10000 Miles of Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts suggested that I write about the recent times in which I’ve made it through some pretty anxious moments.  I thought this was a good idea, so here it goes!

  1. The most recent experience is when I went to see my sister’s new baby.  I don’t do well around children, but something seemed different that day and I really overcame that anxiety, for that day at least 😉 Read about it at: Meeting Baby Rose.
  2. I went to the eye doctor a week ago and it was a strange experience.  You can read all about it here: Don’t Make Me Put My Chin on There!  It’s funny that I’m talking about this again because I had to go back to the optometrist to pick up my new glasses.  That’s them in the picture above!
  3. I had to go to a doctor’s office for a mouth ulcer and was in there for hours waiting and hearing people coughing and sneezing.  Here’s that story:  When An Hour Turns Into Two.  Luckily, my mouth is doing much better 🙂
  4. I had to battle a man cold, which most women can probably attest to, is much worse than a “regular” cold 😉  I kid.  Anyway, here’s that funny account: Fighting Mold and a Man Cold.
  5. I was overly stressed when planning a surprise party for my boyfriend, K, but it went off without a hitch and he was totally surprised.  It was worth the stress. Here’s the link:  Keeping the Cat IN the Bag.
  6. This is about me NOT being as afraid of getting a cold at work when others were hacking and sneezing:  A Long Day Calls for a Cold One.  I will be having the exact same treat tonight with a slice of lime 😉
  7. This one is about me pumping myself up for the dreaded winter months:  Goodbye Summer, See You Next Year.

I never really thought about everything that I’m doing adding up to so much.  I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’m kind of proud of myself 🙂

I know where I’ve been and it hasn’t been good. I know where I am and it’s even better.  I know where I’m going and it will be incredible.

Thank you for reading 🙂


PS I just want to mention one thing that I keep forgetting to mention!  If I don’t reply to your comment right away, it’s because I respond to comments usually a day after they are posted.  Also I approve every comment, so that I don’t accidentally miss anyone’s.  I do almost all of my blogging at home in the evenings and am at work throughout the day.  I just don’t want anyone to feel discouraged if I’m not answering quick enough!  🙂


47 thoughts on “Tooting My Own Horn

  1. “I know where I’ve been and it hasn’t been good. I know where I am and it’s even better. I know where I’m going and it will be incredible.”
    You are absolutely right! Seeking therapy and finding support from family and friends is a huge step in the right direction. I wish you luck!

    1. That is the best quote! When I was having multiple panic attacks a day and could barely leave my house I couldn’t see a path anywhere. But as the baby steps got to tween steps and tween steps turned into teenager steps and so on I started to look back and really celebrate everything I’ve done. Every time I meet someone else who is struggling with agoraphobia (my own illness, one of a few *le sigh*) I tell them that they HAVE to celebrate every single step no matter how small or big. Every advancement towards wellness is a joyful thing.

      Toot your horn, chica!

      1. It’s great to always encourage people when they’ve done something successful, even if it’s something small that they don’t recognize as such. Good for you!

  2. It’s wonderful that you can recognize the positive achievements you are making! I know myself, sometimes when you are caught in the middle of ongoing stress, it can be very difficult to see any positives at all…Well done for everything you are accomplishing!

    Oh, and your new glasses look great! 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s weird getting used to this new field of vision, but I like the convenience of them 🙂

      I usually have tunnel vision when it comes to stress and am in the fight or flight moment. For some reason, things have not been that way in the last month or so. I’ve taken efforts to be more mindful of my thoughts and actions. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s paying off 🙂

    1. 😉 I’d like to think that’s what’s going through his mind, but this was definitely a forced cuddle. He did not want to take the picture. He just likes to let the camera capture him on his terms I guess 😉

  3. 1) CUTE glasses!

    2). Great post lady, I am very proud of you and I knew when you stated you’d see how well you have done

    3) you respond better than anyone!

    And finally, and you! I like being a best blog friend! You are the same!

    1. Thank you and thank you 🙂 I like the glasses, but it’s quite a change from contacts, but at least I can see clearer. It was easy to write this post, but I still think it came out interesting. I made K take that picture of me with my glasses (he’s not as good as me with the camera)! Chester WOULD not cooperate and as you can probably tell, that was a forced cuddle. He likes to take pics on his own terms 😉

  4. thank you for liking my few first posts. i can see you also love cats, as i do. i also had one similar cat as yours. Thanks and looking forward to be with your journey. Good luck and thanks, again.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I never would have really thought about these “successes” until a friend pointed out a pattern to me in my recent posts. It was nice to see that all in one post 🙂

  5. It takes small steps to move forward and that is also what you are doing. As you said it is going to be incredible. You walk your own path so take your time.
    PS. glasses look good on you 😀

    1. Thank you! I haven’t worn glasses in public in years. I mean at least 10 years, so i wasn’t sure how they would be, but I like them a lot 🙂 I do tend to rush things. Living with OCD is a lifelong struggle, so why hurry? 🙂

  6. I think you are very hard on yourself and it is nice to see you show how strong you really are. Making a list of what you have accomplished always will make you feel better. I hope you do not mind that I sometimes don’t comment on a post until a few days later. I don’t always have time to go on the computer at night and so when I do I go back to where I left off even if it was days ago. I don’t want to miss a good post! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Thank you for always supporting me 🙂 Don’t you dare worry about not getting to comment on a post! I post pretty often and don’t ever expect anyone to comment and when they do it’s an extra, wonderful bonus 🙂 I hope your weekend is going well! It’s almost over, but the weather has been great 🙂

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