Unusual and Hilarious Suspects


I would like to update you all on a few things before explaining the photo above.  First, I got an appointment with the tattoo artist in Indianapolis that I am wanting to work with.  The only problem is I am on a 6 month waiting list!  Now, this might seem like awhile, but for something like this, I’m willing to wait.  This will give me enough time to really think about what I want and develop a portfolio of ideas.  Again, I want to thank everyone for the continued donations!  I appreciate it so much. Keep them coming!

Second, tomorrow I will have a guest author writing a post!  She will introduce herself a bit more, but in short, she’s my mom!  I hope everyone will stop by again and read her post.  She will be writing about essential oils and I’ve already read the draft and it’s very informative and interesting.  She’s a lot more knowledgable than I am about essential oils.  I highly recommend reading!

As for the picture above, I went outside my house a morning or two ago and voila!  Something has mutilated my baby peppermint plant.  Something or someone either knocked it over and spilled the dirt or tried to eat the roots and dug out the dirt in the process.  I give up on this thing.  I make it look pretty and then something destroys it.  At another time, something had eaten all the leaves off one night. I have a list of suspects:

  1. Chester.  Ok so there’s no way it was him because he can’t go outside and even if he did, he doesn’t like the smell of peppermint.  However, I do sometimes think that as soon as I leave for work he flops on the couch and grabs the remote, but that’s just my opinion 😉  Also I just wanted to post a picture of him.
    Chester protesting a walk :)
    Chester protesting a walk 🙂

    Now for the actual suspects:

  2. A drunken neighbor.  I have no proof of this and can’t understand why anyone would walk that close to my front door when the sidewalk is huge, but if he or she were drunk, then this is a possibility.  Then again, would they then have enough sense to pick the pot up?
  3. A bunny.DSC_0584

I think it’s probably this little buddy.  I’m pretty sure it’s been him all along.  He is hungry 🙂

4. A deer.

She wasn't going to take her eyes off of me.
She wasn’t going to take her eyes off of me.

This is less likely. I’ve never seen them that close to my house, but maybe they are braver at night.

Let’s ask the audience:

This has literally been the most exciting thing of my day.  Pretty sad, huh?  Well, thanks for reading and tune in tomorrow for the guest post!




58 thoughts on “Unusual and Hilarious Suspects

  1. I once had a lovely, lovely kumquat tree. My husband is Vietnamese, and the tree was a gift from my mother-in-law, because it’s good luck for Tet. It was such a pretty tree, and I really loved it … Until I moved into an apartment with extremely rude upstairs neighbors. I had my tree outside my front door, and they came by and pulled every single leaf off of my tree. Every. Single. Leaf. I moved the tree to my patio, right outside my sliding glass door, and, yep, my rude neighbors followed, continuing to pull the leaves off. Finally, my poor tree died. I still have unkind thoughts about those neighbors. *sigh*

  2. Ooh that wascally wabbit eating those mint plants. As Elmer Fudd would say.
    6 months are gone before you know it. Nice time though since it is early spring then. Tattoos hate sunshine.

  3. I’m going with the bunny. Sorry about your poor little plant. Looking forward to your mom’s post tomorrow. I’ve just started experimenting with essential oils to replace the terrible room freshener sprays with all their chemicals.

  4. Thanks for liking my recent post! I had to come check out your blog, and I’m happy to say you just gained a new follower!

  5. Cats, Cats eat my peppermint all the time, I was able to get it to grow once I placed it in the ground, but all the mint that was in a pot, died a horrible and painful death. Also if you want to keep random animals away from your herbs and other plants, go to a salon and ask for some hair. This way your garden will smell way to human for them to want to be in it.

  6. So here are the rules that go with this award:

    The Liebster Award Rules:

    1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.
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    Here are the nominees I’ve chosen: BTW – if I broke the rules and you have more than 200 followers you can just ignore this. I couldn’t find the number of followers on your site.

  7. It is sad we cannot have nice things outside our door. I gave up on pumpkins for Halloween when they were smashed up in the street one year and eaten by squirrels the next. Hey you might not think your day was exciting but believe me it was better than mine. Have a great week! 🙂

  8. My guess is a raccoon! I live in very URBAN San Francisco, but the few & rare times they visit my garden they make a huge mess! They know instinctively when there’s a root (like ginger) they want to eat & will use their little hands to dig it up, leaving dirt everywhere.

    Chester looks ADORABLE is his harness OMG. 🙂

    1. It might very well have been a raccoon, like you said, they are root eaters. I was thinking it might’ve been a chipmunk too. They are always digging in the landscaping 😉 That should’ve been in the poll…

  9. I found this quite interesting and just had to look it up:) As it turns out, some rabbits actually enjoy mint, as well as sage, origanum, rosemary and others. I would have thought that the mint as well as some of these herbs may have been too pungent a flavour for them but apparently not! My vote goes to the bunny!!

  10. Cats do not like the smell of mint so I think maybe the cat told the deer to destroy it but the deer is too noble for that, so he hired the bunny to the honours: After eights anyone?. :p

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