I Can Has Chester

Random flower because my OCD tells me I need to add a picture...
Random flower because my OCD tells me I need to add a picture…

Today, I did something naughty.  At work I made an I Can Has Cheezburger website for Chester 😉  If you’re wondering what that is, check out his website here:  http://chesterthecat.cheezburger.com

I submitted a couple of his pictures to Lol Cats, so hopefully they pick his!  Here they are:

1. Chester’s Doppelgänger 

2. Santa Cat

When you click on these links, click on the thumbs up symbol below the picture to like it.  I think the more likes the pictures get, the more likely it will be featured on the site.  I thank you in advance!

Now for what was really on my mind:

Sometimes I wonder If I’m being true to myself.  What do I mean by this?  Am I being who I really want to be?  I think a lot holds me back from doing the things I really want to do and be who I really want to be.

There are things sometimes that I find myself wanting to do, but for some reason don’t have the courage to do.  I know I shouldn’t care so much, but I do care about what other people think, particularly my boyfriend and my family.  I might actually do some of these if I had friends. I’ve come up with a list of only a few things that I secretly want to do/have/try, but have yet to actually do/have/try:

  1. Lolita Fashion.  I don’t expect many people to know what this is, but if you click here you can visit an online store that will show you immediately what it’s all about.  Something about dressing up like a little doll is enticing to me 🙂  I really want to be friends with girls who wear Lolita fashion.
  2. A massive cat figurine/teapot collection.  I have a small collection now that I love, but I am always looking to add more.  Basically I want to decorate my house in things cat-related.
  3. Live in a tiny house.  Check out this website to see them. Living in one of these, on my dad’s lake, and subsistence farming is my dream.  Of course there’s only room for one human and at least one cat 🙂 Ah, no civilization to worry about.
  4. Forgoing meat.  I don’t particularly love eating meat and usually I don’t.  I just feel torn because it’s house my father makes his living.  I guess I could just not eat at his house and not tell him 🙂

Ok, when I set out to write that list, I thought there would be more to it, but that’s all I can think about right now.  Getting a tattoo was on that list for awhile, but I’ve found a way to make that come true for me.

Anyway, I know this post is random, but I was thinking about it all day…

Do you have anything that you secretly wish to do, but don’t for some reason?

Thanks for reading as always.



72 thoughts on “I Can Has Chester

  1. those pics of Chester were lovely! I liked them both! My daughter used to be obsessed with Lolita fashion! I know all about it from her. I hope you get to make all your dreams come true sweetie 😉

  2. i would like to do cultural things like go musicals and plays and art shows or also go to live rock concerts. even i would like also to go to more movies and more restaurants, and do physical activities like hiking, swimming, but im halfway thru my life already, so none of this may ever happen 😦

    1. No! You’re never too old for any of those things. Musicals and plays are great at any age. I imagine it might be difficult depending on where you live, but you should go. I live in a college town, so there’s always something cultural going on. I love to do those things when I can 🙂

    1. I looks lavender in the picture and I wish it was because that’s my favorite color! It’s actually pink with a zebra print cushion inside 😉 Perfect for my little boy cat haha! Oh well, I got it free from my bank 🙂

  3. The Doppelganger photo of your cat is amazing. So adorable. And you probably shouldn’t do the Lolita style thing. Those are probably your better instincts keeping you from pursuing that.

  4. Chester is sure to be a hit! (Well, he already is here on WordPress, so he’ll be expanding his internet presence. :D)

    I know several people who are into Lolita fashion. They all love it, and the clothes are super cute. I say just go for it! (At least with respect to one or two things on your dream list.) But I know from experience that this is an easy thing to say, and a tough thing to do. Good luck!

  5. I love the cheeseburger site! Going to see Chester’s pictures. Hope your dreams come true. I like Lolita dresses- on HUMANS. If the human puts one of those on me, I’ll rip her gizzards out.


  6. Both the cat pictures are awesome. I like the Doppleganger one. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s refreshing to get a like from someone that’s not trying to sell me something. 😀

    1. Don’t you love when ppl do that 😉 Like how ppl tell me that getting a tattoo is a sin…
      Chester is pretty hilarious and that is my favorite picture of all time. Took it at just the right moment.

  7. I think I ‘liked’ every picture. They are all very good and some are pretty funny too. Great job! Also, I love the tiny house idea on the lake. I’d do it in a heartbeat if… a lot of things. Why do we let things hold us back from doing what we want? I guess it’s simply because life is not only just about us. Well, we can still dream.

    1. He does take great pictures 🙂 He’s such a funny little cat and I’m lucky to have him. The tiny houses are awesome. I sometimes just look at them and think about how I’d decorate it. I’m not sure why something like that has to be such a far away dream, but I wish it weren’t.

  8. I can relate. I lack the courage to do a lot of things I want to do. For different reasons now *curses agoraphobia* but I was like that before. I always over think and question everything way too much and I’m sure that has something to do with where I am today.

    As for cats.. ❤ Mine are Harley, he's the oldest at 14yrs, then there is Mae Mae and Vee and the babies.. Ini, Miny, Mo and Curly. We lost Mini. 😦 I also have a Pit Bull named Roxy (7yrs) who's best friend out of the cats is Miny (7wks). They are never far apart now that Miny is old enough to let romp around the house and her favorite place to sleep is on Roxy's back. I love LOLCats. If I get started there, it is hard for me to pull away. Same with watching the cat videos on YouTube. I have spent way too much time caught up in that, but I can't help it. They are just so funny.

    1. I’m sorry that you suffer from agoraphobia. A few other followers experience similar things, so I empathize with you there. It’s not at all easy living with a phobia. I have emetephobia and it’s just no way to live.

      You are so lucky to have such a lovely little animal family 🙂 Pets, I always say, are great for a person’s health. Something about that pure love is therapeutic.

      1. So you’ve never had indigestion or something that was so bad that you actually prayed for it to come up? You’re a brave woman! 🙂 I also have arachnophobia from as far back as I can remember and ya know.. I am okay with that one.. lol.

        I love my babies. I would love to have my own little rescue for strays and those people just throw away for whatever sick reason. They are very therapeutic. The new kittens I’ve taken in actually have me going outside and getting some sun. Since my vitamin D was so low, that makes it even better. I love sitting out there and just watching them play. Before they came along, I would go weeks without even looking out of a window. Who knows.. it could have been their arrival that triggered me to want to fight.

      2. No, I never have! I’ve prayed that it never would 🙂 I am terrified, phobic of stinging insects. I had a bad experience as a child and got stung on the hand several times by wasps.

        If I had my own home, I would most definitely be a foster mom for cats and kittens. I think that would be so rewarding 🙂 A shelter would be a rewarding experience as well. You should do this some day.

      3. I wish I could. I used to work with animals and no matter how dirty it got, I loved it. I have fibromyalgia now and am very limited by pain. Just taking care these four can cause a major flare up. Lots of bending over and picking up with these guys. They love to be held.

      4. I’m the same way with animals. Their dirt does not bother me 🙂 I’m sorry about your pain 😦 My grandmother has fibromyalgia as well and I know how much she suffers.

  9. You probably don’t know, but I design and wear lolita and have been for over 10 years! I don’t know where you live but if it was near me I’d be glad to lend you clothes sometime. I have other friends who design lolita fashions as well, and I’d be glad to give you a proper introduction. 🙂

    1. I didn’t know that, but I think it’s totally impressive. I LOVE the fashion and would love to get into a club here or something. I am in Indiana, near Indianapolis. Do you sell your designs? This is actually really interesting 🙂 I’d love to hear more!

      1. I’m in Ohio, and as yet I’m not doing much selling. It takes so much time and money to produce a piece it doesn’t work out well for a full time history major like me! I’d make one for you if you like, but I also recommend my friend Annika’s label Pop Princess. She does beautiful work, and I’m always happy to promote an amazing friend like her. Feel free to email me (Butimnotcute at gmail dot com) if you want. I’m always glad to help!

      2. She does do great work! I just checked her etsy shop. I wish I was so talented. I’d love for you to make me one but I get that it’s a lot of work. I have no idea how much you would charge but just give me the dets 🙂 ill send you an email for sure

      3. Yes! I got it today, but I have two big projects I forgot about, so I’ll reply as soon as I can think again. XD
        I should be able to help you if you want to make something yourself, but if you don’t mind waiting I would be honored to make your first dress. 🙂

      4. Ugh, I’m glad the days of projects are over for now! That must be stressful 😦

        I don’t mind waiting at all 🙂 I think it would be much more beautiful if it were made by someone who knew how 😉 There’s no rush for this at all. Email me when you can, but again, no rush 🙂

        Good luck with your projects!

  10. I’ve done so much that I’ve wanted to do, but there is so much I haven’t gotten to yet. I’ve always wanted to climb one of the world’s highest and toughest mountains, for example. But with each passing year that gets less and less likely. It’s good to have dreams, even better to make them come true. But you always need dreams to replace them.

  11. The Lolita Fashion stuff is awesome, and they even have wigs ;-D If it was wasn’t so expensive, I’d get some for myself – though I’d probably be too embarrassed to wear it outside… But it would still be so much fun!

      1. So do I 🙂 Play dress up, I mean. Not currently because I don’t have a lot of interesting accessories at the dorm where I live at the moment, but whenever I can… For example, when we have a motto party with the youth group at my church – I am one of the leaders, so then I have an “excuse”, I actually have to dress up to motivate everyone else xD It makes me quite creative and I somehow use whatever clothes and objects I can find ;-D

      2. 🙂 I definitely know what you mean about the dorm. There’s either never enough room or you just don’t want to lug all your things back and forth, so it’s best to leave some at home.

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