This One’s For You Chester!

308102_4150934929377_246895312_nWell, this one is like one of a million posts about Chester, but here it goes.

So, I’m kind of having a mini-freakout right now.  Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I asked everyone to vote on the pictures of Chester for I Can Has Cheezburger?  Well, today thanks to my friend at Stunned and Stunted telling me about it, I found out that he made it to the front page!  Here’s the link:

Isn’t that totally cool?  He has quite a few likes on there 🙂 Not sure who the heck disliked it, but there are a lot of likes!

Chester has always been a star in my eyes, now everyone can see him 😉  By now everyone knows how obsessed I am with him, but he’s just really a unique little guy.  His personality is none like any I’ve seen before.  My stepmother has like 8 cats and they are all terribly boring, nothing like Chester.  Chester is like a little person. He has a mind of his own, a personality unique to him, and he’s really, really hilarious.  We get a good laugh from him at least once a day.  I mean, just the other morning he was strutting into the living room while I was eating cereal on the couch, my makeup brush in his mouth.  All I can figure is that he squirreled into my vanity, snuck his head into my makeup back, which I admit I don’t zip all the way, and made off with it 🙂

He has brought a lot of joy into my life and has made everything that much less stressful.  I’m positive my anxiety has gone down because of him and I’m just happier than I used to be.  I don’t obsess as much about cleaning as I used to, which is great!  He licks the faucet in the tub and I think that’s horribly disgusting, but I am not afraid to touch him.  He has made my OCD a little less unbearable 🙂

If you don’t have a pet, get one.  (I say cat, but if a dog is your thing go for it).  He’s the best addition to our little family 🙂  Yeah I don’t have kids… 😉


I love you my little funny baby 🙂

Thanks for reading!



74 thoughts on “This One’s For You Chester!

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  2. Life certainly is better with pets! I can’t have any where I’m living now, and I’m really starting to miss having a unique little personality running around and doing things as they please. I never used to sit around on the internet and watch videos of cute animals, but now I find myself doing that sometimes.

    1. 😦 I’m so sorry that you can’t have pets. I hadn’t had one for quite some time because of my stupid landlord, but now I’m living in a pet-friendly community. I’ll never not have a cat now 🙂 Oh, and even though I have a cat, I am always watching videos of cute animals sneakily at work ;)….my favorite is the live kitten cams!

  3. Does he run off with hair ties too? Those would get pulled right out of my hair in the middle of the night, talk about tricksy little animals. LOL. The make-up brush is pretty hilarious. I’m pretty sure you’ve got kitty Lojack on you Megan. =P

      1. Both of my cats used to do that, and I never even felt it in the middle of the night. The little one used to brush my hair with her paws, then she’d give me a love bite on my head. Sometimes she’d fall asleep like that, with her face buried in my hair. She was obsessed with it, which is only cute when she’s not trying to eat it off your head. Silly, hilarious creatures. I’ll never be a dog person.
        Speaking of which, it looks like I might adopt next month at an event on my birthday. I’m excited to see what this place will have in terms of kittens. They get about 40 on a monthly basis and they told me that if I take two, the second one is free, complete with all the shots, spaying, etc. That’s pretty cool considering how much some places want. I think it might be meant to be. I’m going with my brother (FYI: He ONLY falls in love with kittens that look like FB or Chester.), we’ll see if I score new babies or maybe just a single baby. I’m excited to go, and I pray I don’t get violently ill and miss the event, that would be horrible.

      2. We have the same deal here at our shelter. It’s not everyday, but it’s on the first Friday of the month I think. They try to adopt kittens out in twos, so that the cat is not lonely. When I got Chester, he already had his shots, was neutered, and microchipped. They also gave us the first vet visit free and a free bag of food. I really wish you luck in finding kitty babies! Definitely let me know what happens 🙂

      3. I’ve only ever dealt with North Shore Animal League, which practically gets a cheek swab before the adoption (I’m kidding, but they do check your references thoroughly.). This place is close enough that if I don’t find a special little furball to take home, I can go back during their next adoption day. They do one a month and all the kittens and cats come from a kill shelter, so this place has adopted out 1600 kittens and cats since they started helping out the shelter. Those are pretty good numbers considering the area we’re talking about.
        The only difference here is that they will be a little older, but I’m going to give it a shot providing I don’t have my usual birthday meltdown.
        I believe in adopting two or three together, but because of the Savannah kitten, I want to get two and work from there. I think three in total is about all I can handle, and that’s actually probably too much, but I will take them with me whenever I travel for longer than 48 hours, and that will help because I don’t like leaving animals at home like that.
        I’ll let you know what happens. Right now, I’m excited, but unsure, ya know?

      4. That’s funny, the cheek swab thing I mean. It reminds me of an episode of Modern Family when Mitchell and Cam are trying to get a kitten in lieu of a failed child adoption attempt. Well, they basically go through the same thing you described 😉 So funny. I feel sorry for all the of those kittens and cats, but hopeful that they are out of the kill shelter. Those places terrify me.

  4. My first visit here…referred from Jeanne Takenaka. Glad I came. Chester’s great!

    Pets are pretty good for dealing with PTSD, too. My dogs stand post when I can get some sleep, and they wake me when I have nightmares.

    One of them, a Pit Bull named Sylvia, likes to sleep in the shower. I learned to check the shower for sleeping Pit Bulls before turning it on. But hey, shower curtains are cheap, right?

    1. It’s so nice to meet you! I’m glad you came too 🙂 I have to agree, Chester is pretty great, but then again I’m totally obsessed with him! Your dogs sound like the canine version of my Chester. It’s wonderful to have pets, especially when life is difficult. Sylvia in the shower sounds so cute!

  5. I feel the same way about my two kiddos. They have such personalties and routines. For example every night one of our cats, Lucky, comes to bed and paws at the covers to snuggle with me when I go to sleep. She doesn’t miss a night and has even started to come back to bed in the morning after she is fed. They make us happy and love having them in our lives.

  6. His face says, “I don’t like this, but I’ll put up with it. Because I love you.Don’t ever forget that I love you.”

  7. lmao it made me laugh out loud your stepmother’s 8 cats are all terribly boring! lol. You’re very much a cat mummy 🙂
    I have rats because I can’t have cats where I live…rat mums will tell you AAAALL about personality 🙂

    Congrats on making the front page, Chester is adorabubble xo

    1. I am VERY much a cat mom 😉 Chester is my little baby and he knows it. He is so freakin cute and is pretty darn clever. I have heard that rats are clever! My coworker had one and he talks about it quite a bit.

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