Are You A Crazy Cat Lady? Know The Symptoms

DSC_0331Ok, so I’ve said this in a post months ago, but I just want to reiterate that I do not condone the use of the word “crazy” in general because of my own diagnosis and my attempt to educate others, but as the term “crazy cat lady” denotes a specific type of feline-obsessed woman, then I’m just going to use it.  I am a self-admitted crazy cat lady and I am not in the least bit ashamed of that.  In some ways, I’m not the classic definition.  I am not a spinster and I only have one cat; however, I attribute this to the fact that my boyfriend prevents me from filling our tiny apartment with furry babies.  I just have one and most of you know his name is Chester.  I spent over an hour at work, on and off, looking for a suitable kitty Halloween costume 😉  This is silly for many reasons, but mostly because he won’t be wearing it anywhere other than inside the house.  I bought it so everyone can see him in a costume 😉  I’m just using Halloween as a an excuse to splurge on him.

The fact that I spent so much time finding the “perfect” cat costume says something about me and my love for cats.  Not love, obsession.  I came up with a list of things that I know I do quite often that leave people saying, “she’s a crazy cat lady.”  Here it goes.

You might be a crazy cat lady if:

  1. You’d rather be at home cuddling your cat than being with friends.
  2. Most of your conversations eventually steer towards something cat-related.
  3. Your desktop background at work is a slideshow of pictures of your cat(s).
  4. When bored, you troll eBay for cat figurines.
  5. Your Amazon wish list contains nothing but cat-related items.
  6. You find yourself changing the lyrics of songs on the radio to something about your cat.  Take this example of that Florida Georgia Line song: “Chester you’re so cute, you make me want to cuddle you all night long in my Cruze!”  Yeah, I drive a Chevy Cruze…
  7. When you get home from a long day at work, you immediately pick up & cuddle your cat saying “I missed you so much.”  5 minutes later you turn to your partner, who is sitting on the couch, and say, “Oh, hey honey, how was your day?”
  8. Anytime you go anywhere and leave your cat at home, you find yourself asking out loud, “I wonder what (cat’s name) is doing now?”  Then you inevitably imagine some kind of impossible scenario (e.g. Chester is sitting on the couch, flipping through channels…)
  9. You know how to hold a cat when others fail.  I’m pretty sure I’m a cat whisperer.
  10. Friends, family, and acquaintances call you a crazy cat lady.  It’s just that evident.
  11. You have photo shoots of your cat(s).  Then look through them on your computer saying “aw” with every one.
  12. You walk your cat.
  13. You have literally 10+ nicknames for your cat and call it each one daily.  (e.g. Chesty, Chetty, Chesternut, Cheetoh, Boo Boo, BoBo, CuKi, KiKi Bear…)
  14. You swear your cat knows more than it let’s on.  Chester has an old soul.
  15. All of the blinds in your house are open so your cat can see out.  You don’t even care if anyone sees you dressing anymore, it’s just normal.
  16. You spent hours crafting cat furniture because you just love your cat so much, then it never uses it.
  17. You love your cat more than most people.
  18. You’d rather have a house full of cats than even one child.
  19. Whenever someone is talking about something their kid has done, you almost always relate it in some way to something your cat has done.  This always warrants odd looks…
  20. You plan Halloween costumes for your cat months in advance!

I actually had a lot of fun writing this.  🙂  These are ALL true to me.  I could probably list more, but my OCD likes the number 20.

Please feel free to share something about yourself!  I’d love to hear the things that makes you a crazy cat lady, or man for that matter 🙂

Look at his tongue!
Look at his tongue!




85 thoughts on “Are You A Crazy Cat Lady? Know The Symptoms

  1. Haha, yes to most of these! Also sometimes you have to stop whatever you’re doing because you realise it’s been a little while since you last saw your cat and you don’t want it to feel lonely so you go and give it a hug. And, you’re convinced your cat is trying to communicate with you and spend time looking up different types of meows on the internet!

    1. hahaha! I do this too and didn’t even think about it. I’ll just be sitting on the couch on my computer or whatever and ask where he is. I’ll usually find him on my bed in the absolute cutest position possible. I’ll say, honey come here! Look at him! THen we both marvel at the sleeping cat and make “aw” sounds 😉

  2. OKAY! I guess if I had a cat as Pretty as Chester I, too, would have to be a show-off, too! nanneenannee-booboo!!!!!
    Hugs, your envious maus friend!

    1. Love this:
      9. You know how to hold a cat when others fail. I’m pretty sure I’m a cat whisperer.

      I am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady – his name is Chase

  3. Yes, I too am a crazy cat lady. I have two giant sized tabby cats. They are 9-year-old brothers. They weigh 21 lbs each and they are gracious enough to allow my husband and I to live here with them. Micah and Tory wanted me to ask you to say HEY to Chester. 🙂 Loved your post. xoxo

  4. I’m the Crazy Dog Guy.

    As I write this there are 12 dogs sleeping within fifteen feet. All strays, all loved. (there are more in the next room, but they asked that their privacy not be disturbed. Most are Pit Bulls (they are very prone to abuse).

    Oh, sorry, thirteen around me. I forgot Bella the Wheelchair Dog. My wife fished her out of a ditch with a broken back.

    Rather spend time with then than with almost anyone.

    1. Poor babies 😦 You are a good person to help and love so many dogs. The poor baby in the wheel chair! I have had dogs all of my life, but as I’ve grown into my adult self, I’m more attracted to cats for some reason. I’ve had some run-ins with aggressive dogs, so maybe that’s why. Chester’s mouth is so tiny that he can hardly bite 😉

  5. Another symptom would be having Facebook and Instagram pages for your cats and profile picture of you and your cat even on your own FB profile (speaking from experience) 🙂 Oh and when your relatives email you baby pics, you respond them with cat pics.

  6. Haha, I love the title! I’m more of a dog person myself and honestly all the items you list I do with my dog… I believe that makes me a ‘crazy’ dog lady! Great list 🙂 And my OCD is loving that you didn’t list 23 things or something ‘crazy’ like that 😉

    1. I guess one could be a crazy dog person 🙂 I’ve had dogs all of my life and I’ve had some great ones and some terrible ones. Chester is my second cat and he’s so awesome 🙂

  7. I am an unashamed crazy cat lady. I have three. One of them has just arrived on the bed as I am writing this. I do most of the things you have listed. Others post pics of their kids on FB and Twitter; I post pics of my cats. They sometimes feature on my blog as well!
    My cat Jet tends to accompany me to the door to greet trick-or-treaters at Halloween, which always gets a good reaction as he is black and witchy-looking! 😉

  8. This posting made me smile. Have you become interested in Pinterest? One of the things I “pinned” there was a picture of a bunch of cats in a doorway. The tag was, “Hi, we hear you are 40 and still unmarried.” I’m not sure this link works, but it was: I’m older than that and currently have no cats, but I agree that cats have great appeal. I even have some names picked out for cats I have yet to meet. Isn’t that like having names picked out for children when you’re not dating? Wait, I think there’s some scratching at the door. Maybe someone has sent me a pack of cats to celebrate the moment! Have a great day!

  9. if i’m refusing to read this because I don’t want to know the truth, that i AM a crazy cat lady, does this mean I’m in denial and i’m screwed?

  10. takes 5 minutes to notice your honey is home. I mean the human one? Ha ha poor honey.
    If I said hi to the dog (I’m not much with cats person) first, I get a slap and a ‘no sex for a week’ note in my lap. well used to

  11. I can relate to only a few of these, but I’ll admit that I start to feel guilty if we ‘re away from home too many hours. I imagine Maude mrowing and pining for us. Then we get home and find her sound asleep! Keep writing, Megan. You have a terrific voice.

    1. Haha! I have the same experience with Chester 😉 I always say that he is faking it when we get home because he was REALLY doing something else, something more human.Maude is a cute name for a cat!

      THank you 🙂

  12. i’m fine with the label if that’s what they’re calling cat loving women. i kind of think it’s termed “crazy cat lady” because of androcentric attitudes. i’m not a feminist, but i definitely think there are female derogatory associations with cats even though we’re seeing more men being open about being cat guys or cat dads. i love jackson galaxy (My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet) for bringing the male-appropriateness of loving and owning cats to modern times.

    i’ve always liked cats, but only recently have come to love them and understand them much better. knowing about cat behavior is helpful to having a better appreciation of them and closer bonds with them. they’re quite possibly the coolest domesticated pals out there:)

  13. Yes! Crazy cat ladies unite! One of the things that i like about your blog is how much you write about Chester. My best friend is also a CCL & the 2 of us are getting tattoos to show our dedication (i.e. obsession) to the cause 🙂

    1. haha 🙂 We are a unique, interesting people. That’s so cool that you’re getting a tattoo because I’m getting one too! In about 5 months or so 🙂 I’m on a waitlist. Mine will be of my cat 🙂

  14. I embrace being crazy, weird. Just as gays embraced the labels queer and dyke. I understand that people need to be educated about mental illness. At the same time, why not turn those negative labels upside down and embrace them. Yes, I am crazy, I am weird, I embarrass family members, I am who I am crazy and all, geek and al, I embrace my inner freak.

  15. My OCD likes the #3. Pretty much everything I do is in 3s. Ah well. I love your list of the crazy cat lady traits. I recognize myself in several of them. (I have three cats and a dog named Kat – no, I didn’t name her)

  16. I, personally, love the word “crazy.” I think it’s a positive thing. You’re not interesting if you’re not crazy! I’ve known plenty o’ crazy cat ladies…not such a bad thing…mostly. Hee hee.

  17. Reblogged this on weggieboy's blog and commented:
    Well, Megan (author of this blog and Chester the tabby cat’s human servant, but not in that order), there is a male variation on this neurosis. Let’s call it “crazy cat guy syndtome”, which I recognized in your list specific to crazy cat ladies. I have two cats, so I must be at least twice as crazy as you!

  18. Well, Megan , there is a male variation on this neurosis. Let’s call it “crazy cat guy syndrome”, which I recognized in your list specific to crazy cat ladies. I have two cats, so I must be at least twice as crazy as you! I had to reblog this, it’s so good!

    1. Oh, I know there are some out there! My boyfriend is one of them 😉 At the very bottom of the post, you’ll see where I said something about men or women. I should’ve been more inclusive! 😀

  19. Yep. I have bipolar disorder and am totally nuts for cats. My cat already has her Halloween costume. She’s going to be a pirate. I’ve found small dog clothes work well for cats. And yeah, in my case, it’s my lease keeping me from taking in all the homeless cats that roam my neighborhood.

  20. Chester is sooooo handsome! We’re a crazy cat couple me and the hubby. When people ask when we’re having kids we respond: “We don’t like human children, we may get another cat though.” Currently at 3 – all adoptees.

    1. Chester is an adoptee too 🙂 I was really glad that I could have the opportunity to adopt. We got so lucky with him. He’s an awesome little boy. And yes, he’s very handsome, which he knows 😉

  21. #21) Your apartment lease restricts you to 2 cats and you’ve spent time plotting how to sneak a 3rd one in 🙂

  22. OMG I can relate to these…all my life I been surrounded by cats-ever since I was born lol.
    My family was honored with the presence of so many feline angels.We lost some,who are now in heaven…and we found homes to many.And today we have Hera(1 yr old),Lola(1 yr old) and Kelly(8 yrs old).I love them so much that I could not imagine life without cats.Proud to be a crazy cat girl and blessed to have them in my life!

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