My New Obsession

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I am having severe, yet stupid, anxiety today.  I do this thing, and my mom can relate to this, where I get something on my mind and have to have it at that moment!  I hate when I do this.  It gives me so much anxiety.  They are quick obsessions and they often wind up costing me money.  My mom has recently revealed that she has always done the same thing.  It overtakes my mind and I troll the internet for literally hours trying to find the thing that I want.  As I am typing this, I am thinking about it and my heart is racing and my breathing is getting difficult.

What is it today?  Well, don’t laugh.  I actually mentioned this thing in a recent post.  I really, really want a Lolita dress.  It’s been all I can think about for the past few days.  I have even joined a group on Facebook for Indiana Lolitas.  I doubt I would ever even have the courage to go to one of their meetings.  I never post pictures that don’t belong to me exclusively, but I didn’t have an image to share!  I hope the visual helps 🙂

These obsessions, as I call them, change often.  Sometimes I get bored with them completely and sometimes I do keep on with them, but that’s rare.  The last time I had this anxiety was not all that long ago.  It’s funny because I can’t even remember what it was about.  That’s what it’s like with these things.

I am thinking that I either can just purchase one and see how I like them in person and on myself, or just try to make one.  I work with a woman who loves to sew, so maybe I’ll bring it up to her.  If nothing else, maybe this will be some motivation for me to learn how to sew better!  I can sew a straight line, but I rarely have the patience to sew something spectacular.  I rush through everything because the anxiety of the finished product is just too much for me.  I fail to enjoy the process of it.  In the end, I wind up with something ugly and crappy.  I have got to work on this!

I am sitting here now, in my living room, on my couch, trying to calm myself down and talk myself out of this rush.  I know that if I still like Lolita fashion tomorrow, the next day, or even a week from now, then I actually do like it and its not just another of my passing obsessions.

Does anyone else experience this?  I’d love to hear your input!

Also, if you happen to have an old Lolita dress lying around that you don’t want, send it my way 😉




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  1. I can relate – though I tend to fixate on ideas, and not always my own – kind of strange… but anyway – so, for example, my boyfriend was toying with the idea of starting a nursery – growing bee friendly trees. I thought it was a great idea so off I went and did a load of research and it doesn’t sound all that crazy or obsessive put like that, but it was all I could think about and I would spend hour after hour doing research. and then it fizzled and I moved on to the next idea. I do it with jobs (currently thinking about psychology) and about dieting/fitness. I go research crazy, but it never really lasts more than a few weeks/months depending on the idea…. dieting keeps coming and going since I really would like to be a size 8/10 (uk) rather than 12 and generally feel better, but I lose motivation after a while. But with regards to anxiety, its more like an itch – feeling agitated rather than panicked – my parents say i’m like a dog with a bone, but I can’t not if you know what I mean?

    1. I do know what you mean. It’s all psychological, obviously, so I think it depends on the person and his or her interests. I’ve obsessed over thoughts plenty of times, mostly about what others think of me.

  2. Megan, I do the same thing only it is usually about a song, video, or movie. I wake in the middle of the night, which is all the time, and then in trying to get back to sleep and not obsess over not sleeping, I think of other things. Then, I lay there and obsess about being able to get up and watch the video, see the movie, or hear the music. Since I live with Mum, I try to be quiet at night, as she is one who can sleep past 12:30 a.m. Sometimes I will wake, put on my headphones and charge up the computer. Most of the time though, I lay there trying to fall asleep. The worst part is when it is a song, I can hear it in my head, but then I get to a line and can’t remember the words. Then I lay there and obsess over what the words are, and never get back to sleep. About getting up for me, I know it sounds like I am lazy, I am not, just getting up in the middle of the night after laying still for about 2 hours (the only two hours I sleep without waking), my body hurts really bad. I do have to get up in the middle of the night to give my older cat her small piece of food (she has eating issues), but I hate doing that as my whole body hurts. Sometimes my knees don’t even want to hold me up, and it takes me a few minutes to get them steady under me. So long story short (too late!), getting up to turn on the computer and get my headphones is stressful for my body and my mind.
    I think the dress is cute, would love to see you model one if you make or buy one. I wish I had a sewing machine and space available to use it, as I loved sewing and was good at it once upon a time.
    Hoping your day is good.

    1. I sometimes do this with movies or actors specifically. I used to do it more when I was a kid. I would obsess over a certain celebrity for a few weeks, then find a reason not to, and then move onto something else. I haven’t had that with songs, but I get it.

      I will definitely model the dress when it’s finished! Hopefully it doesn’t look terrible 😉

  3. When those impulses happen to me I have learned to never act on them unless I give myself one week to think it through entirely. The impulse subsides after a day or two and I save myself money and guilt for buying something on a whim, money is hard to come buy. My days of waitressing made me realize to never spend my hard earned money impulsively, because that impulsive purchase wasn’t worth it in the end. Material objects only create a momentary feeling of happiness and that quickly disappears, and you go in search of the next purchase that you think you cannot live without, when in fact you can. As you age you will be able to control those impulsive thoughts more easily when you fully understand why squirrels hoard their nuts for hard times, the same can be said for money.

  4. I can totally relate to that haha. I have obsessions that last a week and then the next week I’m on to something completely new. I was obsessed with Aliens for about a week and completely based my life around it. And I sometimes spend weeks obsessing about different life theories like life after death and rebirth and things like that haha. There was one week I was totally fascinated by David Icke. But I find it makes my life more interesting and exciting. And one of the best bits is that it makes me feel more unique 🙂 I always try to encourage people to focus on the positives of a situation. Even
    if there’s more bad than good. I just taught myself to enjoy life, and realise
    that being negative is a waste of precious time 🙂 xxx
    my life more exciting. Sometimes. Sometimes it really gets me down if its on a bad subject

    1. I obsess about actual aliens 😉 I can’t watch the movies. They are too scary for me. I’ve done this with movies too though. I obsess over a movie or a celebrity and then I realize that I don’t know them at all and quickly move on. It’s good to focus on the good even when things seem so bad. I am at a point in my life when I’m needing to do that 🙂 Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Your post made me smile and nod a ‘yup..I can relate to that’. I didn’t know anyone else would have the same type of obsessive thoughts and ideas. I have had the same type of problem most of my life. I have had them about clothes, computer parts and upgrades, computer programs, etc. My latest was just a few days ago with a new set of pots and pans…once I bought them, they are still in the box. Now I’m afraid to use them! I have to laugh at myself..and try to calm the demons that put these ideas in my head! So relieved to know there is another person with the same ailment! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. They definitely are demons! I’m glad that you can relate. Sometimes I end up bringing things back, so I always keep the receipt! Don’t be afraid to use the pots and pans 🙂 I wish I had new ones 😉

  6. I experience obsessions and I am very impulsive so I tend to buy things because I NEED them in that moment. Maybe you could buy some Lolita accessories first, like jewellery or a parasol and try them out? I do like the idea of sewing your own dress though, that’s really cool! 🙂

  7. Oh god yes… this is me to a T!!! This is embarrassing but… I’ll tell you about one of my many episodes. I have no idea where it came from, but suddenly I got super interested in ballet. This was only a couple of years ago… I’m 34 now.
    Anyway, I couldn’t get ballet off my mind. I’d never had any interest in it before. I collected pictures on pinterest… looked at ballet websites etc. but suddenly that wasn’t enough. I HAD to have a dance outfit. I started looking on ebay. Needless to say, I found tons of stuff I wanted and ended up with like 12 different leotards, 3 ballet skirts, 2 warmup shrugs, tights, and 2 pair of actual ballet shoes…

    And they are ALL just stuffed away in my closet. Because before the items were even shipped, I lost interest. I have many stories just like this one… so know you’re not alone!

    1. Oh my! That sounds just like me! Did you ever take ballet? I usually end up putting the thigns I buy away too. It’s sort of like putting away my shame 😉 I’m going to use pinterest as a funny way to keep track of all the things that I obsess over! That way I can look back and just laugh 🙂

  8. Mine is mild but it can sometimes be so consuming that it freaks people out. My fiancée’s inference on this is that I’m a shopaholic, and fruitlessly I’ve tried to make her understand. Now I understand what aliens face…lol! usually I’ve realized it’s less stressful trying to win the war so I’ve learned to live with it. For faces, my brain literally detours immediately and begins a comprehensive scan of my memories commencing from childhood till all the data associated with that face is retrieved. Trying to interrupt it is something I’ve learned not to do, it’s futile. It’s a small world occupied by just a few and it’s ours to maintain anyway. “We come in peace…”

    1. I definitely know what you mean. It’s more than being a “shopaholic”. It’s much more than that and has a great deal to do with anxiety and OCD, in my opinion. Not everyone does this. My brother and mom do it too, but not my sister or father. Maybe it’s just our personalities 🙂

    1. The dresses can vary quite a bit in price. There are the name brands which are in the hundreds of dollars and others cost less than $50. It really varies a lot 🙂 I’ve been doing my research as you can see!

  9. I like to call it my happy meal, the thing I have to have to make life make sense. It never ceases to amaze me how obsessed I can get over something that will realistically make only a minimal impact on my life. On the bright side, those research skills do come in handy for useful things too 🙂

  10. I’m like that with any new concept in my head. I want to do it straight away or obtain it or make it happen or at least research into the possibilities. Sometimes these “dreams” as I call them are far too expensive to realise. But they inspire positive energy within me so I see them as good distractions from the everyday. How positively or negatively do you see your obsessions?

    1. Sounds like you understand where I’m coming from 🙂 Sometimes they seem positive to me, but most of the time I get anxiety from these obsessions, so they negatively impact my life. I will be constantly looking on the internet for the thing I’m obsessing over. It gets very tiring.

  11. I think it’s very brave of you to admit your fleeting obsessions. I normally try to make it appear as if I still do enjoy some temporary obsession I’ve had in the past. Being called impulsive is something I deem hurtful, because it makes me feel I am less of a grown-up sometimes. 😦

  12. Kind of afraid to comment because i would just put gasoline on the fire.
    Liking the human dolls dressed like that. Yeah i know kind of a freak or just lover over everything.
    I know what it is to love something and the chance of getting bored soon as you have it. but thing is, you won’t know until you try. And i like to have tried everything at least once.The impulse is there and with out thought i try or buy.
    One comment on the picture. To much of the good thing for me. I like slightly calmer.

  13. I get similarly worked up and feel the need to do/have/make things happen right now. I’m learning to stop and meditate to calm down and get control again. If possible I go sit in a quiet room, close my eyes, get my mind in the right spot (count backwards from 10, inserting the names of colors between each number), and then focus on breathing in and out gently until I’m calm and then enjoy wherever my mind takes me (the ocean, a quiet path in the woods, past events, etc.). It has really helped me so much!
    The Lolita dresses are gorgeous! Hope it works out for you to get one and enjoy it. 🙂

    1. It’s definitely a need to have something NOW. I hate that feeling because it’s all consuming. Breathing exercises or being mindful of the situation, like you said, tend to help a great deal. Sometimes I just fail to realize that I need to do these things 😉 I hope I can get a dress too! Thanks 🙂

  14. I will do that, but it doesn’t necessarily cause anxiety, it just consumes all my thoughts. I look all over the internet for whatever it is. I either save it to a folder, or a wish list. Every once in a while I go through that folder, and clean out the things I have in there. After really thinking through it all, I realize it was just a momentary obsession. Good thing I’m not full of money, or we would have tons of things we don’t need, or would be rather tired of soon after I bought them.

    1. It is just a momentary obsession usually for me. Sometimes these last, but most of the time they don’t. I just have to let them go sometimes or I’d be broke. At least that’s what my mom keeps telling me 😉

  15. I understand the need to fixate on some material object or anything for that matter…I don’t think I have quite the same urges as you but I do similar things and feel overcome by panic, anxiety, to the point of sickness sometimes. It’s tough to stop thinking and obsessing over said thing. But I think it’s super positive that you are aware of this and not ignoring things. In regards to the dress, I would use social media to my advantage and ask around. I would also check out the obvious places like EBay and Craigslist. If the need is that great to buy and you can stick to a reasonable budget for it, I don’t think it’s terrible to give in to this whim. If you end up purchasing it and it goes nowhere, sell it! Good luck in your search and I hope your anxiety and stress get better!

    1. I have been scouring all of those sites for used pieces or at least inexpensive ones 😉 I have even found Lolita pages where users can sell their wares. It’s hard to resist the urge to buy when I think I’ve found a “once in a lifetime” deal. There will always be another deal. At least with this obsession, like you said, I can always sell whatever I buy 🙂

      1. I think it’s great to have the self awareness that you do. Often times, people do not! I am going to have to google this dress too, I hadn’t heard of one till you! Let us know what happens!

      2. Thank you! That’s very kind to say, but I work pretty hard to be aware of my being 🙂 I haven’t always been this way. Yes, definitely Google Lolita fashion!

      3. I must ask though, what will you do with it? It’s not your every day dress from what I’ve seen so far?! Still, if you must have it, you must…! I think I am going to obsess on scarves for the time being. I’ve never worn too many and maybe this is the season now that it’s getting cold where I live..:)

      4. Thanks. I tend to worry a lot but you telling me that does help tremendously. I’m having a terrible time trying to navigate everything, definitely everything! Totally feeling inadequate!

      5. Thanks for being so kind. I need to read more of your old blogs but if you don’t mind me asking you some things..See, everytime I see your picture I feel like I know you. I guess you just have that pretty face that people confuse others with. Second, I wonder what your life is like, whether you work, go to school, how old you are, if you have kids, are you just plagued by your OCD or is there more? I hope this doesn’t freak you out. I really enjoy the blogs I’ve read from you but I still have these questions every time reading something or seeing you post something with your angel face by it. I’m struggling and reading your posts has helped me with some things. I just wondered if you were Ike me and having difficult times. Regardless. I’m glad to of found you or you found me, not sure how this worked out but who cares. I just know when I read your words I can sigh just a bit and know its not always me thinking and doing crazy things. And! Before I stop rambling, I read your blogs last night where you showed off your dress you have worked on. Well done. I know it’s not to your liking from what I read but I would love to sew and am so amazed that you did that all yourself! I may need to ask you about sewing, it’s sorta become a obsession in my head, whether to buy a machine, etc. I have no experience whatsoever though and I’m the worst at learning new tasks! Any thoughts on that or above you’d be kind enough to answer will surely make my day. I feel like I have a friend in you. I know. I sound so weird and crazy. I will stop. Please don’t be scared!

      6. 🙂 I’m not scared! There’s no need to worry about that. I don’t feel threatened at all. I guess sometimes I do leave things out. Perhaps I should post more in detail about myself. I am so vague sometimes. To answer some of your questions, I am 23 years old and I live in Indiana, I’m not married although I have a long-term boyfriend and a cat. I do work full-time, so 9-5 every day I’m sitting at a desk and I blog when I get home. I don’t have any kids and really don’t want any because I don’t really like them. OCD doesn’t define me, or at least I’d like to think it doesn’t, but it definitely impacts my day to day living. Some days are worse than others, but it’s a lot of mind over matter really 🙂

        If you are considering starting to sew, I highly recommend it. It’s really rewarding, especially small projects that you can finish quickly. Youtube is helpful for learning techniques. Sewing machines can be expensive, so I recommend searching for one secondhand first. Honestly, the older the better. If you can find one that is made of metal rather than plastic, that’s a good machine. 🙂 If you have any other questions, just let me know!

      7. Thanks for taking some time to tell me about yourself a bit. When reading what you said, I felt in some ways I was reading my own thoughts. I’m not sure when I will be able to get a machine but the holiday season is just right around the corner too. Great advice as always and for letting me in a bit on you! I like I know about my new blogger chums!

      8. I’m all about making a new friends these days, whether on the Internet or in “real life”. I’m sitting here at home, dying to do something, see someone…but maybe one person comes to mind, okay two. Someone else popped into my head just now, lol.

        I have isolated myself so much that I suppose any friends I did have, they’ve just given up on me or I’m forgotten. Then again, I do think that a really good friend is proactive at times and will continue communication and what not. I don’t quite know, I over analyze things to the point that it can induce panic attacks.

        I hope being so candid doesn’t scare you. I am chatty in person but the same goes with social media. I am stoked that I have someone to chat with from time to time. It’s something I kinda need at the moment.

      9. Sometimes I feel like my friends have forgotten me too, or maybe they just never really were my friends. Anyway, I do love to make new friends too 🙂 There are so many good people who come to my blog, so I feel like I’m never truly alone. You are right though, good friends are concerned about you and will contact you even if you don’t first. I’ve found that out myself.

        It doesn’t scare me at all! I am actually very talkative in person too, almost to the point that I can be considered hyperactive at times 😉 I look forward to your messages too 🙂

      10. When you said that about being considered hyperactive, it made me laugh out loud. I’m the same. Not sure if it stems from my ADD, probably, or if it could be something with my OCD. It’s odd for me to be talkative and outgoing in nature, the past three years I’ve not been the outgoing, talkative person much. I’ve stopped working (fired), started and stopped school, and have stayed with my bf’s family; their house is where I am almost daily without getting out usually. I’ve been isolated for so long. I am slowly trying to endure, repair, just figure it all out. I’m much older than you, like ten years, but I have no idea what I want to do. I have a lot of fear. On top of this, I have pain issues as well as days where I just feel sick. It makes life suck but I am holding on to hope that the first of the year I should have some healthcare. I’m such a downer with all this stuff. I actually am a fun person and like everyone else I guess. It’s just all this stuff is kicking my ass, screwing with my head, making me sad. I am trying to do better.

      11. I’m not sure where the hyperactivity comes from either! My brother is the same way 🙂 We are generally quiet until someone gets us talking, then there’s no stopping us 🙂 I’m a huge dork and do a lot of imitations when I am hyper 🙂 I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know what I want to do with my life either. I have a degree, but it is practically useless for my field without a Master’s and I didn’t get into the graduate program, talk about depressing. I still don’t know what my future will be like, but I’m trying to be hopeful. I’m sorry that you are having the struggles that you are. You ARE still young, so don’t limit yourself 🙂

      12. I appreciate you following me and liking things, I really need to devote time to getting better with blogging, etc!

        I’m about to go to the store to check out paints that I’m going to need for all of my DIY projects and what not, I have so many ideas and thoughts rolling around about this room makeover that it’s overwhelming!

        With that said, just wanted to take a min to let u know how great a person you are and that I want to give a proper reply to your last message tomorrow or even later tonight, right now I can’t focus on much but my to do list and getting to the store before I procrastinate long enough to not go!

        Hope this message finds you doing well and having a good night. I will reply to things soon! Thanks again for being so lovely and listening to my ramblings. I appreciate learning about you too as we trade messages back and forth! You’re my new favorite person! 😉

      13. No worries dear 🙂 Take your time in replying, I know I do. You have to sometimes take time for yourself.

        I love DIY projects! I can’t wait to see what you create and what the room will turn out to look like. I get on DIY kicks and have redone furniture, housewares, clothing, you name it 🙂 It can be really fun and relaxing. I even made a scratching post for my cat 🙂 I think they know me by name at Hobby Lobby 😉

        Thank you for taking the time to send me your kind words. I hope you had a great weekend and a fun time DIY-ing. 🙂

        (You’re one of my new favorite people too)! 🙂

      14. I am stressed, girl! I have yet to get paint, plural as in at least 3 diff. types for the things I’m doing and I feel so crazed, I have to get things going.

        Part of the delay is that I need to talk to my bf’s mother about some of these things. It’s just a whole other thing with her and the involvement she has in things. But I am going to do it tonight and hope to start my major projects by Wednesday.

        We have a lot in common with the DIY stuff. I have a question for you too! Have you ever seen where people take a board and attach mason jars to it, they will attach it to the wall and it’s cute around a desk area, holding supplies, etc. I want to do that but not sure how to attach jars to the board, glue? I will look online, seems like that’s all I do is obsess with looking at things like “boys bedroom”, etc. I also need to get zip ties, I have these plastic crates that I am going to paint and make shelves out of. I think I will attach them to the walls too to utilize space and I sorta like the look of the floating shelf. His room is small and so I need it to be functional with plenty of storage, etc. I just have so much I need to do! I will definitely document with pictures, I did post some of the stuff I’ve already bought on a post if u want to look. I ultimately just want it to wow people and wow him the most!

        I still need to reply to last post but I’ve been looking at paint samples and got distracted by my phone. I have to blog too, which I’m disappointed in myself somewhat right now, I just need to do better.

        Well, on top of this, my nephew is 7 and in a play at 6:30 tonight and I can’t miss that! Why is it that when you have a to list, other things find a way of needing you and your attention when all you wanna do is get your to do list done?! Lol. I will message you soon! Have a great day, kitten!

      15. Oh, no, the dreaded “S” word 😦 I’m not sure if it’s any consolation or not, but I stress all the time about my projects. I obsess over and over about them until they are finished. When i get a project in mind, I have to do it NOW. It sounds like you’re kind of going through the same thing. I could say, “don’t stress so much about it,” but I know better. I know that sometimes it just takes getting the thing that we want to do finished and over with.

        I have seen the mason jar shelves. I love them, but I’ve seen the ones with the metal hoop around them, so that they hang paralell to the bar. I think all you’d have to do with that is tighten the metal hoop and it screws in the back. I believe those things are just air duct connectors or something. Here’s what I mean:

        If you wanted to do them where the jar is setting flat on the board, the bottom on the board, I think that hot glue would work fine, but it might be more difficult to hang on the wall that way. I hope my thoughts help a bit on that 🙂

        I am checking out your blog right after I post this comment to see the things you bought 🙂

        Just have a good time tonight and enjoy your nephew’s play 🙂 I’m sure it will be precious.

  16. oh my,yes! I can totally relate,It’s difficult at times,but I suppose once one knows what it actually is,one can slowly make changes. OCD i suppose makes us seem odd to some people,but i think it makes us unique.

  17. I wore my Hello Kitty earphones and my yellow Mary Jane sneakers the other day, I guess rocking that 35 year-old Lolita look, and some dude catcalled me.
    But yeah, when I want to buy something I want it now.

  18. Hi Megan, yes, I have these obsessions sometimes too the last one was for the perfect juicer which I researched for months but then weeks after getting it I am not using it.! Trying to wait it out is the hardest part, if for some reason I just have to wait it out either because I can’t afford it or because it is too hard to get the urge usually goes away, but not always! It seems that once I have it the thrill slowly starts to go away…irritating and stressful to say the least! I wish you luck with the Lolita dress 🙂

  19. I go through the same types of things! Even with lolita. I now have two dresses. And I’ve gone through it with BJDs. Which i also have two of. I can also relate to the rush of reaching the finished product without being able to enjoy the process fully! I’ve been on a few personal projects as of late (gift planning, website building, blog entry writing), and I can’t easily stop in the middle to take a break or sometimes even sleep.

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one in the Lolita boat 🙂 I just wanted you to know that I had to Google BJD and was surprised to find what I did. Now, I am wanting one myself!! They are so expensive though. Uh OH!

  20. Not sure if this helps, but I can get this way with celebrity crushes. Some of my crushes have lasted years and are still with me, others start out strong and then kinda go to a backburner. I would say, instead of trying to buy/make one, satisfy your obsession with pictures, they’re free… Troll the internet and if you find a picture you like, save it, make a little collage/moodboard of the pictures that you can look at every day. See how your obsession goes over a week or so, and see what happens, but DO NOT buy anything. Hope this helps *hugs*

    1. I like the idea of saving the pictures. I think it’s a good way for me to keep track of the things that I obsess over periodically. Perhaps I should start using Pinterest for this reason. 🙂

      1. Careful, Pinterest can be addictive 😛 In a good way 😛 You can take a look at my Pinterest boards if you like, just search for my name if this link doesn’t work.

  21. oh woah yep this is what I do. I can literally have an idea (Pinterest is terrible for causing these but I was having these obsessions way before Pinterest existed!) and immediately get up and grab my bag and with a half formed obsession on my mind (“I’m going to make a bracelet” how the hell will I do that?!) and then I’m spending sometimes more than a hundred dollars at the checkout and I won’t do anything once I’ve gotten the junk home.
    For me, it’s about obsessing about the object/s of my desires and needing to have it to stop the obsession and as soon as it’s in my hands it’s gone. I don’t actually have to carry out the act of the craft if it’s craft, but if it’s baking I have to bake. If it’s clothes or a specific look I’m going for i will spend a week making sure I get the right bits and pieces and completing a look. Expensive.
    As I understand it, and I am newly diagnosed so understand very little, this has to do with my borderline personality disorder. I also have obsessive thoughts and OCD traits so who knows!
    But I can tell you…I feel ya! I do it. Immediately gratification or torturous obsession. I usually opt to go get the damn thing!

    1. I’m the exact same way. Once I have the thing that I’m obsessing over in my possession, it loses the thrill. I hate that I do that and wish I had a better explanation for why I do it. I am going to start using pinterest as a way to track my obsessions 😉 It could potentially lead to more obsessions though…

      1. omg for me it only leads to more but then I have never set the INTENTION of using it as only a way to track. It’s always a way to gobble up and research fanatically and find new projects…I think I might try this too actually, I will start a board today with the INTENTION that the board will be where I store my obsessions.
        I actually think it has a chance to work you know! If you have success I’d certainly love to hear about it in a post 🙂
        i’m really glad you found my blog so I could find you 🙂

      2. I’ve been looking through other people’s boards tonight and I am not certain how well it would work out for me! I’d have to be really disciplined to concentrate on my own things rather than looking at through other boards nonstop 😉

      3. oh well…doesn’t that happen to EVERYONE? It’s so addictive….never look ok Craft Gawker if you haven’t already oooohhhhhhh time waster of wonderousness!

  22. Hi Megan, I know exactly what you mean. I don’t know if it is an OCD thing or a ‘girl’ thing! I wonder if you have printed off the images of the things you want? Sometimes I find printing lots of pics and pinning them on a board helps to quench my ‘have to have it now’ thirst and reduces the anxiety as I feel it is already ‘in hand’. Secondly as time goes by I will either come across a way of getting the physical thing or decide I have had my fill and no longer want/need it! Of course to save space and time you could always use Pinterest – one of my favourite discoveries!! Instant gratification!! All the best – Tracy x

    1. I think it is somewhat OCD-related, just because my mother and brother do the same things, but my sister and father don’t. 🙂 It might just be our personalities too! I love the idea of printing out the pictures and hanging them up. THat is WAY cheaper than buying everything that I obsess over 😉 I don’t know why I haven’t tried Pinterest yet, but I think it would really help me out!

  23. No Lolita dress… no dresses. Had the ‘wants’ for silly things though. _Not silly at the time, but pretty silly in retrospect. I learned that accompanies overly emotional decision making. The decisions cool off and after while, when it’s too late, they can be evaluated. Then you feel dumb. I have learned to build on that….

    1. 🙂 This sounds a lot like what I do. I feel dumb too when it’s all over and I’ve thought it through. I especially feel dumb if I’ve spent a lot of money. I know what you mean.

  24. Hi Megan!
    I do know about a few things like that when I was younger & with my parents. I had to get race cars for a slot track & I found ways to get them, but got into all kinds of trouble with my parents & usually had to take them back & get the money back afterwards with my dad right behind me expecting me to tell them that I got the money in the wrong way! That was me though! Sorry I don’t know where to get any of those kind of dresses! Hahahahahaha!
    Thanks for viewing my new post on sugars. I will be adding more soon!

  25. If my social worker is right, this is a control issue. Replacing anxiety by replacing certain issues with others and I do it too. It is a common thing I think so no reason to feel bad, Ultimately we learned that we learn to be mindful, acknowledging something is there and letting it go aware that it is still but not something to dwell. For compulsive disorders we are relegated to find ways to tenderize the meat so we can eat. I love watching Monk because he is us in that show. Insecurities, conflicts and conflagrations. A walking talking mass of contradictions and phobias.

    1. 😉 It’s a funny show that’s for sure. I see myself in him quite often, although to the extremes. He plays out most of what goes on in my head. And your social worker is right I’m certain. It is definitely a control issue, something OCD is great at causing 🙂

  26. Hey Megan
    Thanks heaps for the help! I love the way you post! It really helps sometimes finding humour in our craziness aye. What was the outcome? Did the obsession pass or is your wardrobe now +1 or maybe +2? Cheers

      1. Thanks for sharing the outcome of your Lolita obsession. I can completely relate. I’ve never been diagnosed with OCD but the more I learn about it the more I strongly suspect it’s lurking away there. I’ve already got enough letters after my name no need to add any more aye.

What are your experiences?

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